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To Bake or Not to Bake—That is the Question
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To Bake or Not to Bake—That is the Question


Greetings and salutations, one and all, and welcome back to our USA Really weekly podcast where we give you a quick rundown of everything we’ve posted over the past week, covering all the latest and hottest topics.

But before we get into the articles, something more important is that Orthodox Great Lent is upon us. In the Orthodox tradition, we enter this time of fasting and preparation for the Lord’s Resurrection by asking and offering forgiveness to everyone we have offended over the past year, and maybe even those we don’t think we’ve offended. We wipe our slates clean so we can get own to the business of prayer and repentance and drawing nearer to God. If you have the opportunity, definitely check out an Orthodox service or two during Lent!

March 4 got started with a new opinion piece from Walt Garlington, entitled, “The Western Assault on Innocent Life.” Of course, the immediate context here should be obvious, given the despicable abortion law that was passed in NY recently, and the governor of Virginia’s statement that he would kill even babies that have been born—which is the natural extension of abortion. Garlington begins by quoting Trump’s words about building a culture that cherishes innocent life, as everyone, including unborn babies are created in the image of God. However, does this mission as articulated by Trump mesh with Western history and values? Garlington says no, and he takes you on a historical journey to answer that question, beginning with Charlemagne in the 8th century. His articles are always very thought-provoking, so check it out!

Next up is another one of our USA Really original videos, this time about Bernie Sanders, who kicked off his 2020 presidential campaign in his hometown of Brooklyn last week, hitting on his familiar topics—universal healthcare, social justice, etc. But then again, Sanders is raking in some big bucks too. And he owns three homes. Something’s not adding up…

And Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal now has a price tag: $600,000 per household. Yeah, how’s that grab ya? Then we had another article on the US-China trade war—who’s actions are inflicting more damage upon who?

Then we had part 2 on our essay on US strategy, this time looking at the “Last Legion” scenario. As part of this strategy, an attempt will be made to avoid civil war and to overload the country through external events, as happened in the middle of the 20th century. Donald Trump is now pursuing this policy: He consistently rejects all the agreements, laws, and principles of the outgoing world order, based on simple logic: Let me lose $1 here and now, and my enemies, the deep state and the "owners of the money,” lose $10.

March 5 got rolling with “A Welcome Break from Crazy” by Jesse Dominick, about a lesbian who got denied a wedding cake. Sounds like the perfect beginning of yet another insane SJW case, right? But no, thank God, we got a welcome break from the craziness. Yes, the woman was still upset and posted about it online, BUT, in the end, she said she understands why the baker said no, she understands that beliefs are important and should be held onto, and she even applauds the baker for standing strong. Just imagine if all people could react this way? How much better America would be!

Then ol’ Trump has dropped preferential trade status for India and Turkey. What does that mean practically? Check out the piece to find out!

Aaaand back to the craziness—New Orleans’ Zulu Social Aid and Pleasure Club is now being accused of blackface, even though its Mardi Gras face painting is a tradition going way back, and the group is largely black people. Yup, when you’re accusing black people of racism against black people, you know you’ve gone just a bit overboard.

The next piece is one that’s very interesting to me—"Religious Schism as Quest for Global Domination.” This is especially pertinent in Ukraine today, where the Ukrainian government and the Ecumenical Patriarchate in Turkey have intentionally provoked a deepening of the schism there as a means of attacking Russia, as the canonical Ukrainian Church is part of the Russian Orthodox Church. The U.S. government is clearly behind this—they’re not even trying to hide it. So check out this piece to find out more about that mess.

Then we ended the day with an in-depth look at the fake news coming out of the Washington Post—a kind of follow-up to our series on Forbes’ fakery.

The next day got rolling with part 2 of the Washington Post series, taking a look at the media’s obsession about hunting down “Russian trolls,” that it sees everywhere. It involves FB, Twitter, WikiLeaks, and all that fun stuff. Psychological influence comes to us through the media, authoritative opinions, music, computer games, history, etc, and this piece has a good look at this stuff.

Then we had another opinion piece from Seraphim Hanisch: “Trump Walks From Nuke Talks, and Media and Political Spin Rev Up.” President Trump and North Korean Chairman Kim Jong-un failed to reach an agreement on denuclearization of the North Korean peninsula, and from the North Korean perspective, the failure was that the US did not lift all of its present sanctions against the isolated North Korean State. When the media realizes there is a way to hit President Trump for this, they will. And in fact, this has probably already started.

Next up is a piece on how “Diseases Threaten Global Economic Growth,” followed by a look at how more than half of Americans say Trump is dishonest. I guess that’s not too surprising.

And sorry you youngsters, but it looks like the Fed policy hits the younger generation worse. The “wealth effect” has enriched the already rich at the expense of young people who have not had the opportunity to buy assets, the growth of which the Fed spurred through quantitative easing programs, which we’ve talked about before. And a second warning: Looks like companies are using robots more and more, which means they’re using people less and less!

Moving right on along, March 7 started with an opinion piece from Jeffrey Silverman: “Cohen Revelations: BIG Stage for More Shenanigans, Finger Pointing, and Recriminations!” Have you been listening to Cohen's (Trump's former attorney) testimony to Congress? Silverman asks. Lawyer-client confidentiality is supposed to be sacrosanct. But the fact that Cohen is willing to violate it so freely and that Congress has brought him in to blab tells you how serious this matter has become—at least in the opinion of some small-minded people. Or, what a convenient, e.g., “Red Herring” to distract from REAL problems facing the US and the Trump Administration!

Then there was a piece on the military, followed by a tale of victory: “Colorado Drops Lawsuit Against Baker Who Refused to Bake Transgender Woman’s Cake.” This poor guy has been under such attack just for being a decent Christian. He’s been dragged through the mud and the justice system for 6 years now, first cause he declined to make a cake for a gay wedding, then a transgender cake. And sick people have been intentionally targeting him, asking him to make cakes with satanic messages, messages about drugs, and so on. But now it’s hopefully over, and maybe truth has won?

And more economy: The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has again lowered forecasts for global economic growth for 2019 and 2020, warning of the negative effects of trade conflicts and uncertainty around Brexit.

Next up was an opinion piece from Mehmet Perincek: “The Yankees are Coming, the Yankees are Coming.” “The Russians Are Coming, the Russians Are Coming” is the name of a comedy film (1966) that reflects the fear of Western people from the Soviet threat during the Cold War. The main point of the film is the mockery of Westerners’ panic at that time. It’s not known whether this fear of the USSR was justified or exaggerated--that is a topic for another article. However, today if they were to make a film, not a comedy, but a horror flick in Europe with the name “The Yankees Are Coming, the Yankees Are Coming,” it wouldn’t be surprising. Want to know why he says that? Well, you know, check out the article.

Then there was another opinion piece, from a new author Sarmad Ishfaq: “The American-Indian Nexus’ Efforts to Sabotage CPEC.” CPEC stands for the China Pakistan Economic Corridor, which India is pretty against since it could stabilize their historic rival Pakistan, and it also could cement China’s position as the regional hegemon and might also catapult them to world power status. And surprise surprise—America is sticking its nose in this business and causing trouble…

Then the next day got rolling with yet another opinion piece: “It’s Shameful That We Still Need a “Green Book” Today Just as Dr. Don Shirley Needed in 1962,” by Pradeep Banerjee. He wasn’t expecting much out of the movie Green Book, having heard it was based on outdated racial attitudes, but, to his surprise, he was quite struck by it. Apparently it has a white guy driving a black guy at a time in the south when that was super weird. Is the movie still relevant? Banerjee thinks so, cause, in his view, America still has a lot of racism.

And just like Forbes and Washington Post, the BBC is peddling crap too, so says our article, “BBC: Big Brother Conspiracy or British Bias Corporation?” It’s quite logical, therefore, that now the BBC has such a low reputation – a reputation that has been in a downward spiral for many years, going back from the Iraq War onwards. No one really expects some sort of objective, dispassionate, impeccable news reporting from the BBC. Common people now think that the BBC is nothing more than just a propaganda outlet.

And we wrapped up the day and week with a look at all the NYC cops who have been sued and yet are still somehow on the job. There’s even one cop who has had 44 lawsuits against him! That’s insanity!

And that’s what we have for you this week, dear listeners. Take care of yourselves out there, and don’t forget—go and see what Orthodox Lent is like if you haven’t already! And come on back next week for the next instalment of our weekly podcast.


Author: USA Really