Not Just Trump, Putin and Russia Also Owe an Apology From the Media
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Not Just Trump, Putin and Russia Also Owe an Apology From the Media


She lied to the world for 22 straight months. Night after night she sold the Trump-Russia collusion conspiracy. But that, fortunately, has now come to an end. MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow’s lie has been exposed.

No Collusion, that is what Robert Muller’s investigation found.

The four-page summary issued by Attorney General William P. Barr declared: “The Special Counsel’s investigation did not find that the Trump campaign or anyone associated with it conspired or coordinated with Russia in its efforts to influence the 2016 U.S. presidential election.”

Barr also confirmed that there was insufficient evidence to make an obstruction accusation against the president.

Life has come a full circle for Maddow and her lie-peddling mainstream media colleagues. So let’s analyze their behavior while the investigation was still on.

According to the website NewsBusters, from January 20, 2017 till March 21, 2019 (the last night before special counsel Robert Mueller sent his report) the three major networks ABC, CBS, and NBC’s evening newscasts spent 2,284 minutes on the Russia-Trump “collusion” coverage, with most of it (1,909 minutes) happening following Mueller’s appointment on May 17, 2017.

That’s an average of about three minutes a night, every night, for almost 800 days; a level of coverage normally seen only during a major war or a presidential election. As a matter of fact, TV reporters devoted more airtime to the Russia investigation than any of the Trump administration’s policy initiatives like immigration, tax reform, trade, or the looming opioid epidemic. Since his presidency began, nearly one-fifth (18.8%) of all of Trump’s evening news coverage has been about this one investigation. From January 1st through March 21st of this year, the tilt of Trump coverage on the evening newscasts has been 92% negative vs. just eight percent positive. The media bias is clearly evident.

Two weeks before Muller delivered his report, on March 10th, ABC’s Terry Moran publicly forewarned that if the report’s conclusion was contrary to the journalists’ and media houses’ years-long suspicion that the “current President of the United States assist[ed] the Kremlin in an attack on our democracy” there would be “a reckoning for the media.”

Now that the investigation they relentlessly trumpeted has ended with an outcome that is favorable to the President they despise, it does seem to be a good time for that “reckoning.”

While many are of the view that the media should apologize to President Trump, we seem to be forgetting that there is another party that too deserves an apology. Maybe an even bigger apology than what Trump deserves. This party is Russia and Russian President Putin. For two years they have been demonized, now they deserve to hear the ‘Sorry.’

It’s one thing to accuse your own president; it is another to accuse the president of another country without any evidence. Russia and President Putin got as much bad press in the US as President Trump. Every time President Putin denied interfering in the US election, the media called him a liar. They accused him of being a megalomaniac who desires to rule the world. They accused him of being a warmonger. They used this pretext to accuse of him being corrupt and repressive. President Putin certainly deserves an apology. And so does Russia. For every time the media falsely accused Putin, they inadvertently also accused Russians. He, after all, is their elected representative.

Taking cognizance, the Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova on Tuesday evening said, "We are now referring to a team of propagandists… who style themselves as journalists - now they need to make their apologies. I’m not speaking about their feelings toward Trump, the decision on whether they should apologize to him is their domestic matter. However, all this media ragtag, which has been at the forefront of anti-Russian news reporting in the United States, will need to apologize to the US audience and, naturally, to the Russian [audience], to the whole country."

She said that Moscow would analyze anti-Russian propaganda reports and TV show footage, in which the media tried to persuade the US audience of Trump’s non-existent ties with Russia, and will forward them to international organizations for further analysis.

"Everything will be duly compiled and send wherever needed, to the OSCE and all other organizations, and will be made public for the general audience. I think the world should know its heroes," she said.

But will the media really apologize? I don’t think so. These are the very same people who lied to us that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction in 2003. The war that ensued cost many innocent lives. The liar media has the blood of these innocent people on their hands. Did they apologize? NO. 

Again a few years later, they assured us that the housing market was absolutely solid. No meltdown they said. Go ahead and invest. You readers know what followed. No apologies again.

A few days back they informed us that we'd have to stay in Syria and Afghanistan forever because of threats that only they understand. They were quite vociferous. A lie again. The mainstream media is the real warmonger. And it never apologizes. When a lie of theirs get exposed, they just move to lying about something else. So, dear readers be on the watch. Now that one of their lies has been exposed, they will soon start a new lie. Be on the watch.

To me it came as no surprise when on a show that’s named after her Rachel Maddow almost cried when the truth became apparent. Lying for two years, and all her efforts are now wasted. In an ideal world, this should have cost her her job. But no, that did not happen. She will pick up another story and start cooking new lies. And so shall the entire mainstream journalist community.

To be honest, we know there will never be a mea culpa from any of these fake news outlets. They will never apologize. They'll never retract their lies, nor will they ever disclose their anonymous sources (for there is none, it was all cooked up in their own head). They are hopeless. They are liars.

Honest journalism as we knew is now dead in the mainstream media. And that is the reason why we exist: to bring you the real news, to highlight your problems, to talk about your trials and tribulations. And to expose the power brokers who shamelessly lie to you.

Stand with us, and we will stand with you.

Author: Pradeep Banerjee