ACLU Opposes Proposed Legislation & Curbing Free Speech BUT “No Sex with Animals”
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ACLU Opposes Proposed Legislation & Curbing Free Speech BUT “No Sex with Animals”


The ACLU is boycotting various bills through which the states and the US government are trying to curtail Americans most fundamental right – the right to free speech.  This should come as no surprise to readers of USA Really, as we have touched upon various anti-boycott Israel bills in recent articles.

The most recent proposed legislation tops it all.

A group of 43 senators—29 Republicans and 14 Democrats—want to implement a law that would make it a felony for Americans to support the international boycott against Israel, which was launched in protest of that country’s decades-old occupation of Palestine. The two primary sponsors of the bill are Democrat Ben Cardin of Maryland and Republican Rob Portman of Ohio. Perhaps the most shocking aspect is the punishment: Anyone guilty of violating the prohibitions will face a minimum civil penalty of $250,000 and a maximum criminal penalty of $1 million and 20 long years in prison

It should come as no surprise that these American politicians (as they know who butters their bread) are trying to criminalize any speech or boycott against Israeli anti-human rights and land grab policies. It should be mentioned that if such bills were to become law, it would, in effect, render the right to free speech illegal in the United States.

The longer I stay out of the US, and the more I try to keep track of what is going on, the more I realize that the America that I knew growing up and living most of my adult life no longer exists.

The politicians have gone mad; people have elected insane politicians. My first reaction is that people get what they deserve but that is too harsh as only the most corrupt floats to the top in the political game, and getting elected takes money—and that is usually special interests money, and it is not all domestic.

It is clear that poor people are electing mad politicians who will render their lives meaningless. From time to time I check out some YouTube clips for so-called conspiracies going on in the US. And I've been watching on the edge of wonder, as many of them are not so far-fetched.

For instance, I ran across a site, a bill tracker for the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and for once I am almost TOTALLY convinced that the American society has gone mad. One particular bill caught my attention, especially having been a teacher of vocational agriculture in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, freshly out of the university.

My former students used to make jokes about cozy relations with animals and perhaps they were more than mere jokes—tongue in cheek.

Senate Bill Number:  Senate Bill 67 would criminalize sexual violence committed against animals.

Bill Sponsor(s): 

Sens. J. Adams & D. Thayer

Kentucky is one of five states where the sexual assault of an animal is not illegal

SB 67 was passed by the Senate, 35-0, on February 20. In the House, it was approved by the House Judiciary Committee on March 6 and is expected to go for a vote by the full House.

Society is in bad shape when it has to pass legislation to protect animals. The summary of the bill stipulates that if the person convicted is not the owner of the animal, the animal shall be returned to the owner, and that the animal shall not be spayed or neutered before being returned.

There are many other interesting legislation found here, also in support of animal rights. One that I found quite amusing is known as the "Hot Car Bill," which would protect animals by granting civil immunity to people who would break into a car to save pets' and animals' lives. If people make a good-faith effort to save animals, they would not be required to pay for damages to the vehicles.

That seems reasonable enough, but I would also like to see the owners locked in the car as part of the legislative punishment.

So here's what politicians are working on, at least in Kentucky:

1) All abortions are illegal. 2) No more solar panels, no more start-up solar companies. 3) No more unemployment benefits for anyone (6 weeks less for now, if they get that you know they'll keep hacking away at it). 4) Trying to stop any legalization of marijuana for anyone in Kentucky. 5) Removing pensions from new teachers. 6) Destroying the first amendment.

Animal vs. Human Rights

What is more eye-opening are some of the other legislation found on this site, and perhaps in other states, that effectively constitutes a war on poor people.  There is one site, Kentuckians For The Commonwealth AND just click on "KFTC supports" and "KFTC opposes," you can get a clear idea of the class warfare going on.

KFTC opposes anything that makes life more difficult for the poor, working, and the middle classes. There is a war against the poor (and against forcing the middle class into poverty).

For instance, one piece of legislation pending in Kentucky reduces unemployment insurance benefits. This is a never-before-seen way of hurting workers and kicking those who lost their jobs for no fault of their own, off unemployment insurance.

It would reduce benefits from 26 to 20 weeks, and decrease the amount of benefits over time to just 25% of the initial amount for the last five weeks. Now that really kicks a person when he or she is already down on their luck.

The law was also changed so that only pulmonologists employed by the coal companies are allowed to certify whether a miner can get benefits. So, it boils down: fewer benefits for black lung victims/or no benefits at all.

I don't have any specifics or firsthand experience on all what is going on at this time (working conditions in the mines), but all I know is that they are working more for "the man" than the working class. It is a classic case of wage slavery as Karl Marx described.

People are in constant fear of losing their jobs and what awaits them, and they can turn to payday loans if they have something of a job which further sinks them into poverty and despair. The good news, at least in Kentucky is that the same responsible legislative body is trying to cap payday loans at 36 percent, so not to take too bad of an advantage of the already downtrodden.

There is also corruption in medicine. There has always been the move to render natural supplements illegal and make everything prescription only. Now they are trying to make CBD oil illegal and a prescription drug, where a pharmaceutical company would have full control, selling a synthetic version at a huge cost, over $37,000/year.

CBD, Cannabidiol is a popular natural remedy used for many common ailments—and is available as a natural supplement from hemp that reduces inflammation among other things.

I have friends in the US who use it, but it does sometimes show up in drug tests as a false positive for THC (it has a trace amount). However, if they are receiving benefits from the government, this would disqualify them, even from public housing.

We're actually finding natural substances that relieve pain and come near curing diseases, and so the money-hungry evil politicians are working overtime to make them illegal. Relief and cures for illness is becoming “illegal."

So, what is left for a poor man? Not much, drinking, taking expensive store-bought drugs and at least for Kentuckians, masturbation—and staying out of the chicken house.

Most people have no idea that they have been screwed by the government.  The average poor man may end up stealing what they can to buy illegal drugs and booze.

They don't care what the law is; they're going to break it regardless.

The law-abiding citizens, however, are especially at risk from these draconian new laws: many things they think are legal will become illegal.

With no freedoms "America" is no more!

The average person refuses to pay attention to their loss of freedoms. They're taught it's all a bunch of "conspiracy theories" and think people who have any concerns about laws that take away their freedoms are "nuts."

Like me!

Author: Jeffrey Silverman