Why Are Conservative Bloggers Being Deprived of Right to Speak Freely on Social Platforms?
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Why Are Conservative Bloggers Being Deprived of Right to Speak Freely on Social Platforms?


USA – March 19, 2019

It’s pretty well known that the web is the territory of left-wingers, who feel completely free, no matter how radical their views.

Meanwhile, Globalization, “humanization,” liberalization and number of other “- zations” are campaigns launched by the Deep State years ago, and, unfortunately, we have to admit that they still work pretty effectively to drive people away from true values, such as family, brotherhood and patriotism.

It’s no secret that some Deep State shadow masters, such as George Soros, do everything they can to control the internet, and to achieve this goal, the internet itself becomes a field for the ideological monopoly of crooked liberal values. Soros has been an advocate for a more regulated internet for years, and a hacked document released by DC Leaks reveals the globalist billionaire’s plans to regulate the internet in favor of his Open Society agenda and the governments and politicians that support it.

It didn’t just happen yesterday, of course. The document titled “Open Society Justice Initiative Proposed 2014 Strategy” was part of the huge cache of leaked documents released by DC Leaks from George Soros’ Open Society Foundations. Yet, what we encounter on the web nowadays proves that George Soros’s plan to control not only the global network, but also the minds of the people all over the world really works.

One of the best examples of it is the repressions that conservative bloggers face almost every day on any platform, as their accounts are blocked, suspended, and attacked by anonymous hackers.

The mainstream media also contribute to this, as they often publish pamphlets against conservative bloggers, who they stigmatize and call “right-wingers.” For instance, this is how Contra Points, a conservative channel with an audience of half a million people, came under fire. Here is a quote from one of the latest Vice News articles written on this topic:

The far right is the dominant political community on YouTube. It's a flourishing world of men's rights activists, libertarians, anti-feminist atheists, and white nationalists. There are whole channels dedicated to showing "social justice warriors" getting "owned" by various conservative provocateurs. And this has gone largely unanswered by the left.

Enter Natalie Wynn, who's trying to de-radicalize this part of YouTube with an unexpected mix of philosophy and elaborate costumes. And she's making some headway.

"One thing the right wing has done pretty effectively in the last few years is, they've managed to frame the discussion as a kind of puritan, moralistic, sermonizing left versus a kind of edgy, rebellious, punk-rock right," says 30-year-old Wynn. "And I refuse to allow them to get away with that."

Do you see what the point of Vice News is? The point is that “right-wingers” feel “too free” on YouTube, thus they must be punished and deprived of their right to express their opinions. There is tons of hatred against those who are considered to be of “privileged” categories (like, “men” in general and “white nationalists” in particular). Should we add that Vice News will never get punished for articles like this, that are literally spreading hatred all over the web? You can only hate those who don’t want the plans of the Deep State and George Soros to come true. You can’t fight against those who guide these “globalist” ideas. However let’s get back to the article published at Vice News:

On her YouTube channel, Contrapoints, Wynn tries to reframe the debate around issues like free speech, the alt-right, incels, and transgender pronouns in a way that "makes [the far right] reveal their puritanism and their phobias, and has me as the, like, libertine."

Wynn said this as she was holding a giant headpiece trimmed with red and black feathers and a sheep skull. She makes 20-to-45-minute videos that unpack the ideas behind the culture wars, using the philosophy education she got in grad school and the makeup education she got on YouTube. And they're popular. Her top videos get more than 1 million views. She makes enough money for YouTube to be her only job. She's in the top 20 creators on Patreon, a site where fans can give monthly donations to artists.

Do you see how Vice News journalists, who are pretty much brainwashed by Soros’ ideas and Hillary propaganda, want you to fear Contrapoints? Do you see how they want you to hate it? Contrapoints is even being criticized for, quote, “refram[ing] the debate around issues like free speech…” But is it not obvious that the web should be a platform where “reframing” comes true? Some Marxist envy is also included there in this passage: “She makes enough money for YouTube to be her only job,” and it suddenly seems like you simply have to hate Contrapoints, because this channel is commercially successful. How obvious these manipulations are.

And, of course, Contrapoints isn’t the only channel and definitely not the only blogger that gets censored by the Deep State and other Democratic Party sympathizers. A little more than a month ago, on February 14, it became known that one of the most prominent American conservative bloggers, Mark Dice, found problems, because he wanted to find the truth in his argument with Wikipedia, which is considered to be truly a “safe space” for liberals of all kinds.

As a result of his struggle against the resource, another servant of the Deep State tried to bite him, as two of Dice’s Amazon best-selling books, The True Story of Fake News and Liberalism: Find a Cure, were removed. Why? No explanation was provided. Interesting coincidence, is it not?

Sometimes liberal propaganda blames conservative bloggers because “self-proclaimed libertarian and conservative YouTubers” allegedly play a key role in promoting racist and white nationalist views. They prove it saying that it happens, because they host members of the far right on their shows without effectively challenging their points of view.

To be honest, this argument is pretty weak, since freedom of speech is one of the key American values, and it’s up to the host to decide who he wants to be his guest.

To sum up, what we are seeing nowadays is the wide left-wing propaganda campaign sponsored by the Deep State servants, along with Hillary Clinton and George Soros supporters, who don’t want you to express your opinion if it doesn’t fit liberal agenda. And the web is the battlefield.

Author: USA Really