Amphibians Rapidly Dying Out Around the World: Indian Prophecies Coming True
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Amphibians Rapidly Dying Out Around the World: Indian Prophecies Coming True


NEW YORK – April 4, 2019

On March 29, several scientific journals published a large study in which more than forty scientists took part, trying to understand the reason for the massive death of amphibians all around the world.

In short, the upshot is that back in the 1970s, environmentalists began to pay attention to the reduction of the populations of some frog species. At that time, the problem was not given special importance, linking everything with the “environmental degradation” theme, which is gaining popularity, but in the following decades frogs began to die out more and more.

According to studies from the early 2000s, about 200 species of these animals were in danger of disappearing. However, according to new data, today we are talking about at least 500 species. At least 90 species of these 500 are likely to become extinct.

Amphibians Rapidly Dying Out Around the World: Indian Prophecies Coming True

In the late 1990s, researchers discovered that many frogs in Australia, New Zealand and Central America were infected with a deadly fungus, which they called Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis (hereafter Bd).

Presumably the fungus appeared somewhere on the Korean Peninsula, whose amphibians are immune to it. However, due to amphibian trade and the global movement of amphibians, the fungus migrated around the world and began to infect water bodies that had not previously known it. And then the epidemic moved like a plague: An infected frog jumped into a new, not infected body of water and this, in the end, killed all of them there.

The Bd theory was very popular until 2015, when a newer and more comprehensive study appeared, according to which Bd is not the only new fatal pathogen and in fact there are a great many of them. It turns out that Bd has some subspecies and they all destroy amphibians by common forces, crawling on other species, for example, on salamanders.

Amphibians Rapidly Dying Out Around the World: Indian Prophecies Coming True

Then, after carefully retelling all these ecological nightmares and showing pictures of poor amphibians affected by fungus mutations and deformities, the researchers, as usual, start banging on drums of anxiety and writing about ecological catastrophes.

And they have their reasons. For example, tadpoles eat algae, so if there are few or no tadpoles in the pond, these algae will grow to a critical scale. That is, the pond will bloom and turn into a stinking puddle, which, in turn, will kill other species.

When a tadpole grows, it turns into a frog, which no longer eats algae, but insects, which also regulates a certain balance. If frogs fall out of the ecosystem, insects, which they eat, multiply uncontrollably and the whole system is falling apart.

In general, everything is perfectly clear with the ecology. But why did this topic interest the conspiracy theorists - more precisely, that part of them that is interested in eschatology? Let’s read Maori prophecies (the indigenous people of New Zealand):

“Frogs will be born with deformities, after which we will see how the animal world is changing rapidly. And this will happen not only in one country, but all over the world, and then a new strange diseases will come. ”

The end of the world is described in the prophecies of the indigenous peoples of Americas in approximately the same colors, where the near total disappearance of amphibians will be one of the signs of the approaching end of the cycle of times.

Why the frogs disappear, the prophecies do not explain. Nevertheless, the massive death of frogs around the world, just like the death of bees and sparrows, is a serious concern, even if one doesn’t pay attention to various prophecies about the end of the world.

Author: USA Really