The Police Officers Are in Charge of Shocking Humiliation of a Homeless Man in Hawaii
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The Police Officers Are in Charge of Shocking Humiliation of a Homeless Man in Hawaii


HONOLULU – April 9, 2019

Police violence in the US sometimes manifests as true humiliation and the deprival of basic human rights, as happened to a homeless man in Hawaii who was forced to lick a public urinal.

The names of the “heroic” police officers responsible for this brutal and inhumane act are John Rabago and Reginald Ramones. The incident that occurred on January 28, 2018 was apparently meant to be a joke, but did not go according to plan for these violators of the human rights in police uniform.

According to the official statements, Rabago and Ramones were responding to a trespassing complaint. They later found a homeless man, Sam Ingall, at the site of the alleged crime and forced him to lick a urinal.

When it became public, it sparked state-level outrage. Both Rabago and Ramones, who had served 27 years on the force combined, face up to 11 years in prison and $350,000 in fines.

They have been accused of the “deprival an individual of his constitutional right to be free from an unreasonable seizure by a law enforcement officer.”

“As you often hear, people have said justice delayed is justice denied. This happened over a year ago. This really is unfortunate for so many police officers who put themselves at risk every single day to have two officers abuse their authority and create disrespect in the community for the police in general,” said the homeless man’s attorney Myles Breiner.

Since Rabago and Ramones have worked together for many years, could other Hawaiians have been abused in the same way? If so, why have they remained silent? And if such cases exist, did the local chief of police know, and if so, why did he let them go? We could be reading much similar news from Hawaii soon.

Author: USA Really