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It’s the Economy, Stupid!


It’s that time once again my dear friends, for our weekly podcast. Of course, a lot always happens over the course of a week so we’ve got plenty to talk about. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at all the pieces that went up on our pages over the past week.

We kicked off February 18 with some good ol’ Russia blaming. What else is new? The opinion piece for the day was “US Public Health Officials Blame Russians for Comeback of Childhood Diseases” by Jeffrey Silverman. That’s right, Russia is supposedly getting involved in the ongoing debate over vaccines in America, and, of course, they’re lying to us. Of course, you know, Russian bot accounts are everywhere, and they’re apparently getting involved in everything. Just forget the fact that the anti-vax attitude started in the West, and only moved to Russia later. The media just gets more and more pathetic by the day.

Then there was the history piece for the day, with the story of an American being arrested for spying for the USSR, followed by a fun article about anti-white racism in Europe. Apparently some American author, Nell Irvin Painter, whoever that is, went on French TV and made stupid anti-white remarks—the typical BS you could imagine from a SJW. People like this are desperate for attention.

Then there’s a piece exposing how Planned Parenthood is, despite their own claims, all about abortion, which everyone with a pulse realizes. And interestingly, 70% of millennials support abortion restrictions of some kind — with 42% being against abortion on the whole.

We wrapped up the 18th with a piece on the terrible sexual abuse in the Catholic church: “A Cardinal Sin: Catholic Church at Stake in Sexual Abuse Summit.” Pope Francis has admitted what the world has long known: Catholic clergy have repeatedly sexually harassed nuns in their parishes. According to the Vatican head, the abuse still occurs. The Papal Confederation on the topic of combating sexual harassment was just held in Rome from February 21 to 24, so I’m sure we’ll have some reporting on the results of that.

The 19th started off with a piece from Luis Lazaro Tijerina, entitled, “President Trump’s Inadequate Speech to the Venezuelan Military.” Tijerina never has anything good to say about Trump, and this is no exception. “Despite his overweening hubris, Trump has never known what it is to be a soldier, and therefore he knows nothing about war, governance, or the harsher essences of existence. Never was this as apparent as on February 18, when the USA's obese Chief Executive, he writes, who could not run across a battlefield with a rifle in his hands if his life depended on it, issued a bizarre ultimatum to the Venezuelan military commanders and their troops to cross over and join the reactionary Fascist forces of Juan Guaido. Check out this full piece for Tijerina’s hard-hitting analysis.

Then we had our history piece for the day, and piece on good ol’ Tennessee, which apparently has been hit with some cases of salmonella lately, due to bad eggs coming from one particular farm. Well, actually, this farm supplies many restaurants, but it seems the salmonella was coming from one restaurant – so they weren’t cooking it properly.

And get ready folks—looks like a recession really is coming. Next is the bizarre story about how a rap video was used to motivate sales reps for a pharmaceutical company to sell doctors enlarged dosages of the opioid Subsys spray. Apparently sales reps will do anything to make a sale—including lap dances! Check this one out for all the weird details.

Then there’s an important piece on how the polarization of our political system weakens our economic stability, and we closed out the day with, “From Venezuela With Love: The New RED Scare,” which is another one of USA Really’s original video reports. Donald Trump visited a famous university in Miami and spoke about a so-called “Socialist/Communist conspiracy” from Venezuela. According to Trump, there is a socialist plot to take over the hemisphere. Marcelo Sanchez, USA Really correspondent in Miami reports.

Moving on to the next day, we started off with the opinion piece “Vice’s Vice,” by Pradeep Banerjee. Looks like the magazine is rife with controversy and shady characters. The founder is a gambler, and they seem to have an issue with groping and unwanted advances and kissing too. One woman said that while she was riding a Ferris wheel at Coney Island after a company event, a co-worker suddenly took her hand and put it on his crotch. Another complained that she was fired because she rejected the sexual advances of a male colleague. A third said that she was subjected to forced kissing. Such are the horror stories from Vice.

Of course we had our history piece, and then an encouraging article: “Utah House Passes Bill to Save Lives of Babies with Down Syndrome.” There are people out there who will abort their baby just because they found that it has Down syndrome. Iceland and Denmark even proudly proclaim that they have eradicated the syndrome—but that’s just because they kill anyone who has it. How tragic mankind can be, but thank God that Utah is taking a stand, and may they be an inspiration to others!

There’s been another anti-Semitic crime in Brooklyn it looks like—some people broke the windows at a synagogue while the congregants were having a sabbath meal early in the morning. Of course, that doesn’t help the people who attend the synagogue feel safe. The city is investigating, so we’ll see what comes of it.

Then there’s another piece concerning the trade war with China, one on a WTO economic indicator falling to a 9-year low, and the ridiculous story of airlines introducing more gender options for when buying tickets—now you can be U or X!

As we’ve already said in this podcast, Russia is to blame for everything, and it looks like the French Special Services are trying to put the blame on them too! A fake interview with a former member of the one of the Central African Republic gangs associated with the Special Services kicked the whole thing off. They want us to think that Russians are torturing locals in the African nation, but what’s the truth? This piece breaks it all down for you.

Then we have a piece on how apparently the young generation is boinking less than previous generations, and we ended the day with a piece on the possibility of a clash between Confucian China and the Christian West. Christianity and Confucianism are distinct traditions, with theological assumptions that, if unchallenged, could set the US and China on a collision course. This piece will help you understand how that might happen.

We began the 21st with a piece from Seraphim Hanisch: ““This Is America” Reveals a Shocking Vision of the United States.” Childish Gambino’s song This is America took the awards for Song of the Year and Record of the year at the Grammy’s this year. As Hanisch says, this is a radical departure from the typically beautiful pieces of music that win. And the famous video is even more disturbing with its violence and drugs and extremely negative take on modern-day America. We have to ask ourselves: Is this how America really is, and is this the kind of material we want to putting into our brains?

Next up was our history piece, then an interesting piece on states suing Trump over the wall issue. Apparently there’s a coalition of 16 states that isn’t so thrilled about him declaring a national emergency to fund the wall. Trump knew this was coming. There’s never a dull moment with him!

One New York school was giving out check your privilege tests. It’s as stupid as it sounds. Give yourself so many points if you’re white, deduct points if you’re Latino, etc. etc. It’s amazing that any teacher could be dumb enough to push such a stupid agenda.

The NYC Commission on Human Rights has outlawed hair and hairstyle-based discrimination. I’m not sure why such a thing would even be needed… Seems pretty obvious. And here’s something that will tick you off—"Amazon Pays Zero Corporate Tax for Second Year in a Row.” Check out this piece to find out how they’re getting away with that!

Tesla autopilot cars are going haywire and killing people, and an Oregon man was jailed for sexually abusing a child—his own child. He was sentenced to 50 years but only served 18 months before his case was overturned. He was found to be obviously innocent, but still, he can’t seem to get his life back to normal.

The Pentagon is developing a new war concept in response to the threat from China and Russia, a joke about moving Montana to Canada has some real support, and the day closed down with the article, “First Venezuela, Now Nicaragua, Cuba Is Next?” In the middle of his presidential term, Donald Trump formed a new "axis of evil" in Latin America, and his national security adviser John Bolton called the authorities of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua "the Troika of Tyranny." The main US ally in the region — Colombia — calls on the international community to contain the government of Nicolas Maduro, and Vice President Pence threatened Venezuela with troops.

Finally, Feb. 22 got started with “Fire from the Holy Mountain: Elder Ephraim and St. Anthony’s Monastery in Arizona” by Jesse Dominick, which takes a look at an Orthodox monastery in Arizona that draws thousands of people from all over the world. The founder of the monastery, Elder Ephraim, is widely known as one of the holiest men alive, and his teachings about repentance and pure faith in Christ are fruits of this holiness. The monastery he founded is a spiritual oasis in the Arizona desert, and all are welcome to go bask in the spiritual depth that is palpable there.

Then we had our history piece for the day, followed by a piece on the dollar losing its status of world reserve currency in the coming years. The US currency retains a key role in international trade, but every year there are more factors playing against the dollar. And very soon its world domination will end, experts say. 

Then we have an epic piece that kicks off with a look at a ridiculous story from Forbes about how lemons are supposedly a sign of luxury and prestigious consumption in Russia. It also takes a look at several other ridiculous things coming out of Forbes, so be sure to check this one out!

And more on the impending economic crisis—which the Fed apparently totally missed!, and the day closed down with a look at “How the Global Debt Will Destroy All Economic Gains.” The growing debt burden will stifle economic growth, which will further complicate attempts to escape from this debt pit. Eventually, global debt saturation will lead to a downward spiral situation in which nearly all central banks will be forced to debase (or “print”) their fiat/paper currencies at an extremely high rate in order to pay the interest on debt and to keep their economies afloat for a little while longer. Well, we’ve certainly been hitting it hard about economic apocalyptic pieces. All I can say is, I sure hope this doesn’t all come to pass!

And with that, dear listeners/readers, we close out this week’s edition of the podcast. We hope you heard something that intrigued you, and we hope you come on back next week to find out about more of the hottest and freshest news around!


Author: USA Really