The Word "Treason" Applies Right Now: Venezuelan Traitors Beware!
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The Word "Treason" Applies Right Now: Venezuelan Traitors Beware!


In the general understanding, the definition of treason reads "Violation of allegiance toward one's country or sovereign, especially the betrayal of one's country by waging war against it or by consciously and purposely acting to aid its enemies."

Article 3, Section 3 of the US Constitution defines what treason is considered to be in the US. "Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court."

According to candidate for Kentucky Governor Geoff Young, "It is obvious that the government of the USA has been an enemy of the people of Venezuela for hundreds of years. The US is an even worse enemy of Venezuela today under the illegitimate, war-crimes-committing Trump Regime - since January, 2017.

By any imaginable definition, Juan Guaidó is a traitor to his country, Venezuela. He has openly asked the US to use military force and CIA subversion to overthrow the elected government of Nicolás Maduro.

Young adds, "He should be indicted, arrested, tried and convicted of treason by the Venezuelan Government and sentenced to 35 years in prison without parole."

It is sad to see everything Americans claim to believe in being “tainted” by the actions of a few, and all because the natural resources of a sovereign country are being lusted over by the US government and corporate interests.

I would even go further than Young. Bang a few sticks in the ground to draw all the usual suspects around, and leave the Venezuelan authorities with no other option than to arrest them.

I'm sure there's a whole thesis waiting to be written on the political usefulness of satire, its purveyors, and how comfortable it makes people that they can laugh so heartily at their own collective guilt... and miss the message completely.

What the US is trying to do South of the Border is criminal and flies in the face of American values. The UN and Organization of American States should be monitoring the situation carefully, including their own stance, as much of what is happening there and the region may be described as a joke, a sad and sick one at that!

Coalition of the Greedy

Personally, I would like to line them all up against a wall and shoot them, media-whores and all. There wouldn't be many people left to meddle if I was in charge - I see them all like a big cancerous lump that you can't treat.

It is like the US trying to drum up a “Coalition of the Greedy” to topple yet another country which is unwilling to goose step to the American drum beat. Even Colombian president Iván Duque now has ruled out intervention, according to sources in his administration, and other countries in the region, Chile and Peru, also oppose any military intervention.

Is it obvious that Maduro is not going to be the pushover some US hardliners would want us to believe, as even European nations, for instance, Spain and Germany—they  have made clear that they consider the deployment of foreign troops in Venezuela a line that should not be crossed.

Sounds an Oxymoron

The European Union’s foreign policy chief, Federica Mogherini, has insisted that “there could be no military solution to a political crisis." The recent meeting between Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó and US Vice-President Mike Pence is more akin to a coup plot than an attempt to meet the legitimate needs of the Venezuelan people.

 As Vox’s Amanda Sakuma explains, Maduro has vowed to block any humanitarian aid from crossing the border into Venezuela” and says the aid is “a potential ‘Trojan horse’ that would lead to military intervention.”

Otherwise, why would the US and UK work in tandem to keep the country from being able to solve its own humanitarian needs with its own financial resources?  But we can be thankful that it is only a matter of time before the US finally realizes that it is not in its own interests to plant “false flags” and stage Ukrainian and Georgian-style color revolutions wherever it chooses to go.

Closing Ranks in Response

The US may already have gone too far in Venezuela. Any violence or terrorist subversion will make many people, and not only governments in South America, close ranks.  People fully understand the history of South America, and the origin of the term “banana republics.” Now fewer countries want to see these, knowing that they might be next.

Already the false flags of images of burning aid trucks are backfiring – and various attempts to incite defections from the Venezuelan security forces have also failed.  It is even hard to know whether it was actual National Guard foot soldiers that skipped over to the Colombian side or hired crisis actors.

Government forces and opposition activists have nevertheless clashed in the Venezuelan border regions amid President Nicolás Maduro's ban on aid entering the country. Maduro knows only too well the sordid history of USAID and foreign assistance, which is often used as a flimsy pretext for a coup, and has a duty to prevent such events occurring in the country he is pledged to serve.

The situation in Venezuela reminds me of the good old days in Georgia, where a US Department of Agriculture, USAID, Project under the Food for Peace Program was used to funnel financial support to buy weapons for Chechen fighters in the Pankisi Valley of Georgia, so that they [US funded freedom fighters] could carry out terrorists attacks against the Russian Federation.

That is something I personally witnessed, as one individual. Multiply this by the millions of individuals in developing countries who have witnessed the same thing and you see the scale of the problem. 

Good Change and Aid

Those working in the development field also realize that the US Food for Peace Program, formally known as P.L 480, has been one of the most harmful programs of aid to Third World countries. USAID has also long had a very sordid track record, and should never be confused with an organization that seeks to bring about “good change.”

The CNN effort “Effect” to secure the provision of international assistance is definitely not working out as planned. Guaido's legitimacy is crashing and burning, assuming he had any in the first place. It does not help that he has now become a criminal by defying a court order, having left Venezuela and entered Colombia for the purpose of fanning the flames.

If he ever goes back, he will likely be arrested. If that happens, what can the US actually do about it? Send in the Marines?

Despite all the Fox and CNN one sided coverage, the large mobilization of supporters inside and outside of Venezuela, any critical mass has failed to materialize. The recent staged melee at the border crossing showed only that Guaido’s followers are a gang of brutal hired thugs.

This too is consistent with the pattern of US intervention in other countries, principally Ukraine, where fascists the US and the Soviet Union once fought against were recruited to bring Poroshenko to power. But we can all be glad that, as with all those passports mysteriously discovered at the scene of terrorist outrages, the public has learned not to take notice of old news.

Author: Jeffrey Silverman