A Welcome Break from Crazy
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A Welcome Break from Crazy


A good bit of the time, the news is just a depressing pile of crap. I’m sure we’ve all noticed this. And that crap is getting crazier and crazier all the time, what with the Left pushing to be able to kill more and more babies, and obsessing more and more over race issues, gay issues, transgender issues, etc. It’s just insane crap all around us.

But every now and then you come across a piece of news that lets you breathe a bit of a sigh of relief and that reminds you that not everyone is completely off their rocker. There are still normally-functioning people out there—even people you might have serious disagreements with!

Thanks be to God, I came across just such an article earlier today: “Woman denied wedding cake ‘applauds’ baker for religious beliefs,” on out of Nashville. That one makes you do a double-take. I mean, as soon as you see “Woman denied wedding cake…” you think to yourself: “Oh, boy, here we go again.” Probably most of us have heard of these stories. They’re becoming more and more frequent in recent years. Bakeries, florists, and photographers are getting sued because they decline to offer their services for gay weddings, based on their religious beliefs, which we supposedly have the right to exercise freely.

There’s especially poor Jack in Colorado—they just keep coming after him, again and again. But he remains firm in his Christian beliefs. Of course, none of these people reject homosexual customers—they decline to participate in a ceremony that celebrates homosexuality—these are two very different things that the Left often conflates—I think some because they actually cannot make basic distinctions, and some intentionally conflate the two because they make their living or get their jollies off of branding others as hateful.

It’s sad to think that people in America can be so empty that they have to fill their life with ruthlessly vilifying others, but, then again, it isn’t all that surprising that we’re in such a sorry state.

So anyways, here’s the encouraging story of a lesbian who, although was denied a cake from one baker, simply got her cake from another baker, like a normal person would do, and supports the first baker’s right to turn her down based on her religious beliefs—like any normal person would do. While I take issue with this woman’s lesbian lifestyle, I nevertheless applaud the fact that she has retained some basic human normalcy and decency that many on the Left lost a long time ago.

The article is short, so we will reproduce it here in full:

There are new details in a debate pitting religious freedom against discrimination, surrounding the question of whether a mid-state baker should have to make a cake for a gay couple's wedding.

Brandi Ray from Dickson County first posted a text conversation on the Hip Dickson facebook page last weekend. In it, the owner of Susie's Sweets, baker Susie Dennison tells Brandi: “I truly wish you the best but after realizing that your union will be of the same sex, I cannot with my spiritual conviction and beliefs, do your cake!”

Since then, Brandi says, someone else has offered to bake a wedding cake for her.

And Brandi says she understands why the baker said no.

“I understand that beliefs are important to hold on to, and I applaud her for sticking to those,” Brandi said.

The U.S. Supreme Court stopped short of issuing a broad ruling on a similar case out of Colorado last year, leaving the possibility of a case like Brandi's to head up to the court again.

But Brandi says she has no plans of filing a lawsuit.

Now, as you can imagine, Mrs. Dennison has received some very negative comments about this online from people who think they are supporting Brandi, but if Brandi can graciously accept someone else’s beliefs, then how are you supporting her by not graciously accepting someone else’s beliefs? That’s right, it doesn’t make sense.

One comment reads: “Her cakes are beautiful, her treatment of people who’s beliefs differ from hers is not.” But, where is the evidence that she mistreated anyone? Politely letting a client know that you won’t be able to serve them is not mistreatment, and the supposedly mistreated victim doesn’t seem to think so.

Of course, while this is good news, it also reinforces how crazy people and the media are getting: Why on earth should we be so excited to see a piece of news like this? This shouldn’t be news, because it should be normal, everyday stuff. People should be able to civilly disagree. But, they increasingly can’t. If you read the news then surely you’ve seen the multiple occasions of Lefties showing up to shout down conservative speakers on university campuses. But note that conservatives don’t try to shout anyone down.

Heck, they even show up to shout down people like Dave Rubin, who’s openly gay and not amazingly conservative—he just likes freedom of speech and is able to get along with people from all across the spectrum. In today’s America, that alone makes you a right-winger—anathema!

Then there’s the ever-growing pile of fake hate crimes. We’ve noted how sad it is that people fill their lives with vilifying others. And then there are those that go even further—when they can’t find someone to vilify, they just make it up! The Jussie Smollett debacle is just the latest and most visible case, but it actually happens quite frequently. Minorities paint slurs and threats on their own houses and they make up stories of being oppressed and physically attacked.

Imagine living in one of the most tolerant societies on earth, but being so desperate to make it look intolerant that you have to invent the evidence! Pathetic.

An LGBTQ activist in Michigan couldn’t draw enough attention to his events, so he set his own house on fire, killing five pets. That. Desperate. For. Attention.

Anyways, let’s not dwell on these nutjobs. This was supposed to be about good news. Thankfully we still have some people out there who know how to disagree decently, like human beings.

Author: Jesse Dominick