Trump Says There Was Attempted Coup Against Him
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Trump Says There Was Attempted Coup Against Him


AUSTIN, TEXAS – April 12, 2019

As promised by the White House’s former chief political consultant, Stephen Bannon, after the investigation by Special Prosecutor Mueller, who never found evidence of the conspiracy of Trump in favor of the Kremlin, Trump “turned on the beast.” The US President said that there was an attempted coup, and stressed that the security services who actually tried to remove him from office, committed treason.

Moreover, Trump himself now has the opportunity to take revenge and even a suitable tool for a total cleansing of his political opponents, and not only among security officers. Attorney General William Barr, apparently, is really ready to arrange the most extensive political investigation in American history.

The BBC writes: “Barr said that in his opinion, the US authorities were spying on Trump’s campaign. Representatives of the American intelligence earlier stated that they were spying on the Russians, not on Trump. ”

It is significant that, by and large, the position of the US Attorney General now coincides with the position of Russia, which initially stated that the entire investigation into the “Russian conspiracy” was nothing more than an element of the internal political struggle in the United States and was intended to prevent Trump and then achieve his impeachment.

Trump himself is clearly counting on the prosecution of those who organized and ordered an investigation about his "ties with the Kremlin."

The further scheme of action is quite predictable. It is very likely that there will be an investigation into the activities of a group of FBI employees who were allowed to spy on Trump's headquarters and on his family in a special "closed" court. It has long been known that this permission was obtained on the basis of, to put it mildly, dubious data that the former MI6 officer Christopher Steele issued to this team of Clinton supporters.

The secret services, who demanded the possibility of spying on the future President and his family, hid the fact that Steele’s so-called dossier was most likely indirectly paid for by structures close to Hillary Clinton’s campaign office and that part of the "dossier" was based on the targeted media strategy of the Clinton election headquarters.

Part of the investigation will necessarily consider the internal correspondence between high-ranking intelligence agents, who urged each other that they would not allow Donald Trump to be elected, and that in case of Hillary Clinton’s defeat, they had some kind of “insurance policy,” which probably meant the "Steele dossier" (which under other circumstances would have served as the basis for the impeachment of the US President and, perhaps, even for his criminal prosecution for treason).

If at least one of the participants in the conspiracy will talk and make a plea deal (for example, in exchange for a very lenient sentence), then the FBI leadership and some high-ranking employees of other US intelligence agencies who contributed to the “Kremlin dossier” on Trump will face the real prospect of being tried for an attempted coup.

And if (at least because of the fear of getting the electric chair) someone from those who coordinated their work with the Clinton campaign headquarters talks, then Trump will have an almost ideal opportunity to realize the main slogan of his election campaign: “Lock her up!”

In the context of the upcoming presidential elections, the incumbent President has an excellent opportunity to turn the election campaign into one big show, the main theme of which will be crimes of politicians from the Democratic Party. The election campaign will be conducted against the background of an investigation into the attempted coup d'état undertaken by Clinton’s sympathizers from the US special services, and the Ukrainegate investigation - attempts by Ukrainian politicians to affect the 2016 elections - also on the side of Clinton, of course, as the American pro-Trump  media is already actively writing about.

In this case, the well-known rule of American policy, “hawks will not pick hawks' eyes,” will not work, because Trump's opponents started first. And the reasoning about how Trump’s children will look cool behind bars has become almost an everyday habit of many US politicians and opinion leaders from the Clinton camp.

In general, the last chance for those who would still like to see Trump’s impeachment and prove that Trump is a KGB agent who came to power solely through collusion with Russia, is the arrest of Julian Assange, who the Ecuadorian authorities have already escorted with some information about “Russian hackers” with whom he allegedly collaborated.

If it will be possible to extract confessions from Assange (and the US secret services are not shy in their methods), the testimony that the compromising information that WikiLeaks published during the 2016 election campaign on Hillary Clinton was received from the Russian special services and that his stuffing was coordinated and ordered by Trump's environment, then today's “traitors and putschists” from the FBI may well become the heroes who saved America from “KGB agent Donnie.”

Author: USA Really