India Sends Aircraft Carrier to Shores of Pakistan
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India Sends Aircraft Carrier to Shores of Pakistan


MUMBAI – February 28, 2019

Earlier today, numerous reports of a strong drone of jet aircraft and explosions in the area of the Pakistani port city of Karachi appeared on Pakistan's social networks:

Video from the scene (sound only):

Yesterday, many military analysts suggested that India, which was losing the info war, would dare to strike at Pakistan from the sea.

And so, as it became known only on the night of February 28, the Indian aircraft carrier Vikramaditya disappeared from the raid of the Indian port of Mumbai. It is reported that, accompanied by his escort, it left the base either in the morning of the 27th, or in the evening of February 26th and went north:

Vikramaditya carries 14-16 MiG-29K airplanes onboard, the combat radius of which is about 500 miles. Since an attack is extremely rare from such a distance, the Vikramaditya had to approach the territorial waters of Pakistan at a distance of no more than 250 miles to attack Karachi. Thus, its total path from Mumbai is 530 miles, which at a speed of about 30 knots it could overcome in 18-20 hours.

If India decided on such an adventure as using this ship to attack the coast of Pakistan, then the situation began to develop in a very bad scenario.

India calls Vikramaditya a loud “aircraft carrier,” but in reality it is nothing more than a “Ship of Maritime Control” -- an aircraft carrier ship of economy class for countries such as Spain.

The very name "Ship of Maritime Control" does not imply that it will attack objects on land -- it is needed just as a ship of domination at sea, since even 10 aircrafts in the squadron give it a total advantage over the enemy.

You can, of course, successfully bomb some mojaheds in the mountains who don’t have anything except a machine gun to defend themselves, but even the US wouldn’t risk using an aircraft carrier against the coast of Pakistan. This is pure suicide. This campaign will end with the Vikramaditya sinking in disgrace, which, for India, will mean the loss of face, after which the Indian generals might start thinking about using nuclear weapons. Or vice versa -- Pakistan decides to end the entire squadron with a single nuclear explosion. So far, unfortunately, no one knows for sure what is happening there, but Karachi residents are writing frightening posts on social networks:


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