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The United States of America and the Destructive Plan in Algeria
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The United States of America and the Destructive Plan in Algeria


The American greed regarding Algeria

Algeria has always been of strategic and geopolitical importance, making it the eyes of the Western imperialist powers that have always worked to aggravate the situation there, to try to bring it into the folds of regional conflicts and to sever the link between Algeria and its historic allies.

Yet, US pressure and interference in Algeria's internal affairs are not the focus of many, but remains a reality on the ground. Some former diplomats and Algerian politicians confirmed that a branch of the FBI has been operating in Algeria for some time and that a military base has been established in the area of Ahir near the Algerian-Libyan border of Nigeria, and that America would like to establish a military base on the Greater Marsa area near the border with Spain, where it was proved that the intention of the FBI to open a branch in Algeria is not just an attempt to pass the news to the Algerian public, who sees this matter as a red line, but a reality on the ground.

The opening of an FBI office in Algeria is not new. It is an old process. The office has already been opened, but as is the American tradition, they carry out their plans and then return to administrative procedures. The "war on terror" is nothing but a mask hiding behind a destructive agenda, under which the American security services intervene in Algeria.  The main objective of the intensification of the US security and military presence in Algeria is not the war on terror, which is a lie that is not hidden from anyone, but the control of certain areas within Africa and the belt extending from Somalia to Algeria and Western Sahara.

The situation is aggravated by the Western solution in general, where there is a great French-American competition, especially after France was expelled from the Great Lakes. This region is desert but rich in wealth. It is therefore meant to divide Africa into two parts: in terms of its proximity to the Mediterranean Sea and Europe, and the south is left to chaos. The American military presence in Algeria already exists; a military base is present, although not officially declared; Americans are present regarding security and military; there is a US military base in southern Algeria and northern Mali and Niger, a sensitive area characterized by a conflict between Tuareg Arab and Berber tribes with the governments of Mali and Niger. Libya plays a major role in this conflict as there are border disputes between it and Algeria in an area of up to 150,000 square kilometers. It is the only country that has not signed a border agreement with Algeria so far. It is an area rich in water, gas, and oil. Al-Qaeda came to this region, and because of America's slogan, wherever al-Qaeda exists, they exist, it has become a justification for controlling geography and resources.

The military base located between the region of Djanet and the Libya- Niger borders where it is believed that it belongs to the US military or at least includes US military units

There are visions for a number of Western experts and strategists that Algeria and Libya are more likely to divide. The division is not geographical, but also a division of power between these three international powers, namely, America, France and China. Algeria has a heated internal struggle over power and influence; some reports are classified as failing states because of the weakness of its system for running the country. Although it has $120 billion in reserves, field reports speak of widespread poverty, poor living conditions, and the return of old epidemics.

This deteriorating situation in Algeria, Libya, and the region is not absent from the international forces fighting for influence, especially the United States of America, but they also believe that Algeria is a real danger and that their desire to be there is not only for economic reasons but to prevent Algeria becoming a Somali or Iranian model. Algeria is located on the Mediterranean Sea and more strategic than Iraq; it is a gateway to the heart of Africa as well as its international alliances, and therefore their security and military presence is a safety valve against any future danger.

America’s next goal in Algeria is to press for the establishment of a US military base in the area of La Marsa Grand, a hundred kilometres from Spain, a strategic area that was a French barracks until the seventies of the last century.

President Putin: Algeria is a red line

At a time when Washington has been struggling to shake the historical ties between Russia and its allies, Moscow took a strong stand and Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that Moscow's allies were to be protected from any attacks, including North African allies (Algeria)

 According to an article published in the newspaper "Al Quds Al Arabi," the Russian president said in his speech to the Federal Assembly in 2018 that his country's readiness to respond to any nuclear attack on Moscow's allies is a real challenge to the West, which was applied by Moscow in the case of Algeria in a different format by providing sophisticated weapons such as S400 And Alexander missiles. The article was based on earlier Russian reports that the West intended to intervene in Algeria during the so-called Arab Spring by fuelling the situation, drawing on the controversy that accompanied the presidential election in 2014, or through the transfer of chaos from Libya through armed groups.

Algeria is considered an historical ally of Russia. The United States has a missile shield at the Rota base in southern Spain to counter Russian missiles. Geographical proximity is a real danger, and the West has two solutions: work to change the quality of governance in Algeria to go to the West or chaos in the intervention. President Putin's statements to defend the Allies have outlined Russia's decision to provide Algeria with highly sophisticated weapons at that sensitive time to make Algeria have a deterrent power against Western interference scenarios if it tries to repeat Libya's air intervention scenario under the guise of fighting armed groups that were supposed to infiltrate southern Algeria.

Russia has supplied Algeria with the S-400 anti-aircraft system, which is the best in the world and able to confront all the Western aircraft, whatever their strength, including the Rafal and F-35. In 2014 or 2013, it was supplied with Alexander missiles. Algeria's possession of these sophisticated weapons and the presence of Russian warships in the western Mediterranean were a deterrent to the West in order to avoid causing conflicts in Algeria because one strategic weapon could change the course of a conflict or issue. All of this comes under the wise strategic vision of President Putin on defense, security, and the protection of Russia’s historical allies.

Algeria may benefit directly from the new shift in the doctrine of defense of Moscow, while other Arab countries will be encouraged to sign joint defence agreements with Russia after Washington betrayed yesterday's allies in the Arab world.


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Author: Adnen Chekhab