Basel 3: Another Revolution That No One Noticed
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Basel 3: Another Revolution That No One Noticed


AUSTIN, Texas – April 9, 2019

Real revolutions are not made on the streets, but in the silence of offices, and therefore no one noticed the world revolution on March 29, 2019. Only on the periphery of the information field was there a small wave, though it died out as the situation was described in terms that are not clear to the masses.

No vulgar slogans like “Freedom, equality, fraternity” or “Patria o Muerte”. No such masterpieces of world populism were used.

Only several hundred people in the world understood what happened. They understood and preferred to keep silent or to give such comments that no one listened. Or listened, but did not understand.

And it is in vain because the world has changed so drastically that it cannot be called anything other than a revolution. The results of the revolution will simply be implemented slowly, and therefore they are invisible to the public. But the consequences, however, will soon be seen absolutely everywhere and by everyone right down to the last bum somewhere in the Detroit slums.

This revolution is called Basel III, and it was made by the Bank of International Settlements named after the famous Bernard Baruch. Its essence is as follows: The BIS runs the IMF, and that, in turn, the central banks of all countries. The body of such control is called BCBS - Basel Committee on Banking Supervision. This is not some amorphous State Department or Congress. This is not a stupid Pentagon or an ignorant Treasury Department or the criminal CIA or a freak show called the White House.

It is not even banks of the US Federal Reserve System that control all these "messes". It is the government of them all together. That is, it is the real-world government, which the world is trying not to speak about out loud.

The BCBS is a kind of political bureau of the world, whose Secretary-General is rumored to be Comrade Baruch, and the underground members of the Central Committee are completely classified. Over the years, it has been called different things, but we like the expression “Zurich dwarfs”.

So call the owners of the money - the Swiss bankers, and not the owners of commercial banks, but those very ordinary-looking men sitting in the Swiss city of Basel, which not even Hitler dared to attack, who attached the whole world to the Reich, but remained neutral with Switzerland. But, as you know, in Switzerland, except for the Swiss riflemen, there is no army. Who was so afraid of Hitler, who easily and boldly created the first European Union?

Today, as then, the "recommendations" of the BCBS, issued on March 29, 2019, were immediately adopted by all central banks of the world.

So why would this seemingly routine decision be a revolution? The essence is simple. In the world, the system of monopoly dollar domination created in 1944 in Bretton Woods and reformed in 1976 in Jamaica, where gold was recognized as invalid by the equivalent to world money, was canceled. In accordance with the Bretton Woods agreements, the dollar became the world money, and gold became an ordinary exchange commodity, such as metal or sugar, traded in commodity exchanges in London. True, the rules of the game were determined there by only three firms of the London pool, belonging to even fewer owners, but, nevertheless, the dollar was filled not with gold, but with oil.

Since then we have lived in such a world. Gold was considered a third category reserve for all banks, from central to commercial, where reserves were primarily in dollars and US bonds. Basel rules require an increase in, above all, cash reserves. This linked the number of monetary resources of banks with which they could make an expansion, but it was a necessary measure to preserve the stability of the global banking system, which during the crisis showed insufficiency.

Basel rules meant that on the balance sheets of world banks, gold as a reserve of the third category was estimated at 50% of its value. In this case, all the owners of world money traded in gold, not in kind, but on paper, without moving real metal, the volume of which in the world was not enough for real transactions.

This was done in order to pin down the price of gold, to keep it as low as possible. First of all, it is in the interests of the dollar. After all, the dollar is tied to oil, which was supposed to cost no less than the price of one gram of gold per barrel.

And now, they "just" decided to rank gold not third, but first. And that means that you can now estimate it not at 50, but at 100% of its value. This leads to a revaluation of the balance sheet. Of course, nothing will change in the world for a few months. The turn will be very slow. The US officially has a gold reserve of 8133.5 tons, but there is such a thing as a financial multiplier: For one gold dollar, banks print 20-30 paper-computer ones.

This means that the US can additionally officially receive only $170 billion, and taking into account the multiplier, $4.5 trillion. This explains why the Fed holds the growth of the key rate and still maintains the course for a decline in the balance sheet. It fears a jump in hyperinflation.

But now all the major states, gold holders, will overestimate their gold and foreign exchange reserves—Germany, Italy, France, Russia, China, and Switzerland—countries where the gold reserves exceed 1,000 tons.

Notice - there is no snobby Britain in this list. Its reserves are less than 1,000 tons. Experts suspect that its no coincidence that Brexit coincides with the date of Basel III. The increased financial strength of the leaders of Europe - Germany, and France - is capable of fully completing the defeat of Britain on the European continent. It was necessary to run off as soon as possible.

Now gold will become more expensive, and its price will rise from 1$200-1,400 per troy ounce to $1,800-2,000 by this autumn. Now it is clear why Russia and China all these years so persistently spent export revenues on the growth of gold reserves. There is a situation when no one will sell gold in the world now.

Injecting extra money into the global economy will last for 5-6 months. In the US, this money can be used to pay off astronomical debt. Perhaps this was not the last motive of such a decision of Zurich. But the main thing, after all, is an attempt to slip out from under a falling dollar.

Since the dollar and oil are related, the rise in the price of gold will pull the rise in the price of oil. Now a barrel is worth as much as 1.647 grams of gold. Rising prices will cause the collapse of the world economy, where 85% of the dollar money supply is spinning in stock surrogates such as stocks, bonds, and treasuries. The exchange will no longer be able to tie such an extra mass of money.

The oil industry will be fine, perhaps even better than anyone, but not for long. The collapse of the economy due to expensive oil will be the collapse of the oil industry.

But why is the decision of Basel a revolution? Because a financial flood will begin in the global economy in autumn. This will result in an acceleration of isolation from the dollar system by Russia and China and a number of other “non-democratic” countries and the collapse of economies that completely depend on the dollar - these are US vassals. They will be the worst. This means that the reason to go the distance between the EU and the US will increase significantly. The world is awaiting a remake of the global unions' map.

And the redrawing of these alliances will be carried out not least by military methods. Or with their partial use, but one way or another, the military arguments in the world will increase to the level of an almost guaranteed war. “Almost” is our hope of salvation, since the former US elites, who are closely associated with international financiers, are losing all the main instruments of influence on this world, apart from the military force, of course.

But that’s not why the "Zurich Dwarfs" created this world so that the elite groups that were rapidly losing power would be so easily turned into radiation ash. The US elite groups will be watered with cold water as an emergency nuclear reactor, and the world has experienced the most global transformations over the past few centuries. The revolution that those who have so long waited and feared it have spoke about has begun. Please fasten your seat belts and do not smoke, the captain and crew wish you a pleasant flight.

Author: USA Really