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New York Times Lies Right to Our Faces, or More on Current Propaganda. Part2
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New York Times Lies Right to Our Faces, or More on Current Propaganda. Part2


WASHINGTON – March 19, 2019

The 2016 and 2018 midterm elections proved that journalism is destroying itself. The media’s main task in the modern world is not to tell the news or conduct investigations but primarily to form public opinion in line with that of the elites, to cover up crimes, to inspire the masses, and to promote the interest of some groups to the detriment of the majority, and other brainwashing.

Brainwashing is closely related to the development and dissemination of state propaganda. However, there was no definite term until earlier techniques were streamlined in the People's Republic of China (PRC) for their use in the fight against domestic class enemies and foreign invaders. Until that time, all descriptions were limited to specific techniques. One of the classic examples of this symbiosis is George Orwell’s 1984.

After the elections, a survey on the credibility of the major American media found people believe only about 6% of media. This brainwashing tool has failed, and this is obvious from the presidential election, even with the naked eye.

The fact is that all Western official media supported Clinton and demonized Trump with all their power. And yet Trump won. The media no longer handles its work, despite its budget. On the other hand, we don’t how the propaganda machine is actually financed.

To say this doesn’t change much in the modern world is like saying nothing—media impotence changes everything. Imagine that you have a completely unique car, but one wheel no longer bears the load. But there are no replacement parts because it is so unique. Your car can limp along at a slow speed, but it would be dangerous to go on a long-distance trip with passengers and luggage. If you’re reasonable, you will have to significantly change how you use the car.

This change in the media’s effectiveness in brainwashing should be taken into account by Trump himself. Anti-Trump media could easily move to a pro-Trump position.

Only it won't change much. The situation that worked in Trump’s favor will also work against him if he decides to brainwash in his favor.

This process began in the 1950s with the Korean War. Although brainwashed UN prisoners during the Korean War brought some propaganda benefit to the Chinese, the main benefit was to significantly increase control over the maximum number of prisoners with a relatively small number of guards, which allowed the release of other Chinese soldiers for combat operations.

Subsequently, after the Korean War, the term “brainwashing” was filled with completely different content for a number of reasons and was applied to all kinds of methods of forced persuasion, including the use of political propaganda and ideological processing.

We could not have the capitalism of the last 150-200 years today without the media’s brainwashing. But lying and brainwashing is quite expensive and no money is spared. Let’s look at the numbers.

The U.S. Agency for Global Media that includes Voice of America requested $751 million in 2016.

The BBC World Service budget for 2014 is 245 million pounds or $406 million.

There is also a BBC "International Service" that supplies BBC news content (budget — £ 350 million, or $530 million) and is part of the BBC Corporation (budget — more than $7 billion).

BBC News delivers content to the BBC World Service and the British news channel BBC World News. Formally, BBC World News is a private organization owned by BBC Global News Ltd, the commercial structure of the BBC, and its budget is unknown.

Most international media channels are reluctant to share information about their funding. In 2013, al Jazeera spent only half a billion dollars on the purchase of the current TV channel and the launch of Al Jazeera America.

In 2015, the German government increased the annual budget of Deutsche Welle to 294 million euros.

Yes, they still earn a lot from advertisements, the sale of their programs, but modern media cannot pay for their activities. The state and capital are forced to pay a substantial extra bit for "causing irreparable benefit" as "promotion of democracy."

That they are reluctant to share means money is very necessary—figures are underestimated, sources of financing are not revealed.

Major outlets are usually owned by oligarchs. There is no question of fair competition—that’s not why they purchase the outlets. They pour big money into their purchase for personal interests.

There are also customers — smaller lobbyists who do not promote their interests for thanks. The exact amount of media support is difficult to calculate but it can be seen with the naked eye that every major world outlet requires more than a billion a year to carry out its propaganda.

There are still newspapers, magazines, including regional, and cable TV, that need to be funded. And there is also Hollywood.

Propaganda exists only at the expense of serious surcharges of the state and/or owners. But it does not work as it once did.

It may turn out the entire capitalist world takes from half a hundred to hundreds of billions of dollars per year to finance the media involved in brainwashing, which is comparable to the military budget of a fairly large country. This amount will continue to grow for some time. And some of these billions in budgets here flourish per year, the media no longer work as it should. There are some results but they can’t deliver on serious matters like seeing the necessary candidate elected.

Just as it is dangerous to drive a car with a bad wheel, it’s also dangerous to continue the current capitalist policy without the effect of brainwashing. People don't eat waste anymore.

For example, the demonization campaign against Saddam Hussein during the preparation of the second Iraqi campaign began a few years before the invasion and so to speak "prepared" public opinion for it.

About the same can be said about the advertising for the goods sale of Transnational Corporations.

They started having problems even earlier. The effectiveness of advertising on TV began to decline from the beginning of the 2000s — advertising costs grew, but sales did not. Marketers with a worldwide reputation call them "big stupid companies" and refuse to work with them — because they also sell garbage.

Large companies had to revise their marketing and promotion strategies which partially or completely switched to direct marketing and refused to promote the brand. What can be seen from their promotional materials?

There are dozens of the same Americans companies that successfully compete with certain products of well-known Western brands, despite the fact that they don't have the opportunity to advertise on TV and other large media. They use competent direct marketing, and it works better than advertising on TV and other media.

Therefore, we can say frankly the money is going down the drain. Every year there will be fewer reasons to continue to spend hard-earned money during the crisis to support these media.

And it's almost impossible to cover up your crimes. Maybe it's better to give up crime altogether. That's unlikely. Capitalism doesn't work that way. In general, this is another serious evidence of the structural crisis of capitalism.

The audience is stupid, but it cannot be fooled — every PR person knows it. Only not every customer wants to hear about it, though they continue to doggedly insist upon propaganda.

Well, whichever you want. This approach only overclocks the audience outflow from these media and increases the price of media content. It also creates the risk of getting involved in adventures, as in Venezuela, for which you will then have to answer with your own head.

And the Clinton election campaign, as we see, also turned out to be an adventure. Her crimes are plastered worldwide and have already been collected into one large folder with all the evidence. Now, who can guarantee that in 3-5 years she will not be sued?

Is there anyone else who wants to become the President or run for Congress to publicize their former dirty deeds? Well, let them try…

The media can either roll out frenzied propaganda or carefully mask it altogether. But then readers are left with an unpleasant aftertaste. Even covert propaganda must be curtailed, otherwise, the media will sooner or later close.

For example, Eurosport is not profitable, there is no money for propaganda and the board of editors has already been forced to lay off all the journalists who could only emotionally yell during victories or losses. And instead of journalists, experts were hired from among former athletes who comment on sporting events—which is much more interesting.

Such media giants as NYT, CNN and Washington Post work even more openly fulfilling someone's order when today they write based on the President’s words and tomorrow they say he lied, or they distort the words of any politician who is objectionable to the customer. They don’t see what they are doing themselves, but justify it by saying it was an inexperienced journalist or the editorial board didn’t study the issue fully. The employees were laid off and the media is now compared to fake news.

This fate one way or another will befall all media and all journalists. Journalism is disappearing — eliminating itself. The trend is natural and would have happened without a lot of brainwashing, it’s just delayed with the money from brainwashing. There are many ways to cheat death. But none of them work.

Where's the audience going?

Recent years show the audience going to experts who don't trade their reputation. You may have noticed recently that a huge number of bloggers, writers, and experts on various topics have appeared, who are gaining popularity in their topic at the level of large media.

There were many political and economic experts and historians who don't have a lot of money, but are more popular than some large media with money and oligarchs behind them with access to federal channels. And, accordingly, they have more influence than the federal media.

There are internet platforms where less well-known experts can publish their articles together, and a powerful audience stream will read and evaluate them. And the crowd very accurately discerns what is crap and propaganda simply doesn’t fly.

Facebook has several such public groups on a variety of topics. You really need to see their revelatory articles! For example, the group on Jeremy Corbin, a labor leader, although he is the English version of Trump or rather Marine Le Pen. He, too, was able to defeat a multi-year information campaign against him.

The breadth of the revelations and expert articles on these pages and on many opposition sites is impressive — they have millions of views per day. You don’t need the traditional media anymore.

The trend will only increase and the more the major media will lose its influence the more individual experts will acquire it.

Is there an alternative for capital in a situation where brainwashings through the media will no longer works? There is a decrease in population literacy and a strengthening in religious influence, as before the beginning of the 20th century. But it takes at least five decades, which they don't have, although they are already working on this "issue." We'll be the last to know.

To keep these media becomes an unacceptable luxury in the current crisis situation. Maybe that's for the best. When there will be an acute crisis phase and the market will collapse, it is likely many of the major world media will have to reset. Yes, and we have to give up their oligarchs’ pocket media.

What do we get?

First of all, that's what people still don't understand: So-called Western values are not the values of the Western people, but the result of brainwashing. All people in the world have normal human values, from work and family, to religion and education. They support such values much more than the media makes it appear.

Secondly, don’t underestimate, but don’t overestimate either. There’s no longer any need to argue with the major media. It makes no sense and doesn’t pay off—it’s a headache. They already have almost no trust left amongst their audience.

Author: USA Really