Madagascar Failure Puts an End to the Impunity of USA
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Madagascar Failure Puts an End to the Impunity of USA


Neither the hired provocateurs, nor the "Troll factory" at the American Embassy did not help the United States to elect the President they desired in Madagascar. The failure of the "yogurt king" Marc Ravalomanana has put an end to the plans of Washington to once again turn the Island nation into a colony with a pliable "princeling". The Federal News Agency (FAN) continues to talk about the US interference in the Madagascar elections.

The Federal News Agency continues its independent investigation of how the US is interfering with elections around the world. In the previous parts, which came out on December 23, 2018 and January 9, this year, we began our report on how at the end of last year, the Americans tried to influence the outcome of the vote in Madagascar to bring to power a candidate favorable to them — Marc Ravalomanana.

In particular, we were able to uncover that American troops specializing in information warfare stayed on the island during the elections, as well as foreign civilian experts who assisted them in working with candidates.

When we published the second part of our report, the investigation Department of the FAN had more than six thousand reports of American interference in the election of the President of Madagascar. A significant part of them was information junk, but some of the evidences directly pointed to the fact that before the elections the Americans created a "Troll factory"in Madagascar.

Chapter 1. Small “Madagascan Spring”

Analakely Unrests

Madagascar Failure Puts an End to the Impunity of USA

Presidential elections in Madagascar began in November 2018, but the first evidence of foreign interference appeared more than six months before the elections. On April 21, mass riots took place in the center of Antananarivo, during which several civilians were killed and dozens were injured. What began as a peaceful rally in support of the opposition, which also involved women and children, quickly escalated into clashes with the police.

You can still find photos of the consequences of the demonstration in social networks. People at the rally flipped cars and set them on fire, threw stones at the guards, which forced the police to use tear gas and rubber bullets.

However, what the media tried to present as a spontaneous popular protest caused by undemocratic actions of the government, was a planned provocation orchestrated by the United States, which pursued its own specific goals. And we were able to find evidence of that.

A Mysterious Foreigner With Money

Madagascar Failure Puts an End to the Impunity of USA

This photo was taken in last years April in the heart of the Madagascar capital, Antananarivo, on Independence Avenue (Avenue de L'independance). The caucasian gentleman just handed the Malagasy a wad of cash. Malagasy, perhaps for the first time in his life seeing not local ariary, but real American dollars, started to count them in the street.

"A few days [after the photo was taken] there were riots. It was Saturday, I think. Everything was quiet until someone from the crowd began to throw stones at the police. The rioters did not even spare their own. They beat people, including women and children. It was clear that they wanted blood, - the author of a photo told us on the condition of anonymity. - Clashes began, smoke from grenades and the burning cars were everywhere".

The interlocutor said that there were many provocateurs hired by the United States at the rally . They deliberately started a conflict with the police. At first they insulted them, and when it didn't work they reinforced their efforts.

"From the very beginning, the foreigner from the photo I gave you seemed strange to me. I think, Yes, I'm sure he was hiring provocateurs then. The United States needed riots. It was necessary to create chaos and raging crowds. They needed to put pressure on our President so [the Pro-American candidate Marc] Ravalomanana would participate in the elections", — explained the interlocutor of the FAN.

According to him, almost nobody wanted it in Madagascar, because too many people still remember the reign of the «yogurt king». The man says it was «hell on earth».

«Everybody knows what kind of man Ravalomanana is. How he gave our territory to foreigners, how he was ready to sell all our rose wood, How he raised food prices. Everyone, who remembers the 2009, and there are a lot of them here (in Antanariva), would never vote for this dictator. My brother got in a hospital and almost died, because he was shot by Ravalomanana people» - told us our source.

Madagascar Failure Puts an End to the Impunity of USA

There are a lot of strange things about the events of april 21 2018. Looking at these events you can clearly see the well recognized style of western political consultants

The Influence of the US Department of State

On april 15 the first post calling for a street protest appeared on a social media page that supported ex president Ravalomanana. Those posts only contained an information about the date of the demonstration and several locations.

Madagascar Failure Puts an End to the Impunity of USA

Three days later, pictures like this one stared to appear in those social media pages

The picture of an open palm is variation of a so called «Soros fist», which is a well known symbol of colored revolutions and foreign interference.

Madagascar Failure Puts an End to the Impunity of USA

At first an elevated fist was a symbol of black activists in America fihting for equal rights, but later it got appropriated by Ameirican political consultants. They figured it would help them to associate thier artificially instigated protests in other countries with the fight for equal rights.

However, in practice this fist only caused civil wars, coups and the rise of terrorist activity. This fist was used in the middle east to start the notorious «Arabian spring»  in 2011, which led to the tragic events in Syria, Lybia and Tunisia.

The Soros fist was also recently used by protesters in Sudan, who were manupulated by foreign propaganda machine as well, as was told by Federal news agency.

Other variations of this sign could be seen from time to time . For example in Sudan a «hand of victory» was a lot more popular.

Madagascar Failure Puts an End to the Impunity of USA

Besides the «hand of victory», an «open palm» was used during the protests in Sudan, where a American trace could also be seen. Below you can see the Facebook page of Sudanise revolutionaires — Abena, whih was created in 2013. As you can see, there is a «red open palm» on the cover as well as several the «fist» itself.

Madagascar Failure Puts an End to the Impunity of USA

Abena has another public page, which is being managed from the USA.

Madagascar Failure Puts an End to the Impunity of USA

Similar imagery was used during a London rally to support Sudanise protesters in 2018. It was also used during the «colored revolution» in Tunisia in 2011 and even during the protests in Venesuela in 2007. The similarity is not coincidental.

Madagascar Failure Puts an End to the Impunity of USA

The First Interference

Also one of our sources sent us a photo, which clearly shows that the provocateurs were well prepared for the clashes with police having stones and broken bricks.

Madagascar Failure Puts an End to the Impunity of USA

The United States was able to put pressure on the acting President Erie Rajaonarimampianina using the lives and health of dozens of innocent people. Right after the riots, the head of Madagascar abolished the laws that did not allow Mark Ravalomanana to participate in the presidential race in 2018. In other words, the first interference in the elections in Madagascar had been made by American political strategists long before the process began.

And, as the Federal news Agency found out, the information campaign, that preceded the April 21 protests, belonged not just to American political strategists, but to the fully functional "Troll factory" working for the US state Department.

Madagascar Failure Puts an End to the Impunity of USA

Chapter 2. "Troll Factory" at the US Embassy

Report for USAID

At the disposal of our editorial staff there was a report required from the employees of the American "Troll factory" by the curators of the U.S. Agency for international development (USAID).

Before the the campaignin“s official start numbers of "bots" were engaged in the dissemination of information stuffing and fakes aimed at discrediting the principal opponent Marc Ravalomanana, Andry Rajoelina, as well as France, which has supported a number of candidates not beneficial to US candidates.

For example, the American "trolls" massively distributed message in which detainees in Antananarivo arsonists from the Central African Republic are called "opposition-sponsored by France". The basis of the fake some real news were taken.

Madagascar Failure Puts an End to the Impunity of USA

As can be seen from the screenshots from the report, the same posts in French and English were published one after another in 16.28, 16.34, 16.40 and 16.45. Last post — the informal community of supporters of Marc Ravalomanana. It is noteworthy that none of these posts, links to which we have taken from the report, are currently available.

Another example of the work of the American "Troll factory" in the same period of time — it's dirty fakes about the Rajoelina. According to the report, in the same news communities was spread information that the candidate allegedly has a homosexual intimate relationship with businessman Mami Ravatumanga, who sponsored his campaign.

The screenshot below shows the statistics of one of these posts, which collected 3279 unique views, 171 likes and 108 comments.

Madagascar Failure Puts an End to the Impunity of USA

For a fee, a Facebook community administrator can advertise their group or post inside it. In this case, the post will be shown even in the feed of users who are not subscribed to the group. This is done in order to collect more views and attract new subscribers. Advertising is bought by pressing the Booster la publication button. In the screenshot with a fake about Rajoelina's homosexuality, this button is not pressed.

But the U.S. "Troll factory" have bought the advertising anyway. The news, criticized the "sexual partner of Andry" Mami Ratulangi, have collected more views (37 573), since the promotion was paid, as you can see on the "promote again" button (Booster a nouveau).

Madagascar Failure Puts an End to the Impunity of USA

The Facebook corporation that claim  they are fighting fake news and propaganda on their social network, didn’t stop the American “trolls” from doing their job. We consider this as another proof that Facebook CEO works in the interest of the US State Department.

Mysterious Employee

In the August United States of America moved to the aggressive part of meddling in the election through social media after realizing that Marc Ravalomanana might loose the elections. According to our records, significant amount of the US troops was sent to Madagascar, including Matthew Weresington an employee of 780th military intelligence brigade, which we mentioned before.

August 27, an advertising appeared on the page of the U.S. Embassy in Madagascar stating that they need a qualified employee, specializing on the staff recruitment.

Madagascar Failure Puts an End to the Impunity of USA

Personnel Manager supposed the be fluent in English, French, Malagacy and to be skilled on sociology and law. 30th of August was a deadline for this ad.  Obviously, three days is not enough time to find an employee with such an incredible skills. However, with the help of the source inside, Federal News Agency confirmed that such person was found. Вy happy coincidence this person came from the US a few days before the ad was published. It was made as an attempt to justify the arrival of the foreign agents to help Marc Ravalomanana to win the presidential race.

The Foreman at the "Factory"

Two days later, on August 29, the American Embassy begins to look for a contractor to equip the warehouse. But according to the data available to the FNA, instead of a warehouse directly on the territory of the Embassy, there was organized a room with a large number of computers. Although the deadline ended on September 7, the office was completed a little later. According to our sources, the delivery of equipment was expected. The equipment was carried out on US military aircraft regularly flying to Africa, including South Africa. And then, the cargo was sent directly to Madagascar.

Madagascar Failure Puts an End to the Impunity of USA

On September 20, the American Embassy published a welcome post that John Dunlop, who served in the peace Corps in the CAR, is taking up the position of head of the USAID mission in Madagascar. His list of achievements includes work in Africa, mainly in unstable countries such as the DRC and Rwanda. The appointment of an expert to work in troubled places in a relatively quiet Madagascar seemed rather strange to us. Sources have confirmed that the US was preparing for the "hot phase" of the presidential race with the subsequent revolution, if the election results will not suit the state Department. According to confirmed data, the next day, after Dunlop took the office, an active set of "Troll factory" started.

Madagascar Failure Puts an End to the Impunity of USA

At the end of 2018, we wrote about the fact that there was organized a "school of bloggers" with the support of UNICEF. 70 young Malagasy people from seven schools completed a three-week blogging training.

According to our sources, newly trained bloggers were included in the first wave of American "trolls" in the Embassy.

It is noteworthy that, as in the case of recruitment through the community of the U.S. Embassy, it was covered on the official website of UNICEF. However, after the publication of our investigation on NPOs in Madagascar on December 23, 2018, the relevant information was deleted. There was only a fragment of text in the search for "Google" (screenshot of the page with the automatic translation into Russian).

Madagascar Failure Puts an End to the Impunity of USA

However, if you click on the link, it turns out that the page is hidden or deleted.

Unfortunately, the traces of American bots ' activity during the period of the official campaign were also completely deleted from social networks after the US realized its defeat in Madagascar.

Despite the fact that Washington twice successfully interfered in the elections with the participation of Mark Ravalumanana, which took place in Madagascar in 2001 and 2006, this time they could not affect the outcome of the vote. Neither money invested in the campaign of Ravalomanana nor aggressive information campaign in social networks, no calls to protest helped them to achieve anything.

Chapter 3. It Is All About the Money

Yogurt King

The future "candidate from the United States" was born in a devout family, received a Protestant education in the village Church and managed to study at the European Lutheran school, where he got with the help of Scandinavian missionaries. After training a former peddler of homemade yogurt, he opened a dairy firm TIKO and private TV and radio company MBS also, which by 1999 made Ravalomanana one of the richest men in the country, for which he received the nickname "yogurt king" and "dairyman".

Despite the lack of military experience or a party career, which sharply distinguished Marc from many other African leaders, he went into politics. His newly created political movement Tako Iarivo ("I love Antananarivo") has received broad support from the local clergy, so in 1999 Ravalumanana won the capital of Madagascar mayor elections.

We should also note that  "the Church of Jesus Christ in Madagascar" (FJKM) which is still working closely with USAID supported Marc. The young mayor of Antananarivo immediately managed to attract huge investments from the World Bank, the French development Agency and the European Union in an unknown way.

Then a politician with only two year experience defeated Didier Ratsiraka in the presidential elections. Moreover, the young mayor of Antananarivo was able to win in the first round. And when Ratsiraka refused to recognize the election results, Ravalomanana easily managed to bring the Malagasy people on the streets and still succeed, becoming a legitimate President in 2002.

The Ideal President for the USA

English became a third language to learn in the school during Marc's rule . Business began to shift to the US: Marc began publicly interact with US government agencies and large companies. Rampant privatization of state-owned enterprises began.

One of the most active purchasers became the TIKO Group, owned by the President, which had grown to enormous size by the year 2004. All sorts of assets were bought without competition by undeclared tenders. State companies, including oil ones, were in the hands of Ravalomanana, who by that time had already allowed the sale of land.

During Marc's second term transnational corporations ExxonMobil, British Petroleum and Rio Tinto won multimillion-dollar contracts, and in 2008 $ 1.5 billion was invested in the economy of Madagascar. Feeling the support of corporations, Marc became more and more authoritarian ruler, which the United States was fine with.

The freedom  of speech index fell by 69 positions (from 65 to 134), the quality of management index "decreased" to the times of the "dictator" Ratsiraka level, and the people became poorer. The main reason for this was the TIKO company. It has grown to obscenely large sizes, displacing other suppliers and producers of products from the domestic market of Madagascar. In fact, becoming a monopolist, Ravalomanana began to raise prices for his products.

Madagascar Failure Puts an End to the Impunity of USA

Madagascar Failure Puts an End to the Impunity of USA

Meanwhile, the country's resources were distributed to other States for pennies to the detriment of his people. The most egregious case was the agreement to transfer a large piece of the island (an area equal to half of Belgium) for 99 years to the South Korean company Daewoo Logistics for the production of corn and palm oil.

Such policy, which led to the collapse of the economy and looting of the country, caused the fact that in 2009, despite the support of the United States, Ravalomanana was overthrown. As a result, he had to flee the country for South Africa for several years.

Operation «The Return of the King»

However, in 2018, the United States decided to bring Marc back to power, and the reason was quite obvious.

The previous President of Madagascar, Hery Rajaonarimampianina, was not at all beneficial to the United States, because he tried to minimize the plunder of the country by western states, making changes to the "Mining code" — a comprehensive document on the rules and aspects of mining by both local and foreign companies.

On November 19, 2015, within the British-Madagascar forum on trade and investment, Rajaonarimampianina claimed that the new code "will be better in all its aspects". His project of August 27 of the same year provided an increase in fees from 1% to 10% for large mining projects .

An increase of charges for entrepreneurs by the state for the resources mining would have forced foreign corporations to pay enormous money to Madagascar. This idea by Hery Rajaonarimampianina was not in favor of the US and Britain. But Marc Ravalomanana, as it happenned with Daewoo Logistic, was ready to hand out his country's resources for nothing.

Due to increase in fees to 10 percent the United States and launched an information war, which was carried out by the American "Troll factory".

The Federal News Agency will continue to investigate the remaining materials on American intervention to Madagascar, because it is confident that it is not only limited to the creation of "Troll factory".  Our informants from the province of Mahajanga are preparing a package of information on how religious organizations collaborating with USAID influenced on the public opinion during elections.

Nevertheless even now we can safely say that the permissiveness of the United States has come to an end, and it is more and more difficult for them to manipulate with the elections in other States. If we talk directly about what happened in Madagascar, international and regional observation missions there managed to prevent fraud in the counting of votes.

All the shortcomings observed during the elections, which is stated by all parties, were connected with the weak organization and low qualification of the election Commission members, which, however, is typical for countries with underdeveloped economy.

Author: USA Really