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Brazil Under American Hegemony
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Brazil Under American Hegemony


The presence of American Imperialism in Brazil must be understood in a concise, objective fashion.

The siphoning of resources from American owned companies in Latin America, their offshore assets, towards America itself is a significant indication of hemorrhaging and negative capital flow. It is also a significant stain on the independence of Brazil as a country. We must estimate that perhaps $8 billion[1] leave the country a year as a result of this chain of negative economic dependency.

We must too become aware of the consequences of negative capital flow as a result of the chain of inter-dependencies caused by the prominence of the capitalistic system. This system is responsible for the effective annihilation or curtailing of national sovereignty of all countries, but most especially those that have been historically in the “periphery”, such as Brazil.

The flow of resources, raw materials, money, etc., from Brazil is historically one of the main sources of poverty and the deficit of this nation. It must necessarily call into question the false truths of the capitalistic mind, and the capitalistic system in general, that have always sought to consolidate themselves within the myth of capitalistic, and liberal, hegemony.

Liberal hegemony must be then understood as the prominence of liberal economics, which is the economics of the Faustian Spirit, and the Maritime Powers, and the necessary destruction of the limits of state sovereignty within the bounds of a new international massive cartel, or conglomerate, of interests dictated solely by the profit motive.

This perverted dystopia, created by the ruthless nihilism of neo-liberalism since the 1980’s, carries as its necessary condition sine qua non the dismantling of the state apparatus, of the Bismarckian and Westphalian state, and the curtailing of cultural identities in favor of the needs of planetary business.

Thus we must understand that the operations of capital flow and “escape” have so far increased in size and number exponentially ever since US hegemony became firm – in the 1930’s and 40’s, no less – and so far also constitute a significant measure of US supremacy in directing the output of neo-liberal economic exploitation. This supremacy consists in one of the main hurdles for the formation of a free, better Brazil, and also of consistent, better minded political elites.

The American hegemony must be challenged, in its Latin American core, as in other such cores, as the first step towards the construction of a new Latin American multi-polar power block.

The mindset of neo-liberal capitalism forms a consistent pattern of abuse, and its tentacles form a consistent threat that threatens to suck dry entire countries, depriving them of their necessary identities. It has already been realized, by the proponents of multi-polarity, that the current global neo-liberal system is a menace, and it benefits only an elite of maritime countries to the detriment of all the rest. These countries, since Bretton Woods notably, have obtained significant hegemony and significant scores of financial resources, bleeding the periphery dry.

It should be noted that this litmus of center-periphery, while first noticed by leftist economists in Latin America, has a channel of application that engulfs the whole world.

American supremacy puts the world hostage. And the main vehicle of this supremacy lies in the pillars of US Reserve Currency hegemony, and the status of the petrodollar, especially in the vassal Gulf monarchies of the United States.

All of this, then, consists in the broad major web of American hegemony. And all of this, then, must be constituted into the target of those concerned with the destruction of this very same American hegemony.

While we have seen this from Russia and Iran and other countries, especially, in the attempt to remove the dollar from their bi-lateral efforts at negotiation, one must be intelligent enough to discern that this constitutes only a small step in creating the necessary dents for a global dollar retreat.

The end of dollar hegemony could be counted, then, as the main goal of those who seek to undermine US imperialistic might, and its capability to wage wars on all continents, and also as a major first effort towards the creation of a sovereign multi polar bloc of states that effectively challenges US hegemony and succeeds in removing the element of US hegemony and influence in our days. Conscious acceptance of US Reserve Currency status is, in our times, a conscious acceptance of the vassalage of peoples and nations to the chains of US power. It happened in the former Soviet Union, and it is a consummate fact among all those still aligned with this the US power bloc.

The construction of multi-polarity comes necessarily with the assent of a new economic order, less focused on the nihilistic chaos of the so-called forces of the market, and better oriented towards its task and goal: that the primacy of economics over the state, a reality in the liberal world of dystopia we now finds ourselves in, be replaced with the due subordination of economic affairs by better oriented forces, whose focus lies in helping and supporting, and not in the destruction, of the primal role of the state as the guarantee of a people’s well-being and sovereignty.

Finally, it should be mentioned that multi-polarity, being a byproduct of a less unjust economic order, must be necessarily built also upon the principles that have been outlined here, and which consist in the rearing of a new political elite with a different mindset.

This differentiated mindset must become the pillar of this new Brazilian elite. Insofar as the old, demented paradigms of the Cold War continue to dominate Brazilian politics, furthered as they are by the growth in ideas of Neocon pundits like Olavo de Carvalho, we must be aware that the main motive behind a solid and stable Latin America lies in the rearing of an elite that accepts its role and responsibility in the creation of a nationalistic paradigm that is free of the ideals of the colonialist past, and reared especially towards the idea that Latin America constitutes a solid power bloc, and a key player in the coming multi-polar world.

This servitude, which has bound the right wing firmly to the goals of the demented hegemon, must now be counted as a firm obstacle: There must be a general conscience that liberal politics, in themselves, are too weak and inept in serving the role of keeping a strong political hand in Latin American affairs. And that this can only be remedied by the geopolitics of multi-polarity, as understood by the adepts of a new anti-liberalism; only they have the power to effectively, and firmly establish themselves as the centers of a bloc of geopolitical might in the environment of the multi-polar world.

There is a spiritual side of multi-polarity, just as there is a side that is bound to the guns and butter. This can be accomplished via the realization that the new, dedicated political class will act as the intellectual bulwark for the safeguard of the guarantees that make up for a strong and independent Brazil, and the intellectual slavery to US paradigms will finally come down while Washington’s purvey loosens upon the world.

The end is in sight for the uni-polar world of yesterday, and its liberal nihilism. And the ones that stand to profit the most from this, are the countries that form BRICS: either they accept, and act according to the realities that are working to undermine global neo-liberalism, or they must necessarily stand blindly by the same side that has always been their cruel and merciless overseer, the master of the neo-colonial system, and that in the end seeks and threatens to actively engulf us and destroy our whole independence.

Unless we actively seek to form our own Latin American bloc and coordinate our efforts with other centers of multi-polarity, countering actively the US hegemony with our own resilience, we will continue to be the passive spectators of the sad world late liberal nihilism, and late liberal distortion and destruction of organic civilization by the forces of international plutocracy, and of the maritime powers in their bent for global domination, suppression of differences, plunder and leveling of all that is different from them.

[1] Based on 1987 Estimates, published by Brazilian university FGV.

Author: Rodrigo Sobota