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Will the Media Apologize to Putin? Don't Hold Your Breath
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Will the Media Apologize to Putin? Don't Hold Your Breath


USA Really weekly podcast for April 8. This is the place to be, where we give you a rundown on everything that has hit our pages this week. If you’re our loyal reader then you know we give you an honest look at issues that other outlets simply won’t, and if you’re a newbie, well, come and see! And let’s get on with the articles:

Today’s podcast starts with everyone’s favorite “holiday”—April Fool’s, but we assure you, this week’s news is no joke! Our first opinion piece is from our regular author Pradeep Banerjee, and it’s entitled, “Not Just Trump, Putin and Russia Also Owe an Apology From the Media.” I can get completely onboard with that title, but on the other hand, I’m surely not holding my breath for that apology to come along. Our media simply doesn’t have the integrity for that. Apparently, from January 20, 2017 till March 21, 2019, the three major networks ABC, CBS, and NBC’s evening newscasts spent 2,284 minutes on the Russia-Trump “collusion” coverage. That’s an average of about three minutes a night, every night, for almost 800 days. That’s ridonk.

Then we had a piece from Dr. Mehmet Perincek from Istanbul: “Why should Turkey buy the S-400 and have an armed system independent from the USA?” Turkey is facing threats from the US and looking for alternative armed systems. What are the pluses of buying from the Russians and the pluses or minuses from the US? This piece breaks it all down for you. This one proved to be pretty popular, so make sure to check it out!

And no surprise here—Alex Jones is under attack again. We’ve got the story for you, followed by an economic piece on exporting Chinese capital. And if you want more on China—they’ve tightened control of Fentanyl, their super popular and super potent drug that flows into America as if there were no border. The Chinese president had promised this to Trump when they met in Argentina in December, so now he’s making good on that promise.

And we do have one in the spirit of April Fool’s Day—a piece on Obama’s most foolish law that he signed on this day. He signed a number of controversial acts into law throughout his two terms, but what was the worst? Well, we’re not going to spoil the surprise—you’ll have to read the piece to find out.

Trump, in spite of himself, and a BIG mouth to boot, is on a roll! So says Jeffrey Silverman in his piece, “Trump Supporters Can Say to Distracters: “Hit the Road Jack!” The economy is doing well, especially in the transportation sector, and Trump has a more than 50% approval rating for his handling of the economy. However, you just know the media ain’t be cutting him no slack and rejects every possible claim about the media doing well. So, who is telling the truth and who’s, well, not?

And weed is getting more and more legalized. Is it just leading to the full-on narcotization of the whole country?              The idea of the harmlessness of pot is refuted by the scientific community but still we see no awareness raising about the issue. Where’s it all headed?

What was 2018’s most profitable company in the world? You know you want to know. And for more on the economy, we’ve got a piece on labor market data. And space remains a “vital national interest” for the US. The only question is—who’s the Darth Vader in all of this? 

And if you’re like me, you’re glad this whole Mueller probe, Russian collusion business is at an end. Or, at least we hope it is. But how did it all start? Well, the former director of national intelligence says it was good ol’ Obama that kicked it all off! Is anyone surprised?

And have you ever heard of the Mississippi Safe Schools Coalition? Sounds nice, doesn’t it? But no, it’s actually just one more LGBT organization aiming to pervert our children. And unfortunately, they’re proving to be somewhat effective.

April 3 got going with a popular piece from Walt Garlington: “The Bond Between Dixie and Latin America.” He writes: “The Southern people have always had a certain kinship with the folks of Latin America.  This has shown itself in different ways at different times in Southern history.  Today, when there is so much animosity towards the United States because of Washington City’s ridiculous policies in that part of the world, we hope that by exploring that old kinship, warm ties between Latin America and Dixie can be renewed.”

And the Mueller thing might be a lost cause, but America isn’t content to leave it there. Again, surprise surprise. We’re hunting Russians in Finland too, and Jali Raita has the whole story for you! Two Russian women were detained in the Helsinki airport in December, and, well, they haven’t been treated so nicely. The mother is sick but the authorities aren’t letting her have access to her meds. It’s a crappy story all around.

How about a little Trump analysis? He’s been at the helm of the United States for two years now, and the disagreement remains: Are his policies stupid, or ingenious? And while we’re on the Trump train—more than 85% of Democrats still believe fake news. For example, they still believe the Russian collusion story despite Mueller’s report.

Up next, we’ve got a kind of depressing article on the history of cheating and the betrayal of family values in American political history. I mean, we all know about Bill Clinton and JFK and some others, but this article shows there’s a ton of other cheaters throughout our history too. Shame, shame.

And here’s a mouthful of words: “Aggressive Globalism Is the Foreign Policy Platform of the US’s Post-Industrial Capitalism.”

April 4 started off with a piece from Jesse Dominick: “Manufactured Outrage at Friendship Elementary.” Basically what happened here was that the principal at Friendship Elementary school in the Southern York County school district decided to have some with the faculty and play a game of Family Feud. She decided to dress up like the host Steve Harvey for the game, and that just really set some people off, because Harvey is black, and how dare a white person imitate a black person?!?! It’s just another case of manufactured outrage, because Democrats think that if they flip out every time race is mentioned, then I don’t know, I guess they win brownie points with their minority friends?

Then we moved along with another piece on the Fed—looks like its attempts to accelerate inflation just might result in a severe crisis. We followed that up with another piece in our series about fake news, this time with “fake news lite” from the Daily News. Right-wing activist Pamela Geller organized a rally back in 2017 against the City University of New York after it had invited Islamic nutjob Linda Sarsour, and the Daily News responded with an unsurprisingly false report, claiming there was some wild brawl at the event. And that’s just the start.

Then we had kind of a sequel to the piece about infidelity in American political families. Apparently it happened to the Bushes too—Bush Sr. was a cheater back in the day. I never knew that! Poor Barbara. Find out all about it in our piece, “Skeletons in the Bush Family Closet: What We Learned From ‘The Matriarch: Barbara Bush and the Making of an American Dynasty.’”

Next up: Dying amphibians represent prophecies coming true … maybe? The US is in a showdown with the UN, it looks like our good buddy George Soros is up to his old tricks, having sponsored the anti-Trump investigation along with the DNC. He was one of the major figures behind the Fusion GPS report that targeted Trump. It seems like if there’s trouble there’s Soros.

We began April 5 with a piece from our regular author Luis Lazaro Tijerina entitled: “Confessions of a Reluctant Landlord.” He writes: “These days it is increasingly difficult to own one’s home. That harsh fact is becoming more and more urgent in the United States. I speak from 20 years' experience as a Landlord, albeit a reluctant Landlord. And, since I have just recently sold my property and given my Tenants ample notice of my change in status, I hope to move on in my new role as an ex-Landlord.”

And we bring you another story on the US and the West messing in the rest of the world with a piece from Khalid Ibn Muneer: “The West’s Hybrid Assault on Bangladesh.” After the last general elections there, the western media started trying to make it look like the vote lacked credibility, and urging the West to start working towards restoring credible democracy to the country. This piece dives into the history of everything going on here and tells you all you need to know.

And we salute NATO on its 70th anniversary with our piece: “Spreading Sorrow, Suffering, and Death Across the Globe.” We’ve got a nice list for you of all the innocent civilians NATO is responsible for killing. It’s not an uplifting article, that’s for sure.

Trump touts the continued strength of the US economy, but is everything peachy keen like he says? Others says that were the US to enter a new cold war, well, it simply wouldn’t survive. The US empire is dying. If this piece is right, then the Trump administration desperately needs to change its hard-line policy against China and develop a more reasonable strategy.

Then we move to the oil fields to explain to you how and why oil prices are actually cut off from reality, and we’ve got a piece on the battleground that is the swing state of Florida in-between elections.

And one more in our series on fake news—you didn’t think we’d only talk about leftist outlets did you? This time we’re taking on Fox News! “One thing is clear,” the piece says, “Fox, and many other outlets, has repeatedly produced poor quality material with obvious lies.” We begin with a look at a Fox piece from 2012 where they tried to say Obama might be a secret terrorist … because he went to a Muslim school when he was 6! Now, I’ve got no love for Islam, or for Obama’s performance as president, but come on, that’s pretty thin.

And we wrap up this week’s edition of the podcast with a look at our piece that takes aim at one of the biggest companies worldwide: “PayPal Is Global Financial Fraud.” Ohhh, snap! Apparently their customer service sucks, they enjoy arbitrarily banning accounts, or banning accounts of conservative people, they like to hold back big chunks of your money, and all kinds of crap. Check out this piece and then consider if you want to consider using Paypal!

Well muchachos, we’ve arrived at the end of another podcast. These weeks fly by way too fast! Try to take it easy out there and enjoy yourselves, but don’t forget to come back here every once in a while to get the scoop on what’s going on in your world.


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