Does Tulsi Gabbard Have Ties to Russia?
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Does Tulsi Gabbard Have Ties to Russia?


USA – March 16, 2019

On Thursday afternoon, former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz and a potential independent presidential candidate had to apologize to Democratic candidates Pete Buttigieg and Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii, who are both also running, for his words earlier Thursday on Hugh Hewitt's radio show. Schultz told the radio host that "I probably have spent more time in the last decade certainly than anyone running for president with the military." He cited a series of visits to military bases and friendships with retired Adm. William McRaven and retired Gen. Stanley McChrystal.

However, Schultz isn't the only 2020 U.S. presidential hopeful who is boasting with a military background.

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii, who is also running, joined the Hawaii National Guard in 2002 and volunteered to deploy in 2004, serving two tours of duty, including in Iraq.

Peter Paul Montgomery Buttigieg, 37, who announced his candidacy for the Democratic nomination on January 23, is a lieutenant in the Navy Reserve and was deployed to Afghanistan in 2014. He quickly reacted to Schultz's claim, tweeting: "I remember a Green Beans Coffee at the exchange at Bagram, and a decent espresso machine run by the Italian NATO element at ISAF HQ. But I don't recall seeing any Starbucks over there..."

Schultz had to admit that he was wrong: “Yesterday I gave a speech on failed political leadership in this country. A point I tried to make is that leaders must take responsibility and own their mistakes. Today I said I spent more time with the military than any candidate running for president. That was wrong.”

One minute later Schulz added, “I apologize to @PeteButtigieg and @TulsiGabbard who served our country honorably. In that moment I made something that should unite us all, about me. I made a mistake and I apologize.”

This childish online conflict between Former Starbucks CEO and mayor of South Bend, Indiana, led to a heated discussion of candidates, causing a series of Twitter exchanges between Schultz’s followers.

Some of them referred to a recent NBC News’ fake, which was planted last February by a New Knowledge “analysts” in tin foil hats. New Knowledge is one of the countless American troll farms, spawned by social media billionaire LinkedIn founder and Democratic Party backer Reid Hoffman.

In 2018, New Knowledge got caught by the New York Times fabricating thousands of fictitious Russian troll accounts on Facebook and Twitter on behalf of the Democratic Party in the Alabama Senate race in 2017 to manufacture false accusations that Russia was interfering in that election, working to defeat Democratic Senate nominee Doug Jones, USA Really wrote. The effort was collectively known as Project Birmingham. The massive scam was created in order to undermine support for Republican Roy Moore’s senatorial campaign and boost his opponent Jones, who narrowly won the race. Jones became the first Alabama Democrat elected to the Senate in a quarter of a century.

The troll farm is behind one of the recent Senate reports on phony Russian social media election interference, as well as the creation two years ago of Hamilton 68, the pseudo-data-driven dashboard constantly used by U.S. media outlets to claim that its enemies are supported directly by the Kremlin.

On February 2, NBC News accused Gabbard or being a “favorite” of Moscow, receiving support from “the Russian propaganda machine.” Despite the fact that this disinformation was exposed by the Intercept’s Glenn Greenwald, and later Gabbard herself, this fake is still circulating on social media.

When answering a question, “In what ways is she [Gabbard] like Jill Stein?” one of the commenters (@PrArMo) just repeated New Knowledge’s fake: “Because she is also backed up by the russian propaganda machine...”

In response, Twitter user @girlyGRRRL said: “Russia actually hates her. They write awful stuff about her on their USAreally propaganda site. The Greens (who now call themselves Justice Democrats) also did a rude report about her & now a media blackout on her. And she opposes the GND. Definitely not Stein 2.0.”

Obviously, @girlyGRRRL was referring to USAReally’s piece published on January 15, 2019, titled “Is Tulsi Gabbard a Peace Dove or a Warhawk?”, where facts shows that Gabbard is strongly linked to the US political establishment.

Of course, both of the commenters are wrong in this case. First, USA Really is not by any means a “propaganda site.” USAReally is a non-profit, non-government funded news organization with an independent editorial policy.

Second, USAReally provides balanced and unbiased views from all points. USAReally’s piece “2020 Presidential Race Launches with Candidacy of Two Senior Democratic Politicians” is quite neutral in regard to Tulsi Gabbard, while another piece “The War Machine Heats Up” published in March, portrays her even positively saying that “Tulsi Gabbard, current presidential candidate, has already spoken out boldly on the issue and deserves support for her courageous stance.”

So, there’s no hatred or love towards any of U.S. presidential wannabes, whatever American mainstream media tells its readers about USAReally.

The only “link” which Gabbard has to Russia, RT, Sputnik or USAReally is that she is being attacked by the same groups of neocon/neolib warmongers, always ready to recreate those types of phony “Russian meddling” tactics. So, no one would be surprised at all if we see pretty soon another massive smear campaign, organized and performed by Microsoft/Alphabet/Google/Facebook/NSA/FBI/Atlantic Council-backed organizations like New Knowledge, American Engagement Technologies, MotiveAI, News for Democracy, Investing in Us, DFR Labs, Red to Blue California, Campaign for Accountability, fake “Russian Trolls” websites like USAIRA and hundreds of other U.S. troll farms, whether they are just “human-powered” or using botnets fused with artificial intelligence of the latest generation.

Author: USA Really