Beto O’Rourke aka “Psychedelic Warlord”: Full Archive From a Deleted Website
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Beto O’Rourke aka “Psychedelic Warlord”: Full Archive From a Deleted Website


TEXAS – March 20, 2019

Robert Francis (Beto) O’Rourke, who launched his 2020 presidential campaign last Thursday, once belonged to the oldest group of computer hackers in U.S. history, Cult of the Dead Cow, as Reuters first reported. The hackers’ group, named after an abandoned Texas slaughterhouse, is notorious for releasing tools that allowed ordinary people to hack computers running Microsoft’s Windows.

Although some cDc essays gave programming and hacking instructions, in the late 1980s the group was more about writing than it was about breaking into computer systems. / PrtSc

In the list of Cult of the Dead Cow alumni we can find a member named “Psychedelic Warlord/Robert.” O’Rourke has confirmed being a part of the group.

“There’s just this profound value in being able to be apart from the system and look at it critically and have fun while you’re doing it,” O’Rourke said. “I think of the Cult of the Dead Cow as a great example of that.”

Writing under the now-exposed pseudonym “Psychedelic Warlord,” a teen-aged O’Rourke appears to be the author of a number of writings, including a poem titled “The Song of the Cow,” and an “Interview With Neo-Nazi” published in 1988 by cDc (Cult of the Dead Cow) communications. In those days, Robert used to wear a floral-pattern dress and a shoulder-length hairdo and facial hair.

USA Really has recovered all of O’Rourke’s pieces from the now-defunct Cult of the Dead Cow website at

A Feature on MONEY - Today's Monster

by Psychedelic Warlord

 >>> A CULT Publication.1987 <<<


 Money has been a part of your life since the day you were born.  It has been in everyone's life for thousands of years.  In fact, you have to go back to the ancient Chinese and Greeks to find the origins of money. Since it has been a part of your life for so long, you probably never thought about life without it. Well, here's your chance. Think, a free society with no high, middle, or low classification of it's people. Think, no more money related murders, suicides, divorces, or theft. Think, no more families living below a set poverty line or children starving to death because of a lack of money. You're probably telling yourself, "sure, this sounds great, but how would we ever accomplish this?" Well, in this short file, I will explain for you the virtues of a money-less society and the paths we must take to reach them.

 To achieve a money-less society (or have a society where money is heavily de-emphasized) a lot of things would have to change, including government as we know it. This is where the anti-money group and the disciples of Anarchy meet. Anarchists profess that under Anarchy (or limited Anarchy), free trade would be established, with no governing body to interfere. Free trade to me, means that we would no longer use a system of money, but I fear we will always have a system of government, one way or another, so we would have to use other means other than totally toppling the government (I don't think the masses would support such a radical move at this time).

We (as a people) would have to do it more or less non-violently, for if we use violence, we would never have the support of the masses of people that make up our society.  Some ways of doing this, would be to slowly take the United States off the world market, and then slowly phase out our own money markets (including Wall Street). This would slowly bring the upper and middle classes of people in America together.  By the time money is de-emphasized enough that it is used only for trading with foreign nations, almost all the classes of people in America would be (for all intended purposes) even.

 Of course this would be extremely hard to accomplish, and it will probably never happen in our lifetime, or in our far-off descendents life time unless we do something about it ourselves, while we still can. At least we could get the movement started and keep it going in future generations.

If you're interested in the idea of a money-free society, and would like to participate in active conversations on the subject, call:  The New Society / 915-532-3226 / New User Pass:JELLO

Remember, we are the next generation, and will soon rule the world.

(c)1987  cDc communications  by Psychedelic Warlord 12/0/87-31

All Rights Worth Shit - and duefully so.


a poem by Psychedelic Warlord

>>> A CULT Publication......1988 <<<



I need a butt-shine,

Right now

You are holy,

Oh, sacred Cow

I thirst for you,

Provide Milk.


Buff my balls,

Love the Cow,

Good fortune for those that do.

Love me, breathe my feet,

The Cow has risen.


Wax my ass,

Scrub my balls.

The Cow has risen,

Provide Milk.


Oh, Milky wonder, sing for us once more,

Live your life, everlusting joy.

Thrust your hooves up my analytic passage,

Enjoy my fruits


Provider of Cheese and other wonderful dairy products,

We will cleanse your inner intestines.

We will bathe in your Pungent Odor,

Gather cotton.


Count my eyes,

Smell my skin,

Love the Scarecrow and the Milkman.

I live only for eternity,

Thirst for the undrinkable.

Hold the heat,

Praise the dough boy at the pizza shop.

Love the Oxen dung!


 (c)1988 cDc communications  by Psychedelic Warlord  5/5/88-50

 All Rights Worth Shit


by Psychedelic Warlord

>>> A CULT Publication.1988 <<<


The following material is a taped conversation with a Neo-Nazi we encountered preaching in a park downtown.  The interview was conducted by Apache Dreamsac (Apache Dreamsac is Arlo Klahr and myself).  The interview begins a little broken because of some taping difficulties. The interviewers will be called "AD" and Mr. Auderau will be called "NN".

AD: What did you say about Oral Roberts?

NN: We're with him. We're with him.  My wife and I, we're full time ministers down there. We believe in uh... well, we're racists. We believe that Hispanics and whites are God's superior race.

AD: What religion are you?

NN: Well, ok. We're Neo-Nazis. We're from Idaho.  We believe in the superior doctrine of the Anglo-Saxon and Hispanic race.

AD: You're against Negroes?

NN: No, we're not against those.  We just believe that they're here for a reason. Everybody's here for a reason.

AD: What's the reason for the Negroes?

NN: I believe that God can save them.

AD: You mean turn their skin a different color?

NN: God created everything different.  God created you different; you're white! You're Anglo and (then pointing to Arlo) he's Hispanic.

AD (Arlo): I'm from Canada.

NN: What part of Canada?

AD: I was born in Toronto. I lived in Nova Scotia.

NN: REALLY?!?! You know where Niagara Falls is at?

AD: Yeah...  That's a nice place.

NN: But anyhow we're not against that (blacks).  See that's what the whole media has messed around.  They said that the Nazis are racist, and that they are hate mongers. We're not. We're not! We love the world. We believe in the... You've heard of World Wide Church of God?

AD: Yeah

NN: There ya go.

AD: Do you follow Hitler?

NN: No.  No! We follow Christ! Hitler was a man that was used during that particular time. My grandparents were under his regime.  He had some good ideas, but he was not perfect.

AD: Do you think it was wrong that he (Hitler) committed genocide and killed six-million Jews?

NN: He didn't.  Now (speaking to Arlo) you're from Canada, it's against your country to publicize anything that stands towards genocide. You've probably read that book up there called "Six Million Jews"?

AD: No.

NN: Well, ok.  You're not old enough to read it. Ok. Hitler did not kill six-million Jews. There were millions that were killed but they were not all Jews. We do not believe that Hitler was even the cause of that. We believe that what it was... it was a conspiracy. You see, within his regime... and the first person it fell on was Hitler because he was different. I believe that Hitler was a good man.

AD: Really?

NN: I believe he had a lot of things that were imperfect.... Well, are you perfect?

AD: No sir.

NN: Can you tell me why you believe this?  Did God tell you this?  The Lord gave me a clear conscience over the whole thing.  Have you ever heard of Oral Roberts... no... Jimmy Swaggart... no not Jimmy Swaggart... he's outta Ohio... but this is what he said, "Who are we to tell who will be in Heaven."  He said, "people we don't even imagine being there."  Lemme ask you a question, what is the possibility of somebody confessing and making himself right (he snaps) for God 'fore he dies?

AD: Uhhh..

NN: Great possibility. I believe if he enters in to God's kingdom, then everything was clear at the end. Lemme give you an example, you want a     good Bible example?

AD: Yeah.

NN: You remember Saul?

AD: Yeah, I think I remember him.

NN: Ohhhhhh K....  What did God tell him to do? To kill off all the what?

AD: Uhhh..

NN: Amerlites.(??) Remember that? And what did he do?  He failed to what? To do it!

AD: So God uhh... He became like a disciple or something, right?

NN: No, no, no... That was Sa... no, Paul. Ok. Saul the King. Remember, God told Saul to kill off all the Amerkites. And he didn't?!  And what happened?

AD: I uh....

NN: God stripped him of his power!  You remember that?  Ok, there ya go!  If God told Saul to do that, then what prevents God from telling Hitler to do that?

AD: I understand (in disbelief)...

NN: You get that? You gotta be careful! You got some meetings coming to your school.

AD: Yeah?

NN: We're fighting a Supreme Court battle right now here in Texas.  We're gonna be holding some meetings. In fact, we're members of The Klan.

AD: (pointing to Arlo) He's Jewish. Do you think he can be saved?

NN: Oh yeah!  I'm Jewish!

AD: You are?

NN: Oh yeah!  Sure am!  Ok, you heard the name "Schwartz"?  What nationality is that?

AD: Jewish.

NN: That's right!  Ok, that's not my name, that's my mother's name.

AD: Ok. What's your name?

NN: A-U-S-D-E-R-A-U.  That's German now.  I'm Jewish! I believe in keeping Saturday holy.... Oh! oh oh oh oh... I believe in keeping the peace in God (some more Oh! oh oh oh oh)....  Huh?  Feast of Passover... I have a     lot of good Jewish friends too.  Jews are blind, spiritually now....

AD: Why do you say that?

NN: It's good, too.  The reason why is 'cause they cannot accept Jesus as the messiah, they believe that the messiah will come back. HE WILL COME BACK!  AGAIN! This time the shades will come off your eyes. And you'll say, "Hey man! Where've you been all this time?"  He will come back to receive his people... Jews... the House of Judah.

AD: I think Hitler did order the...

NN: No he didn't.  No he didn't!  Ok... you want an address- (he then proceeded to give us the address for his church.  The address is located at the bottom of the file).  A lot of Jews come to our congregation.  We keep the feasts and everything.

AD: Do you think Hitler was some kind of puppet?

NN: I think Hitler was a good leader, and I think a lot of people misunderstood him. Like a lot of people misunderstood the Jews. I know a lot of Nazis that don't like Jews, because they're misunderstood. I believe that Germans and Jews are the most misunderstood people in the world today.  Jews misunderstand the TRUE Nazism, which Hitler was of the TRUE Aryan people.(??)  In fact, if you go back in history you'll find out that Hitler was Jewish.  Oh YEAH!  He sure was.  Your Rabbi doesn't teach you that does he?

AD (Arlo): I'm like a non-practicing Jew....  I had my Bar-mitzvah but...

NN: Yeah, yeah... But you need to check out the New Testament.  Need to check out history because Hitler WAS Jewish.  He was Jewish by race and Catholic by religion.(?)

AD: You don't think Hitler was mentally insane? You know all the stories...

NN: Uhhh... Stories... Ok, I could walk around and tell people that you're criminally insane, but that don't make it so.

AD: Ok. Thanks. Bye.

 This man was a great speaker, rivaling even the popular T.V. evangelists in his manner. Of course, most people of this sort are often dismissed as crazy, or just unbelievable.  But we weren't really interested in his stories of Hitler or his nationality, we were trying to see what made him think the horrible things that he did.  If you'd like to get the full interview (on tape) please send $3.00 to cover costs to:

Apache Dreamsac

714 E.  University

El Paso, TX  79902

 We do not support Neo-Nazism in any way; however, we also do not believe in censorship.  Therefore, for the Aryan bible and more information on the Church of Jesus Christ, write to:

Aryan Nation

Church of Jesus Christ

Box 5308

El Paso, TX  79953

Feel free to write a friendly message, or send them a 'special' package.

Surely they'd appreciate some 'fan' mail....

(c) 1988 Apache Dreamsac


 (c)1988 cDc communications  by Psychedelic Warlord                  7/2/88-59

Visions From The Last Crusade

by Psychedelic Warlord

>>> A CULT Publication...1988 <<<


The catacombs of my head produce the most wonderful dreams and visions. I feel that I am one with my intellect and my soul.  It was during these dreams and visions that I concocted a notion.  It started as something small at first, but after every dream it grew stronger, until the urge had become too great.  No longer could this strong desire in my mind be suppressed. Recognizing this fact, my one and only goal in life became the termination of everything that was free and loving. Only I could realize the true value of loving and expression. Only in my dreams.

 This feeling pervaded everything in my life, yet the first few months after realizing my goal, I had done nothing. Then one day, as I was driving home from work, I noticed two children crossing the street.  They were happy, happy to be free from their troubles. I knew, however, that this happiness and sense of freedom were much too overwhelming for them.

This happiness was mine by right. I had earned it in my dreams. As I neared the young ones, I put all my weight on my right foot, keeping the accelerator pedal on the floor until I heard the crashing of the two children on the hood, and then the sharp cry of pain from one of the two. I was so fascinated for a moment, that when after I had stopped my vehicle, I just sat in a daze, sweet visions filling my head. My dream was abruptly ended when I heard a loud banging on the front window. It was an old man, who was using his cane to awaken me. He might have been a witness to my act of love. I was not sure, nor did I care. It was simply ecstasy. As I drove home, I envisioned myself committing more of these "acts of love", and after a while, I had no trouble carrying them out.

The more people I killed, the longer my dreams were. I soon quit my job, and stayed at my house in an almost comatose state. My dreams grew longer and more vivid. They kept me alive and proved to be the only thing to live for. I had killed nearly 38 people by the time of my twenty-third birthday, and each one was more fulfilling than the last.

I was never really surprised at how I evaded the police. My dreams had taken over my life, and they guided me through the right path, and I never had need for fear of police. Or anything, for that matter.


 (c)opy-write 1988  cDc communications  by Psychedelic Warlord       8/28/88-73

 All Rights, Of Course, Are Shit In Their Worth

The True Story of Cult of the Dead Cow

as told by Psychedelic Warlord

>>> A CULT Publication......1988 <<<


The True Story

Well, it was about 11:30pm on cold night in April of '85. I had just finished talking to Franken Gibe. I still kinda remember how it all went about....

FG "Hey Psyche!  I just had the greatest idea for a new organization!"

PW "Really?  What are you planning on calling it?"

FG "Oh... I was thinking of something along the lines of 'CCC'"

PW "Which stands for..."

FG "Comatose Cow Club... and I'm gonna write this book.  But it'll be more like a bible for this CCC group.  I think I'm gonna call it "Cow's Book". Pretty catchy, eh?"

PW "Yeah... hey, why don't you call it Cult of the Dead Cow? I dunno... I just think cDc is more catchy.  And then when you guys get famous, you can print dead cow t-shirts and place an ad in Maximum RocknRoll!!"

FG "Ahhhh Psyche... you are such a dreamer!  And anyhow, "Cult of the Dead Cow" Ha! Who would want to join a group like that?  Oh well... talk to ya later."

PW "Bye... but consider it, ok?"

Well, about a week later, Gibe called me up again and read me "Cow's Book" (which he now thought would sound better as "Book of Cow").

FG "Well, whaddya think of Cow's Book... er... Book of Cow I mean... ?"

PW "Well... you could liven it up... you know, maybe use Olde English. Use words like "thou", "hath", "thy", etc....  And maybe have a Roach at the beginning instead of a pig."

FG "Yeah... I'll think about it.  Oh yeah!  I talked it over with Swamp Guy, and he said CDC is a cool name. I guess we'll change it to that.  And in the Book of Cow, I'll revise it so the cow actually dies instead of just going in to a coma."

PW "Great! Also, don't you think Swamp Guy should change his name? You know, something more catchy... like Swamp Rat or something."

FG "I'll talk to him about it. Anyhow, thanks for the idea. Wow. Me, Swamp Guy, and you... all founders of CC... er... I mean CDC.... Kinda neat."

PW "Nah... look, I'll keep undercover for about 3 years, and then I'll join.... I don't wanna get all the credit. Besides, you guys did most... well, a lot of the work.... See ya 'round...."

FG "G'bye buddy....  See ya in a few years...."

So that's the story of cDc.  Sure, now I'm back in it, and write an occasional (VERY occasional) t-file that is put out by cDc, and my board is cDc sponsored.... But it's sometimes so hard to swallow my pride and watch as Swamp Rat ( <-- like the name!) and Franken Gibe control and reap the rewards of an organization I practically started on my own.



I'd like to thank Franken Gibe and Swamp Guy (ha) for letting me write this, and being great sports about it....

 -Psychedelic Warlord


Behavior Modification.....806/793-9462  The Dead Zone.............214/522-5321

Demon Roach Underground...806/794-4362  Dragonfire Private........609/424-2606

Question Authority........715/341-6516  TacoLand II...............517/337-7319

Tequila Willy's...........209/526-3194  The Metal AE..............201/879-6668


 (c)1988  cDc communications  by Psychedelic Warlord                10/10/88-79

 All Rights Worth... eh... you know the line....

Ultra Trendies

by Psychedelic Warlord

>>> a cDc publication.......1989 <<<


Trendy Death: The Next Generation..

I've discovered something sickening and vile.  I've discovered a new creature: THE ULTRA TRENDY.

 I'm sure you remember the old trendies: "Yeah... I'm socially conscious...I listen to U2 and INXS.  Yeah... that's me...."  You remember their shallow lives, their social ladders, and the hollowness.  Well friends, that was just the beginning.  The new trendy, the ULTRA TRENDY, has invaded the ranks of the TRUE alternative scene, and it's a cancer that might cause the death of each and every scene across the nation.

These new trendies can actually be found at the shows that you attend every so often. In fact, at your average punk/alternative show, the MAJORITY will be ultra trendies. Although an in-depth essay on these infiltrating trendies would probably be more beneficial and help you, I will, as I did in my last trendy file, just give you pointers in spotting them, and maybe some help in killing them. I know you don't wanna sit through 20, 10-line paragraphs describing this vile species.

xXx ULTRA TRENDIES know nothing about the alternative scene they profess to care about so much. One can often hear them state something along the lines of, "Yeah, I went drinking with Minor Threat last night. Their lead singer has the COOLEST mohawk."

xXx ULTRA TRENDIES over play the "punk" lifestyle. They can recite everything Gary Oldman said in "Sid and Nancy".

xXx ULTRA TRENDIES are usually the 'scene sluts' that many of the menfolk admire so. They show up, get drunk with the band, and tell the lead singer, "I really like your music. I think it's a lot like the Sex Pistols.  Sooo... you wanna fuck?"

xXx The only band these ULTRA TRENDIES have ever listened to, has been the Sex Pistols. Sid Vicious is a fucking GOD to these people.

xXx ULTRA TRENDIES drive up to the shows in their mom's new sports car, and brag that they got "kicked out of the house." They then go on to add, "My mom is SUCH a bitch. I'm gonna fucking kill her."

xXx ULTRA TRENDY females hook-up with violent boyfriends because, (yeah... you guessed it) "He's so much like Sid Vicious!"

xXx If an ULTRA TRENDY is not dating a violent member of some "1977, Sex Pistols stuff kinda band..." then she is thrown out of the ULTRA TRENDY caste system, and must then go fake her way into the glam-rock circuit.

xXx According to ULTRA TRENDIES, you must "skate or die," and if, "you don't skate, you're not punk!"

xXx ULTRA TRENDY male: big black X's on his hands and he is snorting coke like Sid Vicious did.

xXx ULTRA TRENDY: "Well... the reason I don't go in the pit, is... well...see, I uh... broke my leg... yeah, I broke my leg... and I'm not wearing a cast because... uh... because... because I'm tough!  Yeah... I'm tough... I don't need a cast....  By the way, did you get the new Sex Pistols bootleg?"

xXx Engage a suspected ULTRA TRENDY in conversation, and ask him or her what they think of Government Issue, and if he/she says, "I think they sound a lot like the Sex Pistols," you know that you got a live one on your hands.

xXx You can spot an ULTRA TRENDY by the large 'A' (for ANARCHY, a concept they know nothing about) on his or her shoes.

xXx ULTRA TRENDIES hang around in packs.  If you see a bunch of people with shiny, leather jackets talking about how they'd like to be anti-christs and anarchists, you've hit a ULTRA TRENDY territory.

xXx On very rare occasions (due to low mentality and creativity), ULTRA TRENDIES will put together a band. It'll usually be called something like 'The Anarchists', or, if a total lack of creativity comes on, they will name themselves 'The Sex Pistols.'

Well, now you've got your ULTRA TRENDY identified, so whaddya gonna do?

xXx Tell the ULTRA TRENDY that Sid Vicious is dead.

xXx Tell the Nazi Skins in your area that this certain ULTRA TRENDY has AIDS.

xXx Tell 'em that the new 'punk' thing to do is to play in the middle of the freeway.

xXx Tell him/her that the Sex Pistols broke up 10 years ago.

xXx To kill an ULTRA TRENDY female, show her a picture of what she'd look like without make-up.

xXx Tell him or her that they're completely ugly.

xXx Tell the ULTRA TRENDY that the new trend is to butt-fuck skinheads.

xXx Tell the ULTRA TRENDY that punk went out of fashion 10 years ago.

xXx Play Youth Brigade at 50 decibels

* Be wary of anyone that suddenly appears at shows with SeX pIStOLs t-shirts on, and screams, "Long live Sid!"


I look into the steely blue ocean

I see my reflection.

As I look closer I notice something.

I look almost transparent.

As if I wasn't there.

Like I wasn't an individual anymore.

-Mike Stevens


The Convent..........619/475-6187 The Dead Zone.........214/522-5321

Demon Roach Undrgrnd.806/794-4362  Greenpeace's IGB......916/673-8412

PURE # soon  Ripco.................312/528-5020

Tequila Willy's GSC..209/526-3194  The Works.............617/861-8976


(c)1989 cDc communications by Psychedelic Warlord.  2/6-09/30/89-#121 All Rights Pissed Away.

My Day With The Dentist

by Psychedelic Warlord

 >>> a cDc publication.......1990 <<<


My appointment was set for 2:30 at Mr. Wilbanks' general dentistry office.

I walked in the door at about 2:13 and after signing in, I sat down to read a magazine (by the way, I tore out all the subscription cards). I was called in a little early because the place was practically empty, and there were no other people waiting.



"Dr. Wilbanks will now see you."

I've been going to Dr. Wilbanks since I was a little kid.  He always asks me the same questions, and I give him the same godamn answers every time.

"Hello, Robert.  How's the family?"

"Ohh... fine, I guess."

"Still playing soccer?"

"No.  I quit playing soccer about 7 years ago.  Remember?"

"Yes, yes.  Robert, you're one of my favorite patients.  I've always been nice to you, haven't I?"


"So you know that I'm not TRYING to hurt you?" he asks, as he pulls out a shot that's about as big as Minnesota.


"Ok then.  Nurse, blah blah blah blah."

"Yes, Dr. Willbanks"

The nurse proceeds to put some kind of gel on my gums (I guess to numb them so I won’t feel the shot he's about to give me). After it's been set for a while and I can barely feel the right side of my mouth; he pulls out the shot that looks to be the size of Minnesota.

"Ok.  This will only hurt a second. You know, Robert, you've always been one of my favorite patients. I won't try to hurt you one bit."

 I kind of grunt for an answer, because by now I have about 20 tools in my mouth and I can see that he's about to ram that shot of his down my throat.

"Ok.  This won't hurt a bit..."

"Owwwwwwwwww! Jesus Christ!!!!!"

"See?  That's just fine. So what position do you play on your soccer team?"

** Warning, this next part is kind of gross, you may want to abort **

By now I'm drooling all over the place, because their godamn saliva-sucker-upper isn't working too well; and I can't feel the right side of my face at all.

Of course, I can't talk because the right side of my face is silly putty and he now has about thirty tools in my mouth.  So, of course, he begins to ask me some more questions.

"Do you ride bicycles at all, Robert?"

"Ewww... yohhh"

"Nurse, hand me that hammer and chisel.  Thank you.  All right, Robert.

This won't hurt a bit."  Clank, clank, clank... woosh... "Oops.  Sorry about that, Robert."

It seems he was hammering away and he slipped (he's an older gentleman), so now I'm missing half of my lower lip.

"I'm sorry about that Robert. You know I didn't mean to do that.  We'll have you fixed up in a jiffy."

A jiffy? Jiffy? Holy Jehova on a rusty nail!  Well... after that it wasn't so bad. He got in a few more, "So how do you like soccer?" type questions, but I just drooled on him.



|The Convent..........619/475-6187  The Dead Zone.........214/522-5321

Demon Roach Undrgrnd.806/794-4362  The People Farm.......916/673-8412

PURE # soon Ripco.................312/528-5020

Tequila Willy's GSC.209/526-3194  The Works.............617/861-8976


(c)1990 cDc communications by Psychedelic Warlord. 1988-04/03/90-#130

All Rights Pissed Away.

Texas congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee said that O'Rourke would be a formidable candidate for president in 2020, USA Really wrote in December.

“I think Democrats have the best feel of candidates that we've ever had and Beto may choose to be one of those candidates and I think that he will make a strong mark. He did a stupendous job as the Democratic candidate for the Senate in Texas. Beto is an assured confident and very tactical smart leader,” said Lee in her interview to OANN.

Author: USA Really