Mississippi Safe Schools Coalition: Promoting Perversion in the Highly Conservative State
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Mississippi Safe Schools Coalition: Promoting Perversion in the Highly Conservative State


JACKSON – April 2, 2019

Mississippi is considered to be one of the key conservative and Republican strongholds in the country. From the electoral point of view (and according to Cook Partisan Voting Index), it leans strongly Republican, 9 points in favor of Republicans, while some districts (such as the 4th Congressional District which includes all of Mississippi's Gulf Coast, stretching about 45 miles between the border with Alabama to the east and the Louisiana border to the west) are more solid, 21 points in their favor.

Mississippi preserves the heritage of the good old South, celebrating Confederate General Robert E. Lee’s birthday on the same day as the birthday of MLK Jr. Even considering how much criticism the celebration has drawn from liberals, authorities deny all accusations of racism, saying it’s nothing more than a part of local pride and traditions. It’s just how Mississippi is.

In the context of social politics, this means that locals tend to think conservatively as well, raising their kids as good Christians. And indeed, according to the vast majority of surveys, more than 83% of the population considers itself Christian (with up to 77% being Protestant).

But there are organizations like Mississippi Safe Schools Coalition that try to corrupt society, targeting the most precious value of any conservative family--its children.

What is the organization all about?

The Mississippi Safe Schools Coalition, a local LGBT organization that promotes safe schools for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, or young people who are “mistakenly” perceived as queer, was founded more than ten years ago. In other words, the Coalition challenges traditional conservative Christian values, substituting them for the perverted left-wing agenda and propagating the LGBT movement, as if it were something “fashionable.”

The organization emphasizes little things, making them bigger, as seen in the events it has held in recent years, such as the Queer & Allies Summit and the Second Chance Prom. The Second Chance Prom was thrown and became famous when Constance McMillan was not allowed to wear a tuxedo or take her girlfriend to the prom. The issue of appropriate clothing gave an opportunity for the Coalition to politicize the moment to the fullest extent.

And if a child from a conservative family says anything to his strange classmate, the organization is always ready to help “the victim of shaming.” The Coalition has run programs to counteract the bullying of LGBTQ children in schools. The Coalition does not and would not help a regular student who is bullied on a daily basis, which makes LGBT teens a privileged group.

The mission of the Mississippi Safe Schools Coalition, according to their manifesto is to “ensure that all students have a safe learning environment by protecting students’ constitutional rights, ending homophobia, transphobia, sexism, and all forms of discrimination, and fostering acceptance of students regardless of their actual or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity through public education and advocacy,” but this is nothing more than just a mask to corrupt one of the few truly conservative states in America that has been resisting the perversion and left-wing agenda for decades.

Unfortunately, the efforts of this and other local LGBT-organizations have been successful; according to the 2010 census there were as many as 6,286 unmarried same-sex households in Mississippi--1,512 more than in 2000. The numbers are especially high among ethnic minorities. The largest percentage of same-sex households is found among the African American community there. The state capital, Jackson, ranks tenth in the nation in concentration of African-American same-sex couples, which could indicate that LGBT propaganda is more effective among African Americans.

To sum up, Mississippi is still a conservative state, but the number of same-sex couples there, as well as the increasing number of events held by this LGBT-propagating organization is a huge challenge for this part of the U.S.

Author: USA Really