Poland Is About to Be Occupied by the U.S.
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Poland Is About to Be Occupied by the U.S.


USA – March 16, 2019

There’s bad news for Poland, as it looks like American troops are about to be deployed there on a permanent basis, protecting the nation from some mysterious enemy only the Deep State knows about.

Although, it is obvious enough that the “evil” Poland is to be protected from is none other than Russia. Despite the fact that Russia has never expressed any desire to attack Poland, despite that they are both Slavic and share a number of common interests, the Polish government tries its best to propagate Russophobia, spending Polish taxpayer money in doing so.

Poland’s economy isn’t in the best shape these days, and everything Washington does is to make money and make its geopolitical ambitions come true. It also could lead to a severe decline in the Eastern European country’s economy.

While the Trump administration has taken heat for considering removing troops from Afghanistan and Syria, it’s considering opening a new permanent base overseas. It even has a possible name: Fort Trump.

Under Secretary of Defense for Policy John Rood is in Warsaw, Poland this week to discuss the proposed base, which would boost the Pentagon’s presence along Russia’s western border. The negotiations take place as Washington’s and Moscow’s militaries already face off in close proximity at several flashpoints in places like Syria and across Eastern Europe.

There is nothing of interest for Poland here. It’s all about Washington war hawks and the Deep State trying their best to provoke Russia. But Russia isn’t interested in being provoked, so this is basically a one-sided game.

The U.S. currently maintains about 4,000 troops in Poland on a rotational basis, including an armored brigade combat team. For pretty transparent economic and political reasons, the Polish government welcomed the deployment but has long urged the U.S. to establish something more permanent.

Polish President Andrzej Duda, who considers himself a personal ally of Washington, floated the idea for a new, permanent military base to President Trump in-person during a trip to Washington in September. His selling points? The Polish government would pay $2 billion to the United States and, he joked, the base would be named Fort Trump. That’s a lot of money for an economy like Poland’s.  

Trump put off a decision at the time, saying he wanted his administration to examine the proposal. “We’re looking at it from the standpoint of, No. 1, military protection for both countries, and also cost,” Trump said at a joint press conference with Duda.

What is known, though, is that the Pentagon, directed by last year’s Defense spending bill, studied the feasibility of permanently stationing U.S. forces in Poland. The report, which was due to Congress on March 1, was designed to inform the Pentagon’s coming plan, which is basically all about counteracting some “Russian aggression” which Poland hasn’t actually experienced.

President Trump is counting on the military base in Poland. As he said, “In our discussions this afternoon, President Duda and I agreed to bolster our robust defense ties. We will enhance cooperation in military relations, intelligence, missile defense, technology and training.

“I’m proud to report that Poland has recently purchased a state-of-the-art Patriot missile system — which is a great system. We make the greatest military equipment by far, anywhere in the world.

“And it’s made right here in the USA. We are grateful for Poland’s leadership on defense spending and burden sharing in NATO. I want to commend Poland for meeting its NATO defense-spending obligations, and I am glad that it plans to increase spending beyond the 2% minimum obligation. Thank you very much for that.”

Instead of facing America’s real problems, like the economic crisis, political division, and discrimination of various peoples, the U.S. is paying as much attention to Eastern Europe as possible.

As for Poland, the country is pretty much playing a game it can’t win, and if Warsaw pays for the deployment (or rather, “occupation”) of American forces to its  territory, then economic collapse is just a matter of time. 

Author: USA Really