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America Interfering in Other Places and Democrats Using Minority Races
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America Interfering in Other Places and Democrats Using Minority Races


This is your weekly USA Really podcast. This is your weekly shot of everything you need to know and all the freshest news we brought you over the past week. You all know the deal by now, so let’s just move right on to the articles.

We kicked off March 11 with a piece from Luis Lazaro Tijerina that proved to be pretty popular: “The U.S., the "Russian Threat", and Stability in Europe.” The Russians lost a ginormous amount of people in World War II, and, as Tijerina writes, when people face such losses (and it still affects them today), they are less likely or willing to jump into another war. Therefore, our author doesn’t believe Russia is looking to wage war against Europe or have an all-out conflict with America. But, on the other hand, Russian leadership isn’t always looking out for what’s best for Russians. But is that enough to override the Russians’ tendency to bide their time until the right leadership comes along? Will America’s increasingly shrill propaganda do the trick? Check out this piece to get Tijerina’s take on it all.

Then there was another opinion piece, this time from Adnen Chekhab: “The United States of America and the Destructive Plan in Algeria.” Western powers have always been aggravating the situation in this strategic nation, trying to sever its ties with its historic allies. However, while US pressure remains a reality on the ground, it seems not many are so focused on that. So for the real scoop on what’s really going on there, be sure to check out Chekhab’s piece.

Then we closed that day with the highly relevant, “The Dictatorship of Opinions and the Generation of Snowflakes.”

March 12 got rolling with a piece from Seraphim Hanisch called “Democrats’ Latest Attempt to Restrict Free Speech Uses Jewish People.” Commenting just on the title, it’s no surprise that the Democrats would use a minority. They love to play the heroes, but come on. Who’s buying that? Looks like the Dems are trying to push through a bill that would outlaw anti-Semitism. Look, obviously being actually anti-Semitic is no good, but anyone with a clear head on his shoulders knows that all kinds of false accusations are made, and that it’s not good to start down the slippery slope of impinging upon free speech. What will all of this lead to? Hanisch has the insightful analysis you’re looking for.

Hydroelectric power was sabotaged in Venezuela, and Maduro is saying those responsible were captured. Get the story in our piece on the matter. Then we had a piece on the prediction that the US will overtake Russia in oil exports by 2024, then one on good ol’ UFC fighter Ewan McGregor getting arrested on charges of felony strong-armed robbery and criminal mischief. Basically a fan wanted to get a pic with him and McGregor flipped out and broke the dude’s phone. That’s one way to build up a fanbase, I guess…

Then we had a piece on the American trojan horse rolling up to the walls of Venezuela, followed by the beginning of another series on fake news, this time about Bloomberg. This one kicks off with a look at a Bloomberg quote of a Trump tweet that simply does not exist, or at least not in the form they quoted it in. But who really expects the media NOT to embellish and distort? They also misquoted Dilbert artist Scott Adams to make him look like an ass, cause, you know, he doesn’t hate Trump, so he must be sub-human.

Then for March 13 we started off with an opinion piece from Jeffrey Silverman: “US Border Patrol Overwhelmed: US Borders Only Symbolic Lines on a Map!” The number of Illegal Immigrants has "Hit a 12-Year High; More than 76,000 Migrants Crossed in February alone,” according to Homeland Security’s own Office of Public Affairs itself. But will a wall be enough? Is the problem America’s fault in the first place? Lots to chew on here.

Then we had part 2 in the Bloomberg series. Almost every piece of negative news about Russia and its policy is either a lie or an exaggeration. At the same time, if refutations are published, it is done as quietly as possible. As a result, readers have the impression that Russia is a monster whose goal is to enslave the planet. This raises the question of how far the media can go in their unprofessionalism and the desire to please politicians in the publication of frank inventions. And how long will the belief in freedom of speech continue to live in the minds of ordinary people?

Then we had another USA Really original video report: “The citizen is the enemy: US Police at war.” A local police department in Florida just received a multi-million-dollar bond for new headquarters, but some say this money is nothing more than a reward for killing unarmed citizens. Marcelo Sánchez reports.

Then there was an opinion piece from Marwa Osman: “US Pressure on Lebanese Society Will Fail.” This piece offers a case example of how the US judicial system works to falsify documents against Hezbollah and thereby demonize the party. I didn’t know Hezbollah needed our help to demonize them! Aren’t they terrorists? Well, check out this piece to find out what’s really going on.

Next up: How the Fed is churning out socialists, followed by one on how the head of the Fed doubted Trump’s ability to get him out of office, and then, “9/11 Lawyers’ Committee Names Persons to Investigate in New Grand Jury Filing.” The search for the real truth continues…

And what’s up with the American higher education system? We often hear it’s the best in the world and among the most transparent in the world. Buuuut is that really true? Check this piece out for the full scoop. And don’t forget to check out our fun piece about guns and gun parts being stolen from Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives facilities … makes you feel safe, doesn’t it?! And the “We Build the Wall” movement is picking up steam, but that means protests are picking up steam. The movement is on tour, so be prepared for a bunch of liberal whackadoos to take to the streets in your city!

The next day started with an article that’s relevant now in the aftermath of the New Zealand shooting: “America Can’t Cope With the Rise of Domestic Islamist Terrorism.” And speaking of domestic terrorism, how about all the people that harass and attack people wearing MAGA gear?

Then we had our opinion piece from Walt Garlington: “Is War Necessary to End Abortion in the States?” I mean, I can’t imagine us going to war over it, but I also can’t imagine much more worthy reason. Since the abortion/infanticide debate has begun to rage more intensely lately, the question is being asked by various and sundry, ‘What kind of nation do we want America to be?’  A better question would be, ‘Is America a nation at all?’ Of course, there are varying views on that question, and those varying views lead to varying views on a number of topics, including how to handle abortion.

And it looks like Facebook is in hot water again, facing another criminal probe about data deals with major tech companies, and a national mobilization to oppose NATO, war, and racism will go down in front of the White House on April 4, so be sure to check out this piece to find out what that’s about.

We also had a pretty in-depth look at the 2010 Venezuelan Memorandum as a training manual for overthrowing Maduro. We’ve had quite a number of Venezuelan articles lately, so if you’re interested in more about what led up to what’s going on now, give this piece a read. Then we had part 3 in our series on US strategy. This one is mainly just a wrap-up and conclusion, so if you’ve been following the series, be sure to get this last tidbit.

Our next piece asks the question, “No More American Support for the Saudis in Yemen. What Does It Mean?” and considering that the Saudis are a major ally, it’s a worthy question. Next up, good ol’ Beto O’Rourke is running for president in 2020 despite just losing the senate race. Hey, crazier things have happened. And we wrapped up the day with a piece on China: “Curb the Dragon.” Trump is all about America first, but his tactics don’t work so straightforwardly with this Asian nation, so check this piece out to see what exactly all of that means.

And March 15 started off with an opinion piece from Pradeep Banerjee: “Americans Care More About Their Pets Than Their Fellow Citizens.” I certainly know some people this is true of, and we do do crazy things like legally protect animals but not babies… How on earth can anyone consider the life of a dog more important than the life of a human being? Banerjee asks. Don’t get me wrong, I have three pet cats, and I absolutely adore them, but if a day comes when I have to choose between saving a man and saving one of my pet cats, I will try to save the man.

We had a second opinion piece that day, this one by Aaron D. Chiroma: “U.S. Game in Africa: General Elections 2015 in Nigeria.” He writes: “The most populous black nation on earth has had its many travails and few successes, and its present state of development is a testament to that fact. Though we as Nigerians from our forebears till date should carry the brunt of the blame of where we find ourselves, it is also cogent to identify and explain areas where we were seemly getting it right or about to and were derailed by big powers intervention and interference. There are many such examples in Nigerian history.”

And it looks like some major tech companies are going to be facing more taxes in Europe. Is it coming to America too? Next up: “What is the US Government Hiding?” Perhaps a better question would be what ISN’T the government hiding? Looks like they don’t like to give out info, even when they’re supposed to under the law.

America has a lot of elite groups, right? What are they up to in the run-up to the 2020 presidential elections? This piece looks at the financial, military-industrial and special services, energy lobby, and ideological elites. There’s a little something for everyone on this piece.  And what is globalization’s last hope? You know we got that answer for you.

And who in America is trying to propagandize against reproduction? Well, Planned Parenthood is the obvious answer, but this piece will also look at some other organizations you may not have been aware of.

And did you know this? The “US Wants to Create Global Oil Cartel Under Auspices of American Corporations.” Today one such cartel exists—OPEC. So what else could be in the cards?

And for our last day for this podcast we offered an opinion piece from Seraphim Hanisch: “Anti-Semitic Speech Resolution Fails but Dems Want to Broaden It.” The liberal Democrats appear to be caught in their own ideological whirlpool this week, Hanisch writes. Reaction among some Democrats to the alleged "anti-Semitic" speech resolution we reported about earlier took a turn that was perhaps surprising: The Democrat rank-and-file representatives could not come to an agreement on the resolution. This appears to underscore the thought that Nancy Pelosi, while Speaker of the House, no longer has the control over that body that she did at an earlier time.

Then we closed down the day with a piece on the US military base that’s coming in Poland, and one on the possibility of Tulsi Gabbard having ties to Russia.

And friends, that is all we have for you today. We hope you heard something that tickled your fancy and caught your ear. Make sure to head on over to the articles to get the full scoop on everything we’ve presented you with here, and make sure to come on back next week for the next edition of our weekly podcast!


Author: USA Really