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Fake Trap for the FOX. Part 2
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Fake Trap for the FOX. Part 2


WASHINGTON – March 8, 2019

This next part in our series will talk about Fox News’ repeatedly falsified statistics, largely propagated through the Fox & Friends morning show. There are too many examples to discuss them all, so we will look at just a few.

For example, Fox has repeatedly published data on unemployment in the US in different years.

One chart said the US economy was losing an increasing number of jobs per quarter, from 7 million in December 2007 to 15 million in June 2010. The numbers were taken from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

In fact, Fox used fake data based on arbitrary data points corresponding to the number of unemployed. Moreover, the data referred to the total number of unemployed Americans during those periods but not job losses.

As the following BLS chart shows, the simplistic unemployment picture that Fox presented, giving the false impression of a steady deterioration through June 2010 is incorrect. The BLS chart clearly communicates that the jobs situation in 2010 differed significantly from the jobs situation in 2009:

The following data that U.S. job losses stopped at the end of 2009 also cannot be called true, but this percentage has significantly decreased since then. A realistic chart mapping that data by successive quarter would look like this:

It should be said that Fox relates most of this data to the then-current Obama administration. We’ve already written about the conflict between Fox and the former president.

Then in 2011, Fox said the unemployment rate remained at 9% In November 2011. In fact, the rate had dropped to 8.6% according to other media data of that time.

“During the segment, co-host Gretchen Carlson accurately described the rate as having fallen ‘down to 8.6 percent from 9 percent,’ and the lower-screen text accurately noted: ‘Unemployment down to 8.6%.’ Nevertheless, Fox still aired its incorrect graphic,” said a Media Matters article.

In response to numerous accusations, Fox said there was no difference between the figures of 8.6 and 9%. Their presented graphic claimed the unemployment rate had remained steady in November 2011 at 8.6% from 9% the previous month:

In fact, as it turned out, Fox did it to distort the data of a whole 11-month period of time. Their graphic showed data that did not correspond to its own scale, putting the 8.6% unemployment rate in November 2011 higher on the chart than the March 8.8% rate, and at the same level as the 9% unemployment rate in October. The following chart clearly illustrates how Fox’s chart was manipulated to hide the decrease in unemployment from October to November in 2011:

Finally, some more data shows that it was under the Obama administration that the unemployment rate increased from 7.8% in 2009 to 14.7% in September 2012:

In fact as it turned Fox mixed two different graphics, one showing the official unemployment rate from January 2009 (7.1%), and a separate measure of unemployment for 2012 (14.7%), including part-time workers, discouraged workers, and other categories that don't fall into the official rate.

Other Fox graphs and statistics included incorrect data on climate change, rising gas prices, increasing tax rates, job losses, and so on.

Fox also made a clear mistake when it published a copied photo of the crowd waiting to participate in the opening of Gordon Ramsay’s MasterChef competition in 2011.

Reporters said “thousands upon thousands lined up” to try out for the show’s second season. The photo was published on Reddit where users ridiculed the quality of the journalistic fabrication.

Reveille Productions, who produce the show along with Shine TV, told EW in a statement: “We have reviewed the footage and it’s clear that the scene was enhanced in post-production. We sincerely apologize to our viewers and hope that they still enjoyed the show.”

A spokesperson says the shot will be not be used in future episodes, and the producers stand by the claim that thousands tried out for the show.

One more big mistake was an almost complete distortion of an interview with comedian John Stewart after a publisher skewered the network’s biases on his The Daily Show.

However, later when the interview was released, Stewart found his words had been distorted and that almost ten minutes of the conversation had been cut out.

Stewart immediately turned the tables on Fox and went on to list dozens of false statements made by the network. Lies about Obama’s healthcare plan and his connection to ACORN, fear mongering about “death panels” and the war on Christmas and talk of a “government takeover” were some of the more familiar subjects.

“Fox news is like a lying dynasty,” Stewart said. “They’re like the New England Patriots of lying! They’ve got a lot of f**cking correcting to do.”

Now some will say this is just a small misstep, but as you can see, Fox purposefully cuts out or distorts information it finds objectionable. During the Obama administration, the media giant specifically created a grim picture to denigrate the President for political reasons. You can't even talk about journalistic ethics here because there are none. It's terrible when reporters hide behind ideals and violate the principles of their profession.

In the third part, we’ll describe how Fox is leading an anti-immigration racist policy in favor of President Trump and supports him in the upcoming 2020 presidential race.

Author: USA Really