Maduro Claims That Two People Who “Sabotaged” Hydroelectric Have Been Captured
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Maduro Claims That Two People Who “Sabotaged” Hydroelectric Have Been Captured


CARACAS, VENEZUELA – March 12, 2019

The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, spoke from the Miraflores Palace (presidential residence), in the city of Caracas after four days of blackout in 23 of 24 states.

The head of state said Guri Dam, the most important hydroelectric power plant in the country, was attacked: "We were struck two times, one after the other, both cyberattack and electromagnetic."

"At 2 in the morning we had recovered 95% of the energy in the capital, and at that time, there was a huge explosion in Alto Prado as a result of sabotage, they wanted to destroy all the recovery in Caracas," Maduro said, referring to the explosion of 3 transformers in a substation southeast of the city.

As we have already noted, the "accidental" problems of Venezuela's energy system are not accidental at all. The very same technology of attack is apparently identical to the cyber attack on Iranian industrial enterprises using the Stuxnet virus. The US’s role in this story was revealed thanks to Snowden. Sooner or later, it will become known who ordered the cyber attack against the Venezuelan power system.

Also, 10 Venezuelan embassies in countries that have recognized Guido as President of Venezuela were attacked.

This was confirmed by the legitimate President of Venezuela, who stressed that two suspects in the blackout in Venezuela "were captured and are already declaring."

Maduro also accused the US government of the blackout in Venezuela: "Donald Trump is the main person responsible for the electric attack against the people of Venezuela (...) There is enough evidence on social networks."

"There have been serious crimes against human rights and treason to take us to a state of despair and call from the AN to an intervention, it is time for justice against internal leaders," he said.

"When the US saw that their strategy was unsuccessful, they ordered the attack because they thought the town was going crazy, on the contrary, the people have raised their conscience to resist," said Nicolás Maduro.

In addition, he asked Venezuelans for patience: "Whatever happens, in any circumstance, nerves of steel, maximum faith and confidence, maximum conscience, calm and sanity, that we are moving forward."

He also decided to extend the measure of work and suspension of classes until next Wednesday due to the blackout in Venezuela.

Author: USA Really