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Political Warfare: The US Turns Sovereign States Into Vassal States
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Political Warfare: The US Turns Sovereign States Into Vassal States


Indeed, democracy is the best system to govern the state with the will of people for the people, but if it becomes a foreign tool, it ruins the state. After World War 2, the US has intended to export democracy with the aim to establish its own world order. So, it polluted democracy to bring its favorable regimes in foreign countries so that its geopolitical objectives would be achieved by establishing hegemony over the world. There is no doubt that the US has entangled the web of international organizations to achieve the goals of imperialism in the name of democracy, human rights, and humanitarian aid. 

Color revolutions and regime change tactics were crafted to undermine the will of people. These practices fueled conflicts and waged an endless war around the globe. Many popular and nationalist heroes of other nations were assassinated by the CIA. Sacred traditions and cultures were replaced by a perfidious liberalism. The treacherous democracy exported by the US has turned the Americanization of the world into a reality. It was an attempt to weaken nationalism and local identities with globalism. One Washington Post report claims that the US tried to change other countries’ governments about 72 times during the Cold War. That means that the US launched covert political warfare immediately after World War 2. Democracy was used as a covert force against other elected governments in many countries. Outside the west, history has witnessed that the US used forcible covert action against a series of elected governments during the Cold War: Iran (1953), Guatemala (1954), Indonesia (1955), Brazil (1960), Chile (1973), Pakistan (1977), and Nicaragua (1980). Besides this, the US has also used non-covert operations against many countries as part of geopolitical warfare. Even the option of direct military operation was also launched to eliminate opposing regimes of world nations. It is no longer a secret that the CIA has often assisted military coups in many foreign democracies.

The US attempted to topple all political regimes which were friendly to the USSR or those regimes that did not qualify as mature liberal regimes showing the characteristics of neo-Kantian liberalism: representative and specialized democracy, democratic alliance, and extensive private commerce. Declassified documents obtained by the National Security Archive claim that the reasons for backing military coups differ from country to country. Generally, the governments that made efforts to nationalize their economies became targets and juntas, installed after CIA-backed coups, immediately "restored" the economic policies. Also, politicians labeled communists after exhibiting cooperation with the Soviets often fell victim to military coups.

Political covert warfare was waged to turn independent states into vassal states because the US does not need sovereign states as a partner but rather vassal states so that it can easily achieve its goals. Pakistan was the US’s ally during the Cold War, but two years before the USSR intervention’s in Afghanistan, it sponsored the CIA-backed military coup against the popularly elected government with the aim of turning Pakistan into a vassal of the US. After the death of Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, Pakistan acted as a pawn to end the bipolar system with the defeat of the USSR in Afghanistan. After the dissolution of the USSR, the US has established unipolar hegemony around the globe. 

This was not enough because the American Deep State was afraid of the rising superpowers: Russia and China. So it took the advantages of its control over cyberspace and attempted to hack democracy. The new American Cold War against the rise of multi-polarity boosted multifaceted cyber warfare to sabotage anti-Liberal democracies, elected governments and meddling in elections by using online control systems and networks. This control over cyberspace made the job easier for the CIA to hack the masses' opinions. Vault 7 of Wikileaks is enough to reveal the scope of the CIA’s hacking capabilities and its control over mainstream and social media throughout the world. US/ Mi6 has already stolen important information from many nations by using a private military company like Strategic Communication Laboratories (SCL) Group and its political wing Cambridge Analytica (CA), intended to command the political life of the world. It is now an evident fact that social media platforms like Google and Facebook have joined the US Department of Defense’s artificial intelligence (AI) project. Even more alarming, however, is Facebook's partnership with the Atlantic Council. After the big data robbery of CA, the Facebook team joined the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab (DFRL). The purpose of this integration of social media platforms into the Atlantic Council has three key objectives:

·         to manipulate and influence political outcomes in countries around the world to serve American global interests;

·         to gather data on the growth of social opposition and influence on political parties and individuals and to funnel this information into the intelligence establishment;

·         to censor political content opposed to the interests of American capitalism, especially socialist, left-wing and anti-war views.

The agenda of the Atlantic Council can easily be chalked out as its 57-year record shows that it is a pioneer in developing and peddling the criminal operations of the US State Department and the Pentagon as furthering “democracy” and “human rights” around the world. Youth and political parties are the main targets of their manipulation with the control of social and mainstream media, as the mega scandal of the SCL group and its political wing CA exposed their treachery towards democracy. They accepted that SCL/CA has meddled in many foreign elections. My article entitled, "Russiagate: Not Russia but CA/SCL hacked American Democracy" briefly discussed how they blamed Russia for their inside job. As I wrote, CA was created by the SCL (Strategic Communication Laboratories) Group for political campaigns. It is a private British behavioral research and strategic communication company working closely with NATO and the US State Department. In many countries, the SCL group was also used for regime changes and to bring color revolutions in targeted states. Even NBC news reported that the company was awarded State Department contracts in 2017 to help fight ISIS recruitment and has taught behavioral change science at a NATO-affiliated training program. It is unbelievable that a company that works for Russian rival NATO would also work for Russia. So this is enough to expose the western media allegations about Russiagate.

In fact, UMBRAGE and related CIA projects do not only increase the CIA’s capability of cyberattacks and hacking elections but it also provides the opportunity to misdirect attribution by leaving behind the “fingerprints” of the enemy groups that they want to blame for the stolen data, which Kim Dotcom summarized as: “The CIA uses techniques to make cyberattacks look like they originated from an enemy state. This is very dangerous as we can see that many cyberattacks inside America were blamed on Russia by inventing a ‘Russia Hack.’ They are blaming Russia because Russia is a potential threat to them. While Russian President Vladimir Putin answered these accusations clearly in one of his interviews to CNBC news anchor Megyn Kelly, saying, ‘We’re holding discussions with our American friends and partners, people who represent the government and when they claim that some Russians interfered in the US elections, we tell them and we did so fairly recently at a very high level, ‘But you are constantly interfering in our political life.’ Can you imagine, they don’t even deny it; you know what they told us last time? They said, ‘Yes, we do interfere but we are entitled to do it because we are spreading democracy and you’re not and you can’t do it.’”

All the above discussion is proof of the US’s political warfare in the name of democracy, because spreading democracy is the only opportunity to interfere in domestic matters of sovereign nations. History has witnessed that all nations where the US has brought democracy/dictatorship are no more independent and sovereign in their foreign policy, international relations, and economics. On the international arena, such countries work for the benefit of the US as its vassal states.



Author: Tayyab Baloch