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Fake Trap for the FOX. Part 3
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Fake Trap for the FOX. Part 3


WASHINGTON – March 9, 2019

In 2015, a Fox reporter called the British city of Birmingham “totally Muslim” whereas census data said around 850,000 non-Muslims lived there that year, accounting for approximately 80% of the near 1.1 million population of Britain’s second largest city.

Speaking on Fox News, Steven Emerson – who claimed to be a “terrorism expert” –said gangs of religious police in parts of London beat up people who are not wearing Islamic clothes.

“And, parts of London, there are actually Muslim religious police that actually beat and actually wound seriously anyone who doesn’t dress according to religious Muslim attire,” Emerson said.

He added: “In Britain, it’s not just no-go zones, there are actual cities like Birmingham that are totally Muslim where non-Muslims just simply don’t go in.”

Twitter was full of criticism and ridicule under the hashtag #FoxNewsFacts. After numerous disputes and resentment, the reporter had to admit his mistake and apologize.

“There was no excuse for making this mistake and I owe an apology to every resident of Birmingham. I am not going to make any excuses. I made an inexcusable error. And I am obligated to openly acknowledge that mistake,” Emerson stated later.

In conclusion, he added he was planning to make a donation to the Birmingham Children’s hospital.

But was the reporter wrong, if Birmingham today, like most of Europe, is actually Muslim?

Proletarian capital

Birmingham, the second-most populous city in west-central England, was known throughout the world as one of the centers of technological progress and the labor movement during the industrial revolution. The white proletarians of Birmingham, unlike others, were united and ready to fight for their rights with employers and the police. In 1832, it was Birmingham workers under the revolt and civil war threat that forced the authorities to make concessions and agree to electoral reform, which allowed large industrial cities to increase representation in Parliament.

During the Second World War, the city was badly damaged, but at the end of the war, a new economic boom began. After the empire’s collapse, the mass of residents of the former colonies, mainly from South Asia, flocked into Birmingham. The local economy digested all and asked for more. The city population exceeded one million, Birmingham has been ahead even of London in terms of quality of life.

Everything then collapsed in the early 1980s. Britain, like the entire Western world, was swept by a wave of recession. In the case of Birmingham, it was aggravated with its specialization: After the war, Britain officials, seeking to raise the economy of other regions, turned it into a single-industry city focused on engineering. When Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher began to close unprofitable production to save the national economy, more than 100,000 people were without work.

Birmingham then replied to London with the famous Handsorting riots with flying stones, Molotov cocktails and even homemade bombs. In contrast to what was happening in other cities — the protests that covered the whole of Britain — in Birmingham white, black and Asian youth fought with the police in a single system.

European Mecca

... Proletarian solidarity then is a thing of the past. Over the past decade, the economic city image has changed dramatically, and now the key sector in it is the service sector. Although it would be more correct to say that this part of the economy remains almost in first place around the world. This is one of the key aspects of the capitalist system. Its success always rests on robbery. But we will leave too complex issues aside for now so as not to move away from the main topic.

Birmingham today is a city divided into several large communities. According to recent data, almost 58% of the population is white, 27.5% Asian (more than half of whom are Pakistanis), less than 9% black, mostly Caribbean. At that time while demographers predicted an 8% increase in the city's population by 2021, the proportion of the white population declined sharply. Today, more than half of primary school students are black or Asian.

The fastest growing community in the city is Muslim, with one in five Birmingham residents professing Islam. Here we recall the mistake of the Fox reporter who pointed out that Birmingham is a Muslim city.

But this mistake is understandable. In the 1990s, refugees from unstable regions, including Somalia, were added to the already large Pakistani and Indian diaspora. In recent years, the Muslim community has been growing rapidly, including through immigration from other European countries. For many European followers of Islam, Birmingham has become a new Mecca: In the countries where they live, they are viewed with suspicion after the recent terrorist attacks.

According to one of these immigrants, Alicia Fierens, a Belgian by birth, who adopted Islam with her Chinese husband, over the past six years even a tolerant Belgium has turned into a sharply anti-Muslim country.

“We were having our first child and we didn’t want him to grow up with that,” she said. Birmingham is friendlier, “as long as you stay in the area.”

As for child education, now neophytes will not have any problem: Local public schools allowed wearing a veil and breaks for daily prayer. After school, children then go to the madrasah where they will study the Koran.

In Birmingham, Fierens and her husband feel at home: Five local areas are almost entirely populated with Muslims, and in many others, they make up to 20% of the population.

“I feel safe around here because a lot of other women dress like I do,” said one resident, 20-year-old Sara Begum. “Other people look at this neighborhood, they see a lot of brown people and a lot of Muslims and they worry about security.”

There will be massacres

This concern was proven in August 2011, when riots broke out in England. Starting in London’s Tottenham district, they quickly spread to other cities.

In Birmingham, more than 800 thugs in balaclavas and with guns, mostly black, attacked primarily Muslim neighborhoods. The mutual hatred was stored up for a long time — since the gang wars of 2005, when Caribbean immigrants came together with groups of Pakistanis in the struggle for market repartition of prostitution and drugs, and finally spread into the streets.

The police tried to restrain the attackers, but the forces were not enough: While they blocked one street, the rioters changed the route and passed on another. The crowd broke into Pakistani neighborhoods and began breaking windows, raiding restaurants, stealing everything in sight.

The Muslim community quickly organized militias squads. The first victims soon came — three Pakistanis tried to protect their property, but they were hit by a car — as the investigation then showed, the hit-and-run was intentional. The city was on the verge of interracial conflict.

“It was a rally for the whole community and not just the Muslims,” said the father of one of the dead, Tariq Jahan. “... Some of the young men in our community wanted revenge.”

The situation was saved only by the arrival in the city of additional police forces and Prime Minister David Cameron personally, who met with community leaders and managed to extinguish the passions. But the problems remained: Unemployment in Birmingham is still over 10%, and young people — be they blacks or Asians — have nowhere to go but onto the streets.

It was there, according to police, Muslim youth were prepared for jihad. “A lot of kids are on drugs, or from single-parent families, or who experience domestic violence,” said Mohammed Ashfaq, director of Kikit, a community organization that helps young people who are drawn to drugs and extremist ideology. “They turned religion into a gang-type thing, with thugs around him saying, ‘Come join our gang.’ Their message was ‘you can be cool, you can become a gangster jihadi.’”

But even children from wealthy families sooner or later receive their portion of Islamist propaganda. This happens most often in schools or universities, where radical preachers freely penetrate. Birmingham has recently been shaken by a number of scandals when school sermons with calls to kill the infidel leaked to the internet. Several Islamist teachers have been fired, but how many are left?

Stop on the Jihad path

More recently, Coventry Road was one of the busiest streets and the place of residence of the most conservative Birmingham Islamists — “al-Muhajirun” Islamic organization buses plied across the streets, led by preacher Anjem Choudary. Prayers were carried from the speakers, and the organization members handed out leaflets to passers-by calling to go to Islam and help the jihadists.

Now Choudari in prison, “al-Muhajirun” was declared a terrorist organization by the British court but the network, spread by Islamists in Birmingham, has not gone away. It will be easy to escape and get lost in these Muslim neighborhoods: The police don't risk meddling there. In addition, radical mosques always shelter walking on the Jihad path. Co-religionists are not extradited here. A lot of well-known personalities have been through such a clandestine terror network, according to Birmingham police. Among them are the organizers of the terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels — Abdelhamid Abaaoud and Mohammed Abrini, a close Jihadi John friend Junaid Hussain, and many others, who then went to war in Syria, Iraq and Somalia in the name of pure Islam.

“Extremist networks are run ‘like the mafia’ and include bookshops that sell extremist literature,” former senior counterterrorism official David Videcette said. “They also organize tours and talks involving hate preachers and use some mosques to raise funds. It’s a business for them. When we say terrorism, people tend to think it’s about religion. It’s not. This is always about money.”

Birmingham Muslims, in turn, claim that a few bad apples cannot spoil the whole herd. The city held mass actions condemning the attack on Westminster and the local community has collected a round sum for the victims and the families of the victims.

The Birmingham Faith Leaders' Group has even issued a special statement saying: “We implore people to recognize that such actions are taken by individuals, not by whole communities ... Every day in Birmingham we see examples of creative, productive and supportive relations across the faiths. We should unite in our condemnation and strive to create better, stronger relations with fellow citizens, especially in trying times.”

However, Muslim activists themselves recognize that the problem exists. The guards who raided Birmingham were fortunate that most of the suspects lived in areas with mixed populations. In a purely Muslim neighborhood they would have hardly managed to find the ends. Part of Birmingham’s allure to prospective militants is its diverse sprawl of Muslim neighborhoods where they can blend in easily, local activists said.

“It’s a hiding place or a passing place to do what they want to do, and keep a low profile,” Ashfaq admits. “If a militant were to hide, for example, in Birmingham’s Muslim neighborhood of Sparkbrook, no one looks at them twice.”

In addition, it necessary to take into account that the issue of the migration crisis in the UK has been very acute for more than a dozen years. The problem with immigrants from the Middle East and other countries began in the 19th century when the island was inhabited with Indians, immigrants from Africa and the Caribbean. And the situation worsened after the Second World War when the British government resolved to restore its own economy and strengthen the market at the expense of migrants from the colonies. Later, the situation got out of control, and refugees began to threaten not only the cultural system of Great Britain but also the island inhabitants, as the crime rate increased dramatically. And not rarely on the basis of political confrontation of “black and white” and “Muslims and Christians.” To realize the level of danger it is worth noting that in 1953 there were only 3,000 migrants in England, and in 1961 there were more than 136,000.

Britain knows many examples of ethnic riots that the West Indies and the Middle East nationals from the colonies carried out. Thus, the first wave of riots involving former Caribbean citizens took place in the 1980s. Massacres and accusations were directed mainly against the police and the authorities. Refugees from the ghetto said the racist authorities are biased to them. The champion of the riots was the London district of Brixton, where riots took place in 1981, 1985 and 1995. Black youth rioted in 1981 and 1985 in Taxat as well.

The second wave occurred in the 2000s. The main focus of the political opposition of national minorities and of the government was towns like Oldham and Brekford. Poor people from ghettos and industrial areas, who were dissatisfied with racism in England, spread onto the streets to organize riots. In 2005, a much unexpected phenomenon occurred – riots in Birmingham...

The situation in England worsened even more after the beginning of the implementation of the tolerant policy of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who considered it right to provide assistance to refugees from the Middle East and other crisis regions. As a result, Birmingham was called the “the jihadi capital of Britain” or “the country of rape,” and the migrants’ appearance in England has changed significantly.

As the BBC previously reported, it was in Birmingham that 36 of the 260 most dangerous radical Islamists lived, who staged violent actions in the UK. For example, we know the story of a certain Khalid Masud, who rented a car and slammed into people in Central London. It is noteworthy that statistics show that every tenth person convicted of involvement in terrorist activities in Britain previously lived in the small Birmingham area of Sparkbrook or near it. In the UK, the number of violent crimes on sexual grounds has increased significantly, where migrants have become the main persons involved. As a result, the migration crisis in the EU was one of the causes of Brexit.

Therefore, back to our main topic, it is necessary to say at once that the journalist then may have been right to say that Birmingham is “totally Muslim,” at least by 2019 this percentage is not less than half. On the other hand, a journalist has no right to judge the situation unambiguously in view of his profession. Journalistic ethics have not been canceled.

The second part we consider here is how Fox has been using racist, nativist, and anti-immigrant rhetoric to talk about border issues.

Going back to political issues, we've previously said that Fox is known for the promotion of one political course and the opposition of the other, as with the Obama administration. As for Trump, Fox fully supports the President's policy and some even believe that the channel is his main media aggregator.

Let's first remember Trump's election promise to build a wall on the US-Mexico border and immediately recall then how the media criticized him and still does. It's a word game that the media plays in the US; it's funny, but at the same time, it's the bitter truth of our day.

One of the most striking recent examples is that Fox supported the ongoing policy of the government shutdown of December 2018–January 2019. Other examples can be highlighted here:

Prime-time Fox host Tucker Carlson argued on his show that “more immigration” isn’t “always better for our economy” because “legal or not, immigrants send their earnings abroad” to their families “and they pay nothing when they do it because remittances are untaxed.” In another case, he told Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen that “one party has a vested interest in changing the population” in discussing immigration. Carlson also asked Nielsen if she would “be willing to draft an executive order eliminating birthright citizenship.” White nationalists have celebrated Carlson for bringing their talking points into the mainstream media.

Fox Business host Lou Dobbs said immigration could “consign tens of thousands, perhaps millions of Americans to their deaths.”

Prime-time Fox host Laura Ingraham spoke several times on this issue. In particular, she said that “the Democrats want to replace many of you with new voters who eventually they will give amnesty to -- to new voters who have -- you know, they have no real affinity for the American founding.”

Among her other expressions were: “undocumented immigration amounts to an invasion of the country,” or that immigrant schoolchildren have led to a “diminished product” in schools or that undocumented immigrants don't have “any sense of gratitude” when the government treats them so gently. On her podcast, Ingraham said immigration is pushing “Western civilization” toward “tipping over a cliff,” which is in line with common white nationalist tropes.

There are many such cases. Fox has repeatedly justified closing the border and urged Trump to put an end to “this asylum scam” because many migrants crossing the border are “fake asylum seekers.” Reporters accused the immigrants of murder and multiple rapes, in violation of the United States laws border crossing, staying on US territory.

Fox purposefully invited onto its various programs only those who support Trump's rhetoric regarding the closure of the border.

And it's worth noting that even though the media policy is partially correct, Fox was too outspoken on readers' feelings and made too harsh of statements on the issue. As has been repeatedly said, journalists should be objective but not march to someone else’s drum as happens in the US, or in any other country. The objectivity of the media has disappeared with the perishing of the huge machine of the capitalist system. The profession has outlived its usefulness as a species, and people are left to seek a share of the truth among the remaining units of independent media or blogs.

Author: USA Really