The Brilliant Rage of an Arkansas Lawmaker, Stephanie Flowers
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The Brilliant Rage of an Arkansas Lawmaker, Stephanie Flowers


There is nothing like the rage of a Black American mother when it comes to protecting her children. The Democratic senator, Stephanie Flowers of Arkansas, stood her ground publically in denouncing a Stand Your Ground bill in Arkansas.  To listen to her powerful voice in denouncing those socially insane Americans, the majority of them being Anglo-Americans, who yearn to carry guns into residential areas where African Americans and Latinos live in order to ‘protect’ themselves, is to invite social disaster and move towards a more genocidal America that is already on such a violent path.

The words I write about violence towards national minority Americans mean nothing compared to the way Stephanie Flowers made it very clear about the continuous violence to national minorities in the United States which can be  comparison to Nazi Germany and South Africa. During an Arkansas legislative testimony on Wednesday, March 6th, in which a proposed "Stand Your Ground" bill was being addressed, Senator Flowers said this:

“You don’t have to worry about your children.” But as a member of the black community, she said, “I worry about my son. And I worry about other little black boys and girls. And people coming into my neighborhood, into my city, saying they’ve got open carry rights, walking down in front of my doggone office in front of the courthouse. That’s a bully.”[i]

The grim reality is that the term “bully” that Senator spoke about is not just about the ordinary Americans who have armed themselves, but also about the American policemen and policewomen who kill according their perception of the ‘law’. According the reporter, Maggie Fox of NBC News “Police killings are cutting short the lives of more people of color, researchers reported Monday. While just over half of people killed by police are white, Hispanics and African-Americans are on average younger, the researchers found. And people of black, Hispanic and Native American background are disproportionately killed by police, they reported. “Police violence disproportionately impacts young people, and the young people affected are disproportionately people of color,” Anthony Bui of the David Geffen School of Medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles and colleagues wrote.”[ii] What makes this reportage by Miss Fox very interesting is the way she spoke of another database other than the standard National Vital Statistics System to understand the liquidation of masses of young national minorities in America.  She was able to make this rather more objective statement about the statistics of butchering of the national minority young in American by stating:  

There are no comprehensive public databases on police shootings, so Bui and colleagues used “The Counted”, a report compiled by The Guardian based on media reports of police killings.

“Data from ‘The Counted’ have been validated as a source for the number of deaths due to police violence in the USA and found to be more complete than the National Vital Statistics System,” they wrote.

The database showed 1,146 police killings in 2015 and 1,092 in 2016. Bui and colleagues checked the ages of those killed and used U.S. Census and other data to calculate how long they would have been expected to live had they not been killed.[iii]

We cannot in the end calculate how a young murder youth’s life might have been expected to live, for the fate of every human being is complex in the scheme of things. However, in the social sense, there can be a measurement of how death is perceived by peoples amid social and cultural institutions.  From my perspective, death of national minorities in America mean nothing to the dominant Anglo-American culture, except for those few millions of white Americans who resist the temptation of being indifferent to the outright killing of national minority men, women and children whose skin is not white and who come from working class and poorer class statuses in America.  Death in fact does not exist for the Anglo-American culture in the deepest sense of the word, because they do not have to confront the extensional threat of annihilation in their daily lives. The wealthy and middle class white Americans live for their consumerism and decadent live styles, and pay lip services to the so-called democratic values of America. Then, in their own clever and devious ways, they corrupt the so-called ‘new’ leadership that ascends from the national minority communities, for instance like the freshmen leadership who enter the halls of congress or senate halls in Washington D.C. to toute their so-called Left radical message that in the end dies in a whipper of naïve dissent. One could say that Senator Flowers lacks ‘decorum’ in the way she speaks out, but then there are many great African American leaders who were full of rage and pathos like James Baldwin for instance. Then there are now the glamor Left activists like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who are a part of the chic radicals who disturb the conservative right congressmen in Washington D.C. with her pseudo-intellectual Democratic Socialism, or Bernie Sanders who also touted the same phony jingoism in the 2016 Presidential election.  America has yet to see political leadership in the halls of congress or the senate who have the steel of revolutionary theory seared by the practice of hard living.  America is in the full throes of a Weimar age, where out of a collapsing American Empire, anticipation of what will come next is wetted by the shedding of blood of national minorities.

Author: Luis Lázaro Tijerina