Democrats Want a United Stoned (States) of America
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Democrats Want a United Stoned (States) of America


A piece run on Fox News was the first in some time to elicit the policy shift taking place across the United States. That shift is the move towards legalization of cannabis (a.k.a “pot”, “marijuana” and other more “street” names) in each state of the US, piecemeal, despite the still-present federal ban on the drug.

That ban, dubbed the Controlled Substances Act, was passed into law in 1970, but it is a modern incarnation of the nation’s effort to federally outlaw addictive drugs that has been in place in one form or another since the early 20th Century.

The states have been gradually legalizing pot over the last four or five years now. The toothless structure of the federal law in regards to enforcement has led states to believe that they can disregard the federal law and do as they wish.

Democrats Want a United Stoned (States) of America

Constitutionally, this is a smart move. After all the federal government is supposed to be weak, and this proves the weakness, and according to the Tenth Amendment:

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

The notion of the Tenth Amendment, along with the cherry-picking of texts from other Amendments, is being used by pro-cannabis crowds to advance the idea that the prohibition on cannabis is an overreach of federal powers. This of course is the tool for something a little bit more tricky than just one’s right to get high. There is a money trail involved, too, and so a major driving force is doubtless the purveyor of such drugs and its hope to be able to sell.

As one prominent Democrat said about another controversial matter, “It’s all about the Benjamins…”

But now, for the first time, a substantial numbering of the “lead candidates” in the early phases of the 2020 Presidential elections have gone public with their desire to legalize cannabis nationally. Further, the candidates are not playing games with their thoughts on this matter – they are fully embracing this push for national legalization.

These candidates are:

  • Sen. Kamala Harris
  • Sen. Elizabeth Warren
  • Sen. Cory Booker
  • Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand
  • Sen. Tusli Gabbard
  • Sen. Bernie Sanders

At this time, these six represent the “mainstream” of the Democrat field. They are all widely known to the entirety of the American public, especially Bernie Sanders, who was cheated out of the nomination for Democrat candidate for President by Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign in 2016.

Some thought about this is that it is simply a play for votes, but the commentary offered by various people about the topic of legalization of pot is amazingly potent, in that some people seem to be smoking far too much of this already to be able to think straight. Some comments include statements like these (we have paraphrased slightly):

Democrats Want a United Stoned (States) of America

Cannabis is … far less dangerous than alcohol. People who think otherwise are steeped in propaganda… full of lies, inaccuracies and exaggerations. Getting this plant classified as a schedule 1 narcotic, worse than cocaine, apparently, was a lobbying effort from the alcohol and pharma industries.

Cannabis has many medicinal uses, being a schedule 1 drug prevented research on it but researchers outside the US found that out anyway.

It is laughable to suggest that Cannabis is somehow dangerous to society, just utterly ridiculous. Nearly every argument that is made against Cannabis these days is rooted in misinformation and propaganda. Any even semi-legitimate argument against it can easily be applied to alcohol or various other prescription drugs.

Not to mention the completely fabricated statistics about Cannabis related deaths. Car accidents involving Cannabis use almost always also involved alcohol and other factors which would have led to the same outcome, Cannabis or not.

In all fairness this comment has some truth, but the commenter is twisting the facts to fit the agenda in the manner of “why not? It’s no worse than… drug X”

And of course, the logic is flawed, as are the facts. The dead people are no less dead from cannabis than they are from alcohol. Another interesting comment on the same lines suggested the following:

A drunk driver is of course causing material harm to others, so your first argument above is moot. I've known a lot of marijuana smokers, and have never encountered a single instance of them doing material harm to others. Marijuana makes people passive and harmless, which of course is dangerous for a population as a whole…

But the logic and facts of this statement again are wrong. While it may indeed be true that the writer of this comment has never seen someone smoke pot and then go and hurt someone else, there are plenty of cases of precisely that.

The State of Colorado legalized pot, promising that the tax revenue from marijuana sales would benefit (oddly enough!) the school systems in the state, and the promise of a lot of new tax income looked as rosy as the glasses worn by the druggies who put this law forward in the first place. Now, there are indeed statistics of marijuana-influenced people driving and killing people in accidents. Furthermore, that money that was supposed to go to the schools is missing.

In fact, another Colorado resident was able to call out the reality of the situation:

Colorado has seen an increase in marijuana related traffic deaths, poison control calls, and emergency room visits. The pot black market has increased, not decreased, and numerous Colorado marijuana regulators have been indicted for corruption. Senator Booker stated his reasons for legalizing marijuana is to reduce "marijuana arrests happening so much in our country, targeting certain communities - poor communities, minority communities." One problem, legalizing marijuana has had the opposite effect.

When looking at the question of presence of drugs or alcohol in the body of the person who had or caused a fatal traffic accident, the percentages for cannabis are lower than those of alcohol, and perhaps for the reason the commenter noted – that when someone smokes pot, a common reaction is for them to get passive and lazy and do nothing. Marijuana and the “I can drive, I am invincible!!” attitude of some drunk people does not seem to go together, but the idea that this means that nobody that smokes pot then drives is absurd.

I know, because I did it once when I was eighteen. The year was 1985, and I was the most sober of the bunch of guys I was with, and honestly, I was terrified to get caught. I also did not know how under the influence I was at the time (which is one of the effects of any mind-altering drug – the person whose mind is altered does not have a way of knowing how much, or in what way, nor how to contain or control it. This was true for me.)

From that incident, further, one of the guys I was with was riding in the back seat of my car because he was so stoned he could not stay mounted on his motorcycle. I saw him try. He simply went down in the sand, thankfully not getting hurt, but he was in very bad shape.

People on drugs DO try to operate vehicles. I did it, and this guy did it (and later he did ride off, while still under the influence, but at a great speed.)

Later, from 1986 until the present time, I got my own life straightened out and then worked as a paracounselor for adolescents (age 12-24 and some older than that) with drug problems. The stories and the times these kids came within an eyeblink of death, either for themselves or someone else, was astounding.

One of our patients never completed treatment before he was withdrawn from the treatment center. He went on to cut the phone lines in his house, beat his mother until she was unconscious, and then he set the house on fire with her in it. He wrote the rehab later telling us his story, while he himself was locked up in a mental hospital, probably for the rest of his life.

The drugs involved were probably no different than pot and alcohol. Most of the patients used very little more than these two, and all of them that used any drugs at all always used pot and alcohol with or without other chemicals.

The level of ignorance – willful or otherwise – in both the Democrat party and the populace itself about drug use is astounding. Most of it that we see in comments on the Internet about drug use is trolling. In fact, it is rare that I see anyone advocating for tougher laws against drugs.

Socially this is a complete turnaround from the 1980’s and 1990’s, when Nancy Reagan’s DARE program and others like it were trying to deal with the drug epidemic and cut it down. Now we seem to be seeing the exact opposite, and the mainstream media is so strongly in favor of legalization of pot that they doubtlessly filter out anyone who tries to say there is something deeply wrong with this idea.

This attitude now has a new level of power, with these six prominent Presidential candidates all publicly advocating for legalized pot.

One wonders, though, just why it really is that Democrats, the party of identity politics, professional victimization, big government, a really strange twist on socialism that ought to be more accurately called “Free Stuff for All”, would want legalized cannabis?

Well, those stoned people are passive, and passive people that are lazy are pretty easy to control, aren’t they, man?

One has to wonder about this, and if any one reading this is alarmed, thank God. You should be. A nation of stoners with nuclear weapons cannot be good. People do nutty things when they are high.

The United States is now in a new level of decadence. That decadence is the sign of a dying empire, and one need only research the decline and fall of Rome to see the same patterns then happening now. We have more technology, but the actions are the same in purpose and effect.

But then again, one of the effects of smoking this stuff is that a person cannot learn, or retain information. In that case if you are stoned and reading this article, you probably forgot that we are talking about zebra striped toads, right?

Let us hope not.

Author: Seraphim Hanisch