Ministry of Foreign Madness: US About to Label Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps a Terrorist Group
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Ministry of Foreign Madness: US About to Label Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps a Terrorist Group


USA - April 8, 2019

Washington is challenging Tehran with the new move within their informational and geopolitical war, though such a step seems rather odd, and more importantly, culpable.

The tensions between the US and Iran have severely worsened since the beginning of the Syrian War, as Iran makes every effort to fight against Western-backed Syrian opposition forces, and, of course, against the pure evil of ISIS. Iran also resists the militaristic rhetoric of Israel at the international level, which certainly can’t satisfy Washington, so they have to tackle Tehran as harshly as possible. Apparently, the Zionist groups of influence within the American political establishment that influence Washington’s international affairs to support the will of Israel to recognize the Golan Heights as the part of the country and to move the capital to the disputed territory of Jerusalem decided to “strike” at Iran and whispered it to the foreign policy advisors of the US State Department.  

“Under the cover of the Syrian war, the IRGC is now trying to plant military roots in Syria and establish a new strategic base to threaten Syria's neighbors such as Israel,” said Brian Hook, the State Department's special representative for Iran, proving that it was Tel-Aviv (and its supporters within the American political system) who suggested the controversial idea.

The US State Department is now about to label legitimate forces within the Iranian military structure, whose main role is national security, Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps, “a terrorist group.” The force is responsible for both internal and border security, law enforcement, and strategic control over the nation’s missile forces.

The IRGC is more than an army—it’s the concentrated will of the Iranian people to struggle against American imperialism. The Corps is a combined arms force with its own ground forces, as well as navy, air force, intellgience units, and, of course, special forces. The Basij Militia (the organization of volunteers and Iranian army supporters of about 90,000 soldiers who serve there on the regular basis and up to 300,000 reserves) units are also included in the corps. In other words, Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps is a vital organization for the survival and stability of the Iranian state in the hostile atmosphere of the Near East.

Who should be held responsible for this crucial mistake the US is about to make? Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who has been a constant critic of Iran for many years and supports the change in US policy. For Pompeo, this has been an organic part of the Trump administration’s tough approach to deals with Tehran for a few years now too. Pompeo is one of the key conductors of the Zionist will in the American political establishment and a loyal servant of the Deep State.

The most likely date for the announcement is just before the first anniversary of the President’s decision to pull out of a 2015 nuclear deal with Tehran and to reimpose the sanctions against Iran.

Author: USA Really