The Floridian Political Ouroboros: How the Swing State Becomes a Battleground in the Interim
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The Floridian Political Ouroboros: How the Swing State Becomes a Battleground in the Interim


Florida has traditionally been considered a swing state, so the latest provocation against President Trump in Mar-a-Lago is certainly a part of the Democrats’ 2020 Strategy. But Trump has skeletons in the closet himself, and this shouldn’t be forgotten.

What do we know about Florida? We know that it is a key state, as political history has shown many times, and that it has become a battleground once again. The last Republican president, George W. Bush, won by only hundreds of votes after a recount in Florida, becoming the second Bush president in American history. Who knows what might have happened in the next decade had Al Gore won. 

We can surmise that disasters like 9/11 and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq wouldn’t have happened, as Gore wasn’t as deeply influenced by the war hawk lobbyists as was Bush. Whether this is right or wrong, it was Florida that helped get Bush to the White House, granting 29 electoral votes to the winning candidate in the state. This is a typical situation there: Whoever “owns” Florida “owns” the Office.

Thus, the fact that Senate Democrats have asked the FBI to research potential security vulnerabilities at Trump's Mar-a-Lago Presidential club in Florida is of great importance both for the local electorate (since the voters are now eye-witnessing a wide-scale political scandal unwrapping in their home state) and on the federal level too. The Democrats, led by Chuck Schumer from New York, who has been in office since 1999, made this request to FBI director Christopher Wray after a mysterious woman was arrested there carrying two Chinese passports and a device apparently containing malware (which is worse, given the Democrats hysteria about foreign trolls). 

To be honest, the Democrats have ever right to claim something has gone wrong with the security in Trump’s Florida residence. Thus, Schumer and his supporters now claim that some foreign intelligence services might have targeted Mar-a-Lago, which resembles the pattern of the witch hunt initiated by representatives of the Democratic Party and the mainstream media about the supposed Russian collusion.

Unfortunately for the Democrats, Mueller’s investigation that costAmerican taxpayers no less than $25 million, proved to be huge failure, so any new “investigations” of this kind could seem like desperate attempts at revenge on Trump. Nonetheless, the Democrats are still eager to accuse Trump of some kind of cooperation with foreign powers. As Russiagate is just about dead, the best way to get this narrative back is through claiming Chinese interference.

There are questions for the Republicans as well, of course. How did the woman, Yujing hang, gain access to the club? The inconvenient part of the story for both Trump and his fellow Republicans is that she lied about her presence there, probably being simply too scared to tell the truth.

The story is just beginning, but obviously the closer the presidential election, the more scandals there will be. The ball is now in the Republicans’ court. What will they do with it?

Author: USA Really