On the Threshold of a New Religion?: The Dark Truth Behind UFOs
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On the Threshold of a New Religion?: The Dark Truth Behind UFOs


Belief in aliens could be America’s next religion: ‘American Cosmic’ explores how the once-fringe phenomenon has taken root among the powerful”—this headline caught my eye right away. Back in my first article on Orthodox Christianity in America: “Secularism and Saints: A Look at America’s Orthodox Holy People and Places,” I spoke a good bit about Fr. Seraphim Rose, an American convert to Orthodox Christianity who became a monk and a priest and is now revered as a saint around the world. Later I wrote a piece entirely dedicate to Fr. Seraphim: “’Through the Cross Joy Hath Come Into All the World’: The Otherworldly Life of Fr. Seraphim (Rose).

Fr. Seraphim is revered for his holy life, which is evident from his writings. He had the ability to look at current trends and penetratingly examine them, seeing through to the heart of the matter. Among his greatest achievements is his work examining evolution from a theological point of view (yes, it has a whole host of theological implications), presenting the authentic Christian vision on Genesis.

Fr. Seraphim Rose/

Another of his most inspiring and enduring works is The Soul After Death, which is known throughout the Orthodox world, and important for us here, includes a section examining the phenomenon of UFOs that drew a lot of attention in the 1970s when Fr. Seraphim was writing.

And it looks like, at least according to the article mentioned above, the phenomenon is flaring up again. And apparently it’s not just back woods weirdos believing in UFOs, but the belief has moved into the “halls of power,” according to the book American Cosmic: UFOs Religion, and Technology by D. W. Pasulka, a professor of philosophy and religion at the University of North Carolina Wilmington.

One of the people Pasulka meets in the book speaks of the “Invisible College,” which is a “network of credentialed, well-placed researchers seriously investigating the [UFO] phenomenon.” Moreover, polls show that 35% of Americans believe that aliens have visited earth in the past and 26% believe they’ve visited in modern times.

I don’t know about you, but to me that’s disturbingly high. And it definitely involves greater degrees of goofiness. Some people claim you can call down UFOs from the skies and others believe you can “develop a personal protocol that will allow you to ‘interface’ with a higher intelligence and creative source.”

However, “goofiness” is putting it mildly. Sure, all of this alien and UFO business seems absurd and goofy, but in fact, it’s far darker than that. It’s demonic.

So, in a sense, aliens do exist, just like in a sense ghosts do exist. But, they don’t exist as such, but are demons appearing as aliens (and ghosts) essentially in order to mess with us. These things are distractions from any kind of true spiritual life, and they distort our thinking on spiritual matters. Demons one goal is to stop us from attaining salvation in Jesus Christ, and they’ll do whatever works—and mankind loves a nice juicy conspiracy and distraction from the real work of repentance and change.

Let’s take a look at what Fr. Seraphim says in his classic The Soul After Death, mentioned above. Of course, he says much more than we can look at in a simple article, so we highly recommend reading the entire book.

To begin with, Fr. Seraphim penetratingly notes:

The science-fiction literature of the 20th century is itself a clear sign of the loss of Christian values and the Christian interpretation of the world; it has become a powerful vehicle for the dissemination of a non-Christian philosophy of life and history … it has been a prime force in creating the hope for and actual expectation of “visitors from outer space” who will solve mankind’s problems and conduct man to a new “cosmic” age of its history. While appearing to be scientific and non-religious, science-fiction literature is in actuality a leading propagator (in a secular form) of the “new religious consciousness” which is sweeping mankind as Christianity retreats.

As we have said, the UFO obsession is not just a hobby or obsession, but a replacement for Truth.

So what is the meaning of the appearance of UFOs in our time? Fr. Seraphim refers to the same The Invisible College from ufologist Jacques Vallee, who says: “Observations of unusual events suddenly loom into our environment by the thousands,” causing “a general shifting of man’s belief patterns, his entire relationship to the concept of the invisible.” “Something is happening to human consciousness”; the same “powerful force that has influenced the human race in the past is again influencing it now.” 

“In Christian language,” Fr. Seraphim explains, “this means: a new demonic outpouring is being loosed upon mankind.”

This is why I love Fr. Seraphim—he just tells it like it is. No word mincing. Demons are appearing now perhaps more openly than ever before in history, with aliens being one of the forms they are taking, enforcing the idea that “higher beings” are taking control of mankind’s destiny. Having largely lost the true teachings of the Orthodox Church, Western man is powerless to discern demonic phenomena, but as we see from Fr. Seraphim’s book, the Orthodox spiritual tradition and 2,000 years of experience of the saints battling demons shows us the way.

Fr. Seraphim writes:

It is one of the signs of the last times that there shall be terrors and great signs from heaven (Luke 21:11). Even a hundred years ago Bishop [St.] Ignatius Bryanchaninov, in his book On Miracles and Signsremarked on “the striving to be encountered in contemporary Christian society to see miracles and even perform miracles… Such a striving reveals the self-deception, founded on self-esteem and vainglory, that dwells in the soul and possesses it.” True wonderworkers have decreased and grown extinct, but people “thirst for miracles more than ever before… We are gradually coming near to the time when a vast arena is to be opened up for numerous and striking false miracles, to draw to perdition those unfortunate offspring of fleshly wisdom who will be seduced and deceived by these miracles.”

And, as Fr. Seraphim explains, the miracles of the Antichrist will mainly appear in the skies, where the demons have their dominion. It is said in Scripture that the Antichrist will even make fire rain down from Heaven. Thus, St. Symeon the New Theologian, one of the greatest saints of all time, warns that “the struggler of prayer should quite rarely look into the sky out of fear of the evil spirits in the air who cause many and various deceptions in the air.” 

If even a true man of prayer, who has experience in battling the demons, is cautioned to avoid their realm, how much more should us weak sinners be cautious?

Let us end with wise words from the great Fr. Seraphim:

The UFO phenomenon is a sign to Orthodox Christians to walk all the more cautiously and soberly on the path to salvation, knowing that we can be tempted and seduced not merely by false religions, but even by seemingly physical objects which just catch the eye. In earlier centuries Christians were very cautious about strange and new phenomena, knowing of the devil’s wiles; but after the modern age of “enlightenment” most people have become merely curious about such things and even pursue them, relegating the devil to a half-imaginary realm. Awareness of the nature of UFOs, then, can be a help in awakening Orthodox Christians to a conscious spiritual life and a conscious Orthodox world-view that does not easily follow after the fashionable ideas of the times.

Author: Jesse Dominick