Who’s behind the new attack on Alex Jones?
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Who’s behind the new attack on Alex Jones?


USA – April 1, 2019

There is a long-standing struggle between Alex Jones and the Deep State, with the journalist and radio host being attacked several times in the past. Now a new wave of criticism has been launched by the mainstream media against the “outlaw” blogger, which is a threat to anyone who still thinks free speech exists in America today.

Alex Jones is considered one of the most controversial journalists in the U.S. today, and his strong opinions have cost him much already. For example, Twitter banned him and his InfoWars website on September 7, accusing him of “abusive behavior and policy violation.” 

He had previously been suspended for one week in August after he posted a video in which he said, "Now is time to act on the enemy before they do a false flag.” And in July, YouTube closed down all of his affiliated channels, which had accrued some 2.4 million subscribers. Apple, Pinterest, Spotify and Facebook have also suspended InfoWars’ accounts.

About a week after his widespread social network banning, he went looking for answers in Washington. He himself explained his main goals for traveling to the capital:

“My main goal is to warn the American people that our cherished First Amendment is literally being stolen, is being robbed from us right now. They've had now eleven hearings where they demonize myself, the Free Press, the Drudge Report — you name it — and conservative talk radio, calling for us to be deplatformed. Then we have senators Warner and Wyden and Murphy saying don't just get rid of Alex Jones, which happened a month ago, “criminal deplatforming,” but they say “get rid of thousands of other sites.” So they've brought in the Southern Poverty Law Center and Media Matters with big tech admittedly in people's accounts watching them like the East German Stasi deleting people.”

Unfortunately, this led to nothing but the extension of censorship, and Jones lost the audience he’d been gathering for years in the biggest and de-facto state-controlled and supervised social networks. He also therefore lost the money he was used to earning on the various platforms.

The mainstream media then ignored him for about half a year, but launched a new attack now, in late March, directly connected with an old statement that caused numerous issues between Jones and those who suffered during the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School and their parents. 

The new attack is based on Jones’s video where he says, “And I, myself, have almost had like a form of psychosis back in the past where I basically thought everything was staged, even though I’ve now learned a lot of times things aren’t staged. So I think as a pundit, someone giving an opinion, that, you know, my opinions have been wrong, but they were never wrong consciously to hurt people.”

The media leapt on this, portraying Jones as if he’d always had some kind of mental issue that led to his “conspiracy” statements, despite that he had said he had “almost” a form of psychosis. This is a simple but effective manipulation, spread by news outlets read by millions of Americans.

VOX (run by Zionist Ezra Klein, who has expressed his support for Israel in a cunning way numerous times on the site that has millions of unique visitors a month) stated: “Notorious conspiracy theorist Alex Jones claims a ‘form of psychosis’ caused him to believe that the Sandy Hook massacre was staged.” This is exactly how fakes are born. 

Then comes the Washington Post with the statement that, “He (Jones) also blamed his years of misinformation and spin about the massacre on ‘psychosis.’ Jones claimed that years of witnessing ‘corrupt’ governments and institutions made him deeply skeptical of the ‘mainstream media’ and the ‘agenda hidden behind things.’” This case also brings up the issue of misinterpretation in the mainstream media, as they drew this conclusion even after posting his original quote. 

The New York Times used the same methodology in their article that literally lied about Jones’s motivation to express his own opinion on a very controversial issue: “Near the end of the questioning, Mr. Jones suggested his claims about the Sandy Hook massacre were the result of a mental disorder. He said he ‘almost had like a form of psychosis back in the past where I basically thought everything was staged, even though I’m now learning a lot of times things aren’t staged.’”

One of fake news champions of the world, CNN, couldn’t keep away from the anti-Jones campaign either. They wrote: “Broadcaster and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones said it was a ‘form of psychosis’ that caused him to believe certain events --- like the Sandy Hook massacre -- were staged.” The most important takeaway here is how important labeling and stigmatization are in the context of spreading fake news. Having labeled Jones a “conspiracy theorist” (as did Vox), it’s much easier to persuade the audience that he really did have some kind of mental issue that made him think in a way inconvenient both for the Deep State and for the mainstream media.  

The First Amendment used to protect journalists’ free speech, but it seems no longer applicable in modern-day America. Jones isn’t the only one suffering from severe censorship and obstruction from the liberal-oriented media and the Deep State. The reality is much more complicated than the American-controlled media portrays is, and Alex Jones’ present trials serve as a strict warning for anybody who dares to dispute the conventional point of  view.

Author: USA Really