Neo-Nazis Have Infiltrated American Army and Something Has to Be Done About It
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Neo-Nazis Have Infiltrated American Army and Something Has to Be Done About It


USA – March 19, 2019

Looking at what American soldiers do to the civilians in countries that have either been occupied by the U.S. or simply bombed into the Stone Age, one might come to the conclusion that the “Democracy bringers” act like real Nazis from WWII. And once you learn how many real neo-Nazis serve in the army today, you will understand that this isn’t even a strong figure of speech!

A recent scandal revealed that there are many Nazi sympathizers in the U.S. Army, though most of them prefer “alt-right,” perhaps because they reject the pure evil of the Nazis but yet can’t give up their supremacist ideas. And, of course, Nazism has been popular among U.S. soldiers for quite a while.

In this regard we can recall the story of an 18-year-old soldier (under the nickname VasillistheGreek), who was excited by his handiwork at the bloody rally in Charlottesville, Virginia back in 2017.

“Today cracked 3 skulls open with virtually no damage to myself,” he wrote on August 12, 2017, when the division in America became obvious during the clashes in Charlottesville. And white supremacists were mostly to blame..

Vasillios Pistolis, who had served in the Marine Corps, went to the now infamous Unite the Right rally looking for such violence. He was looking for it, and he eventually found it. As it was revealed later, Pistolis belonged to a white supremacist group known as Atomwaffen Division, which was a secretive neo-Nazi organization whose members say they are preparing for a coming race war in the U.S. And, if the race war doesn’t come to them, they’ll inflame it on their own, as they did in Charlottesville.

In online chats leading up to the rally, Pistolis had been encouraged to be vicious with any counter-protestors. Pistolis was commanded to do really nasty things, and maybe even sodomize someone with a knife. The young neo-Nazi responded to it by saying he was ready to kill someone if, quote, “shit goes down.

At the end of the violent weekend that shocked much of the country, Vasillios Pistolis returned to his everyday life serving in the Marine Corps.

However, let’s get back to Atomwaffen. Both the chat logs and the interviews with former members show that Atomwaffen has attracted a mixture of young men — fans of fringe heavy metal music, a private investigator, firearms aficionados — living in more than 20 states all over the U.S. And a number of its members are current or former members of the U.S. military. For example, three Atomwaffen members serve either in the Army or Navy. Three more neo-Nazis served in the armed forces in the past.

The name of one Atomwaffen member who served in the U.S. Army is known -- Joshua Beckett, who actually trained other members of the gang in firearms and hand-to-hand combat. Beckett served in the Army from 2011 to 2015 as a combat engineer – that is, the Army’s demolitions experts.

One more identified Atomwaffen member used the chats to talk about the combat he saw during the campaign in Afghanistan, and makes no attempt to hide controversial matters.

“I was in the infantry in the army in Afghanistan and did a lot of … shit,” the neo-Nazi wrote. He also pointed out the Army wanted him to become a chemical weapons specialist, but he chose to join the infantry and spent his time “blasting lead into sand niggers.” What a “great” soldier he probably was! And how many even “greater” soldiers than that are still serving in Afghanistan, bringing death to the civilians?

Another nationalistic organization popular among American soldiers is Identity Evropa. Just as with Atomwaffen, information about their activities came from leaked chat logs that eventually connected seven current members of the U.S. armed forces to the neo-Nazi gang.

Who are those “heroes?” There are two Marines, two Army ROTC cadets, an Army physician, a member of the Texas National Guard, and a member of the Air Force. All these people serve in the American Army and dream about a world of white domination. Identity Evropa has been listed numerous times both by the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center as an extremist group.

As was revealed during the investigation, Identity Evropa members (including those who served in the American Army) have used a special server on Discord for years -- a group chat app that is (for some reason) extremely popular not only among gamers, but also the alt-right.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Identity Evropa was founded by an ex-Marine. Just like Atomwaffen, Identity Evropa, recognizable by its blue-and-white dragon eye logo, was instrumental in organizing 2017’s Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville. The group is also widely known for the “promotion” of white European pride, the spread of racism, anti-Semitism, and is quite anti-immigrant by its nature. A year and a half ago the members of Identity Evropa marched through Charlottesville chanting, “You will not replace us!” One can only imagine what these guys are capable of regarding, since they know how to use weapons properly after military training.

Here are some excerpts from their leaked chats:

“Go play ni**erball if you aren’t tough enough for wrestling. God I hate basketball so much...”

“I wish the holocaust had been real. Not one kike was ever gassed...”

“I like Tennessee, because it’s conservative & Christian - implicitly white…”

Many more hate speech messages were also found there.

The first two questions are: How could all these “good guys” survive in such diverse and multicultural institution as the American Army? Did they hide their views and only express them within closed chats? And the third question derives from here: If they did hide their views, how many more neo-Nazi supporters are in the U.S. Army?

These are very difficult questions that the Pentagon needs to respond to.

Author: USA Really