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Something for Everyone: the White House, Drugs, UFOs, and Gay Cakes
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Something for Everyone: the White House, Drugs, UFOs, and Gay Cakes


Our first article for this podcast addresses the call we’ve been hearing from more and more Democrats to abolish the electoral college—of course, not because there’s actually anything wrong with the system but because Trump won. The article is “Unless You Want a Mobocracy, Don’t Kill the Electoral College” by Pradeep Banerjee. Indeed, without it, LA and NYC would basically run the country. God help us! Banerjee takes us through the steps of what would actually happen if we abolished the college, and, well, it wouldn’t be pretty!

Then we presented the piece “Twenty Years of American Domination in Kosovo and Metohija as a Sequel to Imperial Policy” by Ivan Petrovic. This month marks exactly twenty years since the start of NATO’s bombing of the FR Yugoslavia, which went on to cause the occupation of the southern Serbian province and creation of the so-called Republic of Kosovo which, in fact, was a geostrategic showground for the powers of Atlanticism, mainly the USA. Petrovic analyzes these events and the history leading up to it in this illuminating article.

Then we had another piece on the coming recession, followed by one on an explosion at a US Marine base which the media was mysteriously silent about. USA Really covered it for you though, of course. Aaaaand, in the wake of finding out that Russian collusion was all a lie, we find out that Google was involved in election meddling! No surprise, they present biased search results that skew how people think.

And continuing our series on organizations that corrupt American society, we published the article, “Radical Women Terrorizes Conservatives All Over the World: Who Benefits?” Sounds cheery, right? And then a juicy tidbit on the moon landing—fact or fiction. And more White House fun: “The White House Hid the Truth About Ending the Opioid Crisis. Part 1.” The policy of double standards in the United States is by far the most developed direction in which top leaders and officials believe that they’re actually leading society on the right path. The White House released an official report that Trump has a regular and targeted fight against drug addiction, which officials see as great progress with real results. But you know there’s more to this story than meets the eye…

And don’t forget to check out our piece following up on US interference in Madagascar elections.

March 26 got going with “The Sad Fate of Empires” by K. E. Benois. While the date of the 29th of March is still officially on the books as the date for Britain to leave the EU, virtually nobody believes this artificial deadline will see Brexit put into effect. None of the necessary preparations have been made as the duplicitous political elites have bickered and floundered while trying to appease their ruthlessly pro-EU donors. What might happen now is anyone’s guess…

And have you wondered why so-called “Democratic Socialism” is gaining popularity in America? Well, our article on the topic has the four answers for you. And what are the implications of the US-Israeli alliance for the Middle East? Get the full scoop here. And another intriguing question: What is it about fake news that makes us believe it? We’ve got all the answers to all your burning questions.

Next up, don’t forget to continue to follow the story with “The White House Hid the Truth About Ending the Opioid Crisis. Part 2.” This one goes through a history of drug addiction and brings you the somber conclusion: “Thus, history is repeating itself again, and in the near future we can expect only a new round of drug addiction.”

We rounded out the day with “Turkish Court Opens Espionage Trial of US Consulate Staffer” and “Bolton’s Statement: Hypocrisy or Ignorance?

March 27 started off with a piece from Jesse Dominick: “On the Threshold of a New Religion?: The Dark Truth Behind UFOs.” This one kicks off with the apparent spreading of the belief in UFOs in the upper echelons of society, then it dives into a look at what UFOs really are, drawing on the wisdom of ancient Christian spirituality as taught by the 20th century holy man Fr. Seraphim Rose.

That was followed by a piece from Tayyab Baloch: “Political Warfare: The US Turns Sovereign States Into Vassal States.” Indeed, democracy is the best system to govern the state with the will of people for the people, but if it becomes a foreign tool, it ruins the state. After World War 2, the US polluted democracy to bring its favorable regimes in foreign countries so that its geopolitical objectives would be achieved by establishing hegemony over the world. There is no doubt that the US has entangled the web of international organizations to achieve the goals of imperialism in the name of democracy, human rights, and humanitarian aid. 

Then we had our next original USA Really video report: “The Hunger 9: Fighting Against Gun Violence.” The Hunger 9 and the Circle of Brotherhood are a group of social leaders in South Florida dedicated to bringing awareness to the emergency of gun violence in the community. Marcelo Sanchez, USA Really correspondent, spoke with them on the eighteenth day of their hunger strike against gun violence.

Then we had Part 3 in our series: “Low-Quality CNN News Blunders.” This one gets going with some dubious reports about additional Kavanaugh allegations. And new Hilary emails found… more fun in store! Then we took a look at how CA is dominated by rainbow flags and then a discussion about how Facebook became a tool in the hands of the New Zealand terrorist.

We kicked off March 28 with another piece on empires: “Masquerades of an Empire in Decline” by Luis Lazaro Tijerina, with his usual crapping on Trump: “From my perspective, Trump has played out two roles, one as a maniacal and intense sociopath like Nero or Tiberius, or the other role as  street-smart criminal readily found in the back alleys or on the most luxurious streets of Ancient Rome. Eventually, like all street thugs, Trump found himself facing Pontius Pilate in the guise of Robert Mueller, who wore the royal purple robes of the investigating Special Counsel.” The Gospel imagery has my attention…

The navy’s most expensive warship has broken down, the US and China are still trying to work out a trade deal, and there’s another one on the recession.

And what would a podcast be without a piece from Seraphim Hanisch? This time his piece is “Jack Phillips and His Cakes Revisited – The Anatomy of the Setup.” This one’s about that poor Colorado baker who, being a decent human being, doesn’t support and participate in perversion and thus wouldn’t bake cakes for events that go against his conscience. He became a BIG time target for this, and this article has the whole sordid tale for you.

Then Goran Sumoski brings us “US Policy to Encounter Another Strategic Defeat in Macedonia?” Not standing for democracy, rule of law and human rights, the United States can no longer claim the moral high ground it once proclaimed for itself. The loss of credibility poses a question for the increasingly tenuous superpower: Has the violation of these once defended principles been worth the short term and only seemingly strategic but likely unsustainable gains in various places around the world, including Macedonia?

America continues to plunge into the abyss: “Drag Queen Story Hours Gaining Popularity Nationwide.” Creepy porn lawyer Avenatti is back in the spotlight, this time under attack. Get the full scoop here.

There’s a war on drugs going on. But who’s really profiting from it? Do you think the U.S. government or U.S. law enforcement agencies do not have information about the work of drug cartels, about their relationship with Mexican and American politicians? Do you really think they want to fight drug addictions?

Then we had a pair of articles for March 30. First up: “Southern Poverty Law Center Finally Exposed as Highly Profitable Scam.” It looks like last Friday, Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) President Richard Cohen announced he would be stepping down from the civil rights organization amid harassment and diversity allegations. And we closed things out with “Students as Teachers’ Levers of Corruption.”


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