Alexander Malkevich Steps Down as Head of USA Really
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Alexander Malkevich Steps Down as Head of USA Really


USA REALLY – March 20, 2019

Journalist Alexander Malkevich has stepped down from his post as head of USA Really, having decided to focus more on his social activities in Russia.

Malkevich was the head of our site since May 2018, and under his wise leadership we became one of the most interesting and moderate web projects writing about real American life, as well as those issues that millions of Americans have always thought about but were afraid of speaking about due to the atmosphere of severe censorship coming from Washington.

The editorial office praises Malkevich for his professionalism and commitment to the values of the freedom of speech and self-expression and continues its work as usual in order to present Americans with the hottest news topics that are muted by the mainstream media.  

Author: USA Really