Should Trans Runners Have the Same Rights as Others, or Is It All a Scam?
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Should Trans Runners Have the Same Rights as Others, or Is It All a Scam?


USA – April 9, 2019

The Boston Marathon is coming, and the athletes are getting ready for one of the most important starts of the year. Prominent British long-distance runner Paula Radcliffe spoke against the so-called “trans runners” who enter the competition under the same conditions as normal people but have huge biological advantages over them. Her words sparked outrage in the LGBTQ community, which has lobbied for such “equal rights” for years.

Radcliffe writes on Twitter: “The serious significance here is worse because Boston is notoriously difficult to qualify for. Opening women’s QT’s up to any male who ‘self-identifies’ as female is unfair because the end result will be that female BQT’s are made harder due to the added numbers achieving them.” And, indeed: it would be too easy for any male athlete to compete against women, if he (or she?) claimed he was a woman. Men are stronger than women in general with, some exceptions that only prove the rule. And Paula Radcliffe, being a legend of long-distance running, knows what she is speaking about.

After a discussion started under her post on Twitter, and after Radcliffe was accused of being intolerant, she added: “They can identify however they want to. Just not in a sporting competition where they can deprive a woman of a qualifying place. This is because qualifying times for women are slower than for men since biological men are capable of running faster than biological women.”

Paula Radcliffe won three London Marathons (2002, 2003, 2005), and three New York Marathons (2004, 2007, 2008). She also won the Chicago Marathon in 2002. Although she has retired, she still holds the record as the fastest female marathoner of all time, finishing in 2:15:25 in 2003.

She also participated in the Olympics four times between 1996 and 2008, though she never reached the podium there (she took 4th in the 10,000 m race in Sydney in 2000). Radcliffe is a true professional and has every right to speak about the unfair advantage of trans runners.

It is no surprise that Radcliffe statement’s sparked outrage in today’s corrupt leftist society. One organization attacked her more than any other: Athlete Ally, a non-profit LGBTQ group advocating for perversion and the misuse of the principles of equality. They claim to focus on transforming athletic communities into being more inclusive and less discriminatory, and are always ready to help queer athletes in their struggle against traditionally-oriented athletes, who aren’t protected against aggressive minorities.

It is well-known that the group has solid relationships with some of the most profitable American sports associations, the best example being their work with the National Basketball Association. Athlete Ally focuses on youth (which is pretty common among sexual minorities organizations) and has conducted trainings at the NBA's Rookie Orientation Program.

We can only guess what kind of “orientation” this is, especially given that such groups are so adept at substituting the meaning of words. And given its strong influence in one of the richest sports leagues, we can surmise how rich Athlete Ally must also be. The organization’s total annual revenue is $990,621, used to propagate their ideas in the mainstream media, to secure the interests of the Deep State, and to attack conservative values.

To evaluate how “equal” particular sports disciplines are, “The Allies” even invented their own quasi-scientific index, called “the Athletic Equality Index,”–the AEI for short. The index basically measures LGBTQ policies of inclusion. It also reveals the practices of the NCAA’s Power Five conferences. Invented two years ago and being completely biased and subjective, the AEI Index, as it was described by the self-proclaimed researchers themselves, “brings the LGBTQ movement into a new era of advocacy, transparency and accountability”—a new era where there is no place for traditional and conservative values.

Back to Radcliffe: Together with other organizations, Athlete Ally has launched a massive media campaign against her. She reacted to this nonsense quickly, warning of a potential manipulation of the rules. She also pointed out this could easily happen to any top-level athlete, if the rules of the game for “trans runners” are not tightened. She was thus criticized for “spreading transphobia.”

Apparently, the only way for Radcliffe not to “spread transphobia” would be to simply stop expressing her opinions. However, Radcliffe is too frank and honest to remain silent.

Radcliffe wasn’t the only famous athlete to take a stand, and some of those who have supported her could surprise you, such as tennis legend Martina Navratilova, one of the first open lesbians in the world of professional sports. She is also concerned about so-called “trans athletes” and thinks they shouldn’t compete against female athletes.

The dictatorship of perversion has forced many outstanding athletes to stay silent. Silver medalist of the 1980 Moscow Summer Olympics and legend of British swimming Sharron Elizabeth Davies has said that a number of female athletes actually thought there should be restrictions for those who can’t be called women naturally, but were afraid to speak out, not wanting to go through the wave of criticism and accusations of being “homophobic” or “transphobic,” and this poses serious problem not only for the world of sports, but also for the key principle of existence and the freedoms America has always stood for.

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