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American Universities and Fake News Media Are Destroying Our Minds and Eating Our Souls
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American Universities and Fake News Media Are Destroying Our Minds and Eating Our Souls


USA Really. Weekly podcast. You know this is the place to be! We’re breaking your face with all kinds of articles this week, so I hope you’re ready for that broken face. There’s something for everyone here, so you’re sure to find something to tickle your fancy.

Our first article for March 18 was “Lenten Repentance and Seeing Your True Self: From Male to Female to Non-Binary and Back Again” by Jesse Dominick. Orthodox Lent is well underway—a time of fasting, and more importantly—of repentance. We have to see our true selves so that we can give our imperfections over to God for Him to purify. Connected with this is the story of Jamie Shupe, who was America’s first officially non-binary gendered person. He’s a man, then lived as a woman, then non-binary, and now back to being a man, having realized his grave mistake. He’s beginning to see his true self—now it’s your turn.

Then we had a piece on the US, Iran, and Iraq and human rights, followed by one about “Human Rights Watch’s Big Lie.” Human Rights Watch is officially non-governmental, sure, but what’s the real story here? Does the US come under the same scrutiny that it likes to look at other countries with? Hmmmm.

Oh, and military spending may throw us into bankruptcy, so that’s fun, and a pipe bomber is getting years in the slammer, so kudos there.

We also started our series “New York Times Lies Right to Our Faces, or More on Current Propaganda” this day, which follows in our recent trend of exposing the BS at various major outlets. Of course, fake news is almost certain to be focused on Trump, and it apparently took a whole team from the NYT to throw together their latest pile of crap.

March 19 got rolling along with “The Brilliant Rage of an Arkansas Lawmaker, Stephanie Flowers” by Luis Lazaro Tijerina. This concerns a black Democratic senator who showed her rage against all those people who actually want to own guns and carry them in residential areas where African Americans and Latinos live to protect themselves. Of course, to the Left this seems like a recipe for genocide. Check out this piece to get the full scoop on the nutjobbery.

And “Why Are Conservative Bloggers Being Deprived of Right to Speak Freely on Social Platforms?”—our piece has the answer for you. And remember how the military budget is making us go broke? Well the Pentagon wants $300 million to weaponize outer space. That doesn’t sound like a huge waste of money or anything… That’s followed by another piece on the military budget and China, then one on financial bubbles.

Then we had the next part in our expose on the fake news coming from the New York Times, this time focused on brainwashing. Aaaand Elon Musk is still tanking, and Americans are drowning in student debt.

And we closed out that day with the piece: “Neo-Nazis Have Infiltrated American Army and Something Has to Be Done About It.” Looking at what American soldiers do to the civilians in countries that have either been occupied by the U.S. or simply bombed into the Stone Age, one might come to the conclusion that the “Democracy bringers” act like real Nazis from WWII. And once you learn how many real neo-Nazis serve in the army today, you will understand that this isn’t even a strong figure of speech!

We started off March 20 with an opinion piece from Jeffrey Silverman with a beautiful title: “ACLU Opposes Proposed Legislation & Curbing Free Speech BUT “No Sex with Animals.” The ACLU is boycotting various bills through which the states and the US government are trying to curtail Americans most fundamental right – the right to free speech.  This should come as no surprise to readers of USA Really, as we have touched upon various anti-boycott Israel bills in recent articles.

And presidential hopeful Beto O’Rourke apparently used to write for some early hacking group. All his weird writings are posted here. And Oregon just gets crazier and crazier—Portland teachers now have to basically help illegals evade ICE agents. And if you want more insanity—Georgia Democrats are now pushing a law whereby men would have to report to the police anytime they ejaculate—it’s supposedly to highlight the problem with anti-abortion laws. It’s as stupid as it sounds.

Then we launched another series, this time on fake news coming out of CNN. This one takes a look at how the media likes to distort all the data to make it seem like white people are more violent and that they commit more crimes against minorities, when that simply isn’t true. Race is the Left’s major obsession today, so this piece is especially relevant.

And a piece on USA Really news – Alexander Malkevich has stepped down as our boss. It’s been great working with him!

And Washington is just a tiny area, right? Although it’s the head of the country, it doesn’t necessarily think the same way the rest of the country does, and this piece has a breakdown on that difference for you. We live in an era of change when the old world order is falling apart and the contours of the new order have not yet been clearly defined. Meanwhile, our worldview was formed in the heyday of the “old world,” and for those politicians who make decisions it was formed in the era of the Cold War. Therefore, they think in these categories. 

Our next piece has everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the Lesbian Sex Mafia. Yeah, that should be enough to hook you! And we closed out the day with part 2 of our series on the fakes news being peddled by CNN. This one deals with distorted statistics, including the weirdness of including Latinos in with white people. Of course, that makes it seem like white people are more violent and criminal….

March 21 started off with a piece from Luis Lazaro Tijerina: “NCAA March Madness and Its Social Implications.” It seems like a real chipper piece. Tijerina writes: “There is even with all the continuous corruption scandals that have dogged the sport on the American college and university campus an opium of gratification that for a while diminishes in one’s life the continuous unsettled, political scores and acts of violence that is America.”

That was followed by an opinion piece from Jean Augusto Carvalho: “The U.S. and the Current Brazilian Diplomacy.” He writes: “The existence of several poles of power seems an irreversible reality, but something equally unacceptable for the United States, though. The current interference in the Americas and the subservience of Brazilian politics are but a few of the symptoms shown by a cranky giant patient that refuses to die—and wants, above all, to postpone its death.”

And we launched another series of long articles calling out corruption in America, this time focusing on corruptive universities making us dumb. The scandal with superstars bribing their kids’ ways into college is just the tip of the iceberg… Don’t forget that fun student debt.

And here’s something that sucks: In just a few years, us Americans will need a visa to travel to Europe. That’s weak, yo. And the US Army just may be guilty of war crimes in Somalia, but, surprise surprise, there’s a lot of secrecy surrounding it all. What’s the truth?

And more on fake news: America is praising other countries for combating the problem and is asking for new regulations here too. Aaaaand LGBT organizations have weaved a web over the US, and the civil rights agenda is the biggest rainbow spider threat. And we closed out the day with another part in the series on “Low-Quality CNN News Blunders.” This one gets going with stupid Don Lemon and his stupid remarks about automatic weapons from a few years ago.

And March 22 got going with an opinion piece from Seraphim Hanisch: “New Zealand Weapons Ban Likely Red Meat for American Anti-Gun Lobby.” Reuters reported on Thursday, March 21 that the Prime Minister of New Zealand enacted a sweeping change, banning weapons of the type that were used in the massacre of at least fifty Muslims, who were gunned down on livestream while in Friday prayer services in Christchurch last week. But the logic of this emotional reaction is nil. And what is worse is that the American Left knows this, but does not care. The movers and shakers of liberalism will likely milk the actions of sincerely horrified New Zealanders for all they are worth to try at affecting change in American constitutional rights.

Then we had a piece on the corruption of the lobbyist system and how it affects the system of checks and balances, followed by one on Trump as the “Savior of the Jewish People.” Pretty hilarious to think about. Pompeo said Trump just might be a new Esther. If you don’t know who that is, then stop being a heathen and go read the Bible.

And we close out this podcast with a quick mention of our piece on the Robert Mueller report—in which he calls for no new indictments aka he spent two years and a crapload of taxpayer money FOR NOTHING. How sweet it is. And more on wasted money—the Pentagon is asking for $6 billion to upgrade some tanks. YEE HAW!

And with that, ladies and gentlemen, we close up shop for the week. We hope you’re surviving out there and enjoying all the freshest and hottest news that we’re throwing at you. And don’t forget to come back next week for another update on all our awesomeness.


Author: USA Really