Manufactured Outrage at Friendship Elementary
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Manufactured Outrage at Friendship Elementary


I randomly felt like seeing what was going on in my home today, so I did a simple Google search on “Glen Rock, PA news.” It’s a small town in York County, and not much usually goes on there. But what I found was a story that is so amazingly stupid, though, unfortunately, not surprising. It’s pure fake outrage, which is something this country seems to thrive on lately. You know it’s true—people (mostly liberals) will get upset and freak out about anything. Just ten, heck, even five years ago, people behaving this way would have been seen as completely unserious, not worth our time and attention.

Of course, it’s about racism. Let me rephrase that: Of course, it’s about “racism”—it’s fake outrage, don’t forget. So anyways, what first caught my eye was that the story happened at Friendship Elementary School, which, out of the three elementary schools in the Southern York Country School District, was the one I attended. It’s where I met my best friend, it’s where we used to go to the auditorium to watch Raffi videos (cause he’s the man), and all that good stuff.

This story is actually from early February, so I don’t know, maybe everyone has heard of it by now (I’m not sure if it went national or if it just remained a local story). The story is that during a staff in-service day, the principal, Lisa Boyer, decided to have everyone play Family Feud as a team building activity, and she decided to dress up like the host, Steve Harvey, a black man (oh horror of horrors!). She bought a suit and fake eyebrows and a fake mustache to play the part, but the outrage comes from the fact that she also wore some kind of makeup to make her skin darker.


I guess some of the teachers were uncomfortable and brought it to the attention of the administration. The superintendent sent an apology and then the principal did the same and also apologized in person the next day. But what the crap is she apologizing for? Yes, black face has been used in the past to mock black people, but do we really think Boyer was mocking Steve Harvey? She very obviously wasn’t. Using his show and personality for a team building exercise shows respect for Harvey. How can it be automatically racist to dress as a black person?

This obsession with racism has got to stop, but I see no end in sight. Who actually benefited in any way from being upset about this or broadcasting it? Absolutely no one. The Left keeps racism alive by throwing the accusation around at any and everyone and everything. Just imagine—what if we just approached everything rationally, like properly functioning human beings, and only cried racism when something racist actually happens?

Do you remember that famous clip from Morgan Freeman on 60 Minutes where he basically says everyone needs to just chill about racism? Morgan Freeman says Black History Month is absurd because black history is American history.

Then the 60 Minutes host asks: “How are we going to get rid of racism until …?”

And Freeman responds with some common sense: “Stop talking about it. I’m going to stop calling you a white man. And I’m going to ask you to stop calling me a black man. I know you as Mike Wallace. You know me as Morgan Freeman. You’re not going to say, ‘I know this white guy named Mike Wallace.’ Hear what I’m saying?”

Check out the clip:

Back to the Family Feud incident—it was at the beginning of the school year, and really, it should have gone no further than this, but for some reason, months later, a former employee decided to post a picture of Boyer as Harvey on Twitter:

The Sam Ruland he tagged in his tweet works for the local newspaper, the York Daily Record, and USA Today.

Isn’t Danny Boyce’s outrage so admirable? But then, his self-description on Twitter reads: “Dad, gambler and basketball coach of 20+ years. You can’t say you drank all day if you don’t drink in the morning.” That doesn’t exactly sound like someone who should be taken seriously.

And anyways, his tweet is unfactual, whether intentional or not—the situation was handled pretty much immediately, as described above.

But of course, manufactured outrage is the juice that keeps the media running, so just a few days ago, the York Daily Record returned to the big scandal with a new headline: “Principal who used blackface in Steve Harvey costume asked permission. Answer: 'Yes!!!!'” They want you to think there’s more to this scandal. After obtaining emails, they found that Boyer had asked permission from the superintendent to dress like Harvey, and the superintendent gave the okay. Oh, Lord!

However, despite the headline, its quite apparent from the article that the superintendent did not, in fact, give permission for the dark makeup. Boyer wrote: “At the end of our first faculty meeting, we are playing the game Family Feud. I actually purchased stuff for a Steve Harvey costume. He is the host. Is this okay?”

Do you see? No mention of the particulars of the costume—nothing about makeup or black face or anything like that. The superintendent said this in a letter to the district: “From her request, I though the costume would include a suit, mustache, and eyebrows. At no point was discussion had by email or in person of her darkening her skin color or appearing in blackface. Permission to darken her face or appear in blackface would not have been granted.”

Of course, this important quote is buried at the end of the article. But do you see? No permission granted for anything racist, and thus—this is just more manufactured outrage.

This entire story is manufactured outrage. The obsession with racism is manufactured outrage.

Author: Jesse Dominick