LGBT Organizations Have Weaved a Web Over the U.S., and Here’s the Biggest Rainbow Spider You Should Be Afraid Of
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LGBT Organizations Have Weaved a Web Over the U.S., and Here’s the Biggest Rainbow Spider You Should Be Afraid Of


USA – March 21, 2019

After the Overton window was broken by perverts in the middle of the 1980’s, there appeared a number of organizations that consolidated their “success” by implementing educational and granting programs for their brainwashed adepts, taking direct actions and engaging new members into their groups. Some of them are still influential nowadays, and here is what the web they have weaved looks like. Today we are starting a series about influential groups of this nature, and spider number one is…

The Civil Rights Agenda

One might think (and would be right to the well-known extent) that the defense of civil rights is always a good thing. Yet, what we should also understand is that at times it becomes simply a substitution of concepts and what was meant to be the support of the civil rights movement turns out to be an aggressive and authoritarian liberal organization that targets white men, insisting they “check their privileges.” And this is basically what the Civil Rights Agenda group is all about: It has weaved its web over American society with the substitution of concepts, false statements, and perversion propaganda.

The Civil Rights Agenda is kind of a novice in the game, as it was founded not so long ago compared to some other notorious LGBT organizations. It emerged in June 2010, founded by attorney Jacob Meister, who has been serving as the organization's Governing Board President since that time.

Interesting details of his biography include that he is a lawyer based in Chicago and also  a former Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate in Illinois. Thus, the Civil Rights Agenda is not only LGBT-friendly, but also Democratic Party-friendly (which is usually the same, anyways). Meister has practiced law in Chicago for nearly 20 years, litigating cases involving interstate commerce, telecommunications, discrimination, and civil rights. Being lobbied by his LGBT friends, and prior to his legal career he worked in both federal and state government.

What is even more intriguing is that Meister ran as the first openly gay candidate for the U.S. Senate, seeking the seat vacated in 2008 by President Barack Obama.

The organization started spoiling “the agenda” less than a year after it was founded. In April 2011, the Civil Rights Agenda did their best to mobilize opponents to Illinois Senate bill SB 1123 which, if passed, would allow religious agencies to circumvent anti-discrimination laws by rejecting openly gay prospective parents while accepting public funding for adoption and foster care services. Of course, from the point of view of LGBT people, children shouldn’t be allowed to practice religion--preaching and celebrating perversion is their main value.

Kids are the future of the nation and one who controls youth politics pretty much controls the electoral preferences of the next generation, which is also very useful for the Democrats who support this crooked group. Thus, in April 2011, many local organizations of the same nature, including the Civil Rights Agenda, joined in voicing opposition to the bill, which was ultimately defeated.

A year after this action, in August 2012, the group filed several complaints to the Illinois Department of Human Rights alleging that Chick-fil-A's "intolerant corporate culture," referring to the founder’s stance against same-sex marriage, violated Illinois law as well as a provision of Illinois' Human Rights Act. It’s impossible to express your opinion in modern-day America without “having offended” somebody, and the Civil Rights Agenda was happy to play this role, becoming a symbol of “suppressed sexual minorities” not only in Chicago, but throughout the country.

Jacob Meister said at the time: "In our current high speed media and social media environment, Chick-fil-A has announced and caused to be published, to hundreds of millions of people, that LGBT people are unacceptable and objectionable." And there was nobody who would point out that Mr. Meister forgot what the First Amendment stood for. Paraphrasing that, we can say: “LGBT people gather in influential groups and want the media and social media to be controlled by their supporters, and those who don’t like it are portrayed unacceptable and objectionable.” Sounds fair, right?

However, a month later they announced that Chick-fil-A has "ceased donating to organizations that promote discrimination, specifically against LGBT civil rights," those this wasn’t confirmed by the company itself. Nonetheless, Chick-fil-A had to apologize, as if they had criticized the leader of some totalitarian state.

Two other projects under the aegis of the Civil Rights Agenda are the so-called Faith Project and Families United. And here again, the substitution of concepts is the name of the game, as the Faith Project is aimed at distracting people from church (it’s claimed that, “the project brings together people of faith to effect justice for the LGBTQ community”), and Families United only deals with same-sex families. As has been stated by representatives of the group, “The Families United Project seeks equality for every family in Illinois via political advocacy, social media, and by building community. It pursues this goal by exploring Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer families throughout the state.”

So, beware: They are enemies of conservative values and common Christian families and their children.

Author: USA Really