Call Them the American Nightmare, Call Them the American Dream: Who Is Spoiling American Society?
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Call Them the American Nightmare, Call Them the American Dream: Who Is Spoiling American Society?


USA – March 20, 2019

A number of organizations in the U.S. supported by the crooked liberals, Deep State servants, Democrats, George Soros fans, and other “decent” people, are working hard to spoil American society. The ideas spread by these groups are both harmful and inhumane, so, know your enemy and don’t believe in the nonsense they try to catch you with.

1. Lesbian Sex Mafia (LSM)            

The name makes everything pretty clear here, but let’s say a little about this organization. The LSM was founded in 1981 as an “informative support group in New York City for lesbian, bisexual, heterosexual, and transsexual women”--aka it was founded to brainwash young men and women with perverted ideas about “new identities” and indecent sexual behavior.  

Indeed, they don’t even hide that the group strives "to organize for [women's] sexual desire as strongly as we have tried to organize for our sexual defense" by promoting uninhibited sexual expression through fantasy role playing, bondage, discipline, sadomasochism, fetishes, costumes, and alternate gender identities.

As stated in their manifesto, the group strongly upholds the principles of confidentiality, safety, consent, and a woman's right to explore her sexuality as she chooses. Of course the group is not affiliated with the real mafia, but the name was deliberately chosen "in the same spirit of humor as the Ladies Sewing Circle and Terrorism Society." And, indeed, what they have been doing to American society looks like the work of an enemy.  

The LSM was founded by Dorothy Allison and Jo Arnone and made a name for itself as an early advocate of sex-positive feminism. “The principles of confidentiality” must not be taken too seriously if we can’t simply Google the names of the founders.

The LSM is also notorious for other activities. For example, the LSM was responsible for organizing a radical "Speakout on Politically Incorrect Sex" rally at the 1982 Barnard Conference on Sexuality in the midst of the so-called “feminist sex wars.” Members of the group also gain access to events held by associated BDSM groups, and receive discounts at local sex toy shops and other related businesses.

2. American Association of University Women (AAUW)

If you think only weak minds can fall for the propaganda of perversion, you’re completely wrong: Many organizations work to engage well-educated women so they’ll give up thinking about having kids and families and turn to the dark side. The AAUW is one of the oldest organizations of its kind, officially founded in 1881. It is a non-profit organization that advances equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, and research. Today the organization has a nationwide network of 170,000 members and supporters, more than 1,000 local branches, and up to 800 college and university partners. Its headquarters are in Washington, D.C. The CEO is Kim Churches.

Thus, we can call AAUW one of the world's largest sources of funding exclusively for women who have graduated from college. And, of course, this “funding” is ideologically motivated. Every year, AAUW provides $3.5 to $4 million in fellowships, grants, and awards for women and community action projects that are harmful for the conservative values of society. The foundation also funds pioneering research on women, girls, and education, and it’s obvious enough what kind of a research it is.

Moreover, the AAUW Legal Advocacy Fund (LAF) is the largest legal fund focused solely on sex discrimination against women in higher education in the U.S. Don’t like your boss? Don’t like your boyfriend anymore? Tired of men in general? Go get some funding from the AAUW blaming men for everything wrong in your life! It doesn’t take a genius to understand why the program provides funds and a support system for women seeking judicial redress for sex discrimination in higher education.

3. Women's International Terrorist Conspiracy from Hell (WITCH)

Women's International Terrorist Conspiracy from Hell was the name of several related but independent feminist groups active in the United States as part of the women's liberation movement during the late 1960s. Some of them still exist and are still influential. Their members grew up and occupy key social positions propagating their ultra-liberal ideas and spoiling society.

WITCH also sometimes stood for “Women Inspired to Tell their Collective History,” "Women Interested in Toppling Consumer Holidays,” and many other versions.

What have the “witches” been doing? They opposed the idea advocated by radical feminists that feminist women should campaign against "patriarchy" alone. Instead, WITCH argued that feminists should ally with a range of left-wing causes to bring about wider social change in the United States. Thus, they opposed the opposition by creating a radical organization to protect their crooked ideas. This is what postmodern looks like. Various scholars have suggested that in embracing the symbolism of the witch, the group was the forerunner of various forms of feminist-oriented modern Paganism such as Dianic Wicca.

The modern-day “coven” was reestablished by three women in Chicago in 2015. Their first event took place shortly after, in November 2015. Later events targeted the lack of affordable housing, abortion rights, and the Trump administration's alleged condoning of racism and sexism. Two years ago, the Chicago Coven group of 2015-2017 intentionally pulled themselves out of the public's eye to make space for the creation of an anonymous WITCH chapter in Chicago. They still promote the continuation of the practice of performing rituals to fight against “inequality” in all of its form.

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