The Great American Army of Perverts
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The Great American Army of Perverts


USA – April 12, 2019

Perversion has almost defeated the American Army, as there even are organizations nowadays that protect “the rights” of LGBT soldiers and connect them in a “gay network.” Something that would have been completely impossible just a couple of decades ago is now part of the rules of the game. Thus, one of the most conservative and traditional institutions has become patrimony of the queer.

President Trump has been trying his best to stop the expansion of different LGBT organizations into the American military, but since the Deep State propagates perversion, it’s very difficult to effectively fight against it. Everything started in Obama’s days, when the so-called “transgender recruits” were to start serving in the Army by July 1, 2017.

Conservative forces argued this decision but weren’t able to fully cancel it; during the early days of the Trump administration the measure was postponed to January 1, 2018. It took a huge effort on the part of Trump’s administration to reverse the policy entirely, but only in regard to transgender soldiers, as lesbians, gays and other sexual minorities still serve in the military, corrupting it from within.

Of course, the ban on transgenders serving was immediately challenged in court, and after LGBT lobbying groups got involved, it led to the implementation of the “updated policy.” The new policy also included some restrictions on transgender soldiers serving in the army, but they were relatively light. Thus, transgender soldiers have been serving openly since January 2018.

Trump’s Administration has taken numerous steps to limit “the rights” of around 15,000 transgender American soldiers, to protect ordinary Americans who have chosen to build a military career and never wanted to serve with perverts. Unfortunately, the president is surrounded by various groups of influence, most of which propagate liberal and tolerant ideas.

Is 15,000 a big number or not? Maybe for the U.S. it’s not so many, since there are up to 1,348,000 actives in the military, but it would be enough to beat the armies of nations such as Honduras, Cameroon and Paraguay.

And to draw the portrait of “The Great American Army of Perverts” we can go even further into our research. If we look into the open sources and analyze research papers prepared on the issue, we can easily find all the needed information to count the exact number of perverts serving in the military.

The research conducted by the RAND Corporation in 2015 (and we can assume the situation hasn’t changed dramatically since then) stated: 6.1 percent of those who serve in the U.S. Military identify themselves as gays, lesbians, bisexuals or transgender, which also means up to 81,000 American soldiers (if we consider active military personnel only) in absolute numbers are open perverts. This is more than the size of the armies of such nations as Peru, Chile and Argentina, or, if you want, as many as four Swiss armies. Moreover, some branches of the U.S. military, such as the navy, have up to 9.1 percent perverts serving there.

The situation gets even worse if we count the whole number of perverts in both active and reserve personnel (which is, according to the estimates of 2018, 2,206,350 people), since in this case the number of LGBT soldiers in the army would increase to no less than 134,587, which is comparable to the number of soldiers serving in the armies of significant European powers, such as United Kingdom (150,250) and Germany (178,600).

One of the key LGBT rights lobbying groups within the American military is the so-called OutServe-SLDN. This organization is basically a network of LGBT soldiers that was formed as a result of the cooperation between two other groups of influence: OutServe and the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network. This merge made the LGBT lobby within American military even stronger, and today OutServe-SLDN is considered the largest LGBT employee resource groups not only in the U.S. in particular, but in the world in general.

OutServe itself was founded ten years ago, in 2009, by US Air Force Academy alumni Josh Seefried (who was formerly known as JD Smith, since he wanted to protect his identity) and Ty Walrod. With the support of the Deep State, the group stepped into the international arena to gather all the perverts serving in the military all over the world. There are about 7,000 members in 80 chapters in different countries.

OutServe receives a lot of support from various American political activists who sometimes have quite interesting backgrounds. For example, on April 10, Meghan McCain (daughter of the notorious Republican war-hawk John McCain who passed away last year) condemned Trump’s ban imposed on transgenders in military, calling it “indefensible,” “un-American,” and “discriminatory,” which was welcomed by a number of LGBT organizations of America.

“It is indefensible that Trump's ban on Transgender troops is being implemented on Friday. This discriminatory policy will lead Transgender service members, patriots who have decided to serve their nation, to live in the shadows. It's an unfair, un-American and dangerous policy,” McCain wrote on Twitter.

Thus, the struggle between the tolerant Deep State and conservative forces in the U.S. is well underway, though as the number of perverts in the military continues to grow, we can expect more and more to join the Great American Army of Perverts.

Author: USA Really