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Everybody Must Get Stoned!


Marijuana, fake news, gay Republicans and more: This week’s edition of the USA Really podcast brings you a whole host of interestingly weird and weirdly interesting stories. And don’t forget the Albanians, the Jews, and slavery!

Hello again everyone and welcome to our USA Really weekly podcast for April 15, covering everything that went up on our site during the week of Monday April 8 through Sunday April 14. As always, we have a number of thought provoking opinion pieces to discuss, as well as all of our analyses and reports on the latest in your world.

It’s always fun to get our podcasts rolling with an article from Seraphim Hanisch—I usually find his articles illuminating. And the title on this one is sure to grab your eye: “Democrats Want a United Stoned (States) of America.” If we keep going in the same direction we are now, eventually weed will be legalized in every state. Of course you can argue about whether or not that’s a good thing. The states are gradually legalizing it, but what about the federal Controlled Substances Act? Can the states just ignore that? Would it surprise you to learn that this is all really about … money? I sure hope that doesn’t surprise you! If it does, you’re asleep. Anyways, Hanisch has all the lowdown for you here.

Then we continued our look at Fox News with “Fake Trap for the FOX. Part 2,” looking at Fox’s repeatedly falsified statistics, largely appearing on the Fox & Friends morning show. Then we had a piece on the unlikely pairing of LGBT organizations and the Republicans: “The History of a Really Bad Romance.” Apparently the Log Cabin Republicans—a gay Republican group—was founded all the way back in 1977. I never would have guessed that.

And we just might have a new terrorist group to worry about, or at least so says the US. Looks like the “US About to Label Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps a Terrorist Group.” That should make for fun times. And we may have a new front for military confrontations on our hands: the Arctic! Who would have seen that coming, right? Why the crap would a bunch of ice be strategic? Well, our article “Ice Cake” has all the answers for you.

The next day started with an opinion piece from Aaron D. Chiroma: “The CIA’s First African Colour Revolution Experiments; The Congo.” He starts off: Beautiful scenery, abundant natural resources, vast landmass, a primitive and still growing civilization today, appears to be a golden business environment, a choice holiday destination, etc but prior to the 21st century these qualities and advantages marked you out for one of the cruelest forms of political exploitation and repression, colonialism. This story about the Congo is an unpleasant one, but it’s one we need to know.

“…And Justice Not for All”—looks like the US is going to war with the International Criminal Court, cause, why not? Does it seem to you that young Americans are more miserable than they used to be? Have you ever wondered why that is? Check out our article, “No life, No Hope, No Future: Why Are Young Americans So Miserable?” if it is answers you seek. There’re several factors here that all play into it.

And some a-hole cops in Hawaii forced a homeless man to lick a public urinal. We’ve got that sad story for you. Our next piece is on the wonderful world of sports and how trans athletes are winning easily, though it’s obviously not fair at all. Check out this piece to see what you think about the whole matter. A few minutes ago we told you about how the US is looking to declare Iran’s revolutionary guard to be terrorists, well, now Iran says the US is the world leader in terrorism, thanks to our meddling throughout the world and especially in the Middle East.

Trump’s administration has been like a revolving door as long as he’s been in office. What’s the longest anyone has stayed in their position? Well, “Slew of Departures from Capitol Hill” has a look at all the latest ins and outs for you.   

Real revolutions are not made on the streets, but in the silence of offices, and therefore no one noticed the world revolution on March 29, 2019. Only on the periphery of the information field was there a small wave, though it died out as the situation was described in terms that are not clear to the masses. What on earth are we talking about? Check out our article “Basel III” to find that out! And then we wrapped up April 9 with part 3 of “Trap for the FOX.”

We began April 10 with an opinion piece from Jeffrey Silverman entitled: “Music of Censorship: ‘Burning Books Instead of Putting Out Fires?’” Apparently music companies are getting miffed about so much music being on YouTube that they get no royalties from. I mean, that’s not unreasonable that they would be upset. And even if you have the radio on or something in a home video, if the company that owns the copyright to the song finds out, they could get the video pulled or edited or something. YouTube and others are also taking on what they deem inappropriate language, as if they have the moral compass to have a clue about this…

Then we had a piece on the influence of Albanians in the US politics. Is the Albanian lobby a threat to stability in the Balkans? This piece dives into that contentious issue for you. And more on politics: “Strong Response to Democrats from Candace Owens at House Judiciary Hearing on Rise of White Nationalism.” You may know, Candace Owens is an intelligent black woman who has moved to the conservative side of the aisle. Therefore, Democrats hate her. So Owens laid the smack down on them. Find out all about it! We finished out April 10 with our piece: “The Ideology of Alternative Energy as a Lever of Global Control.

April 11 started off with an article with a provocative title: “The Decline of Political Democracy in America,” by Luis Lazaro Tijerina. Alexis De Tocqueville was all about New England when he visited there in the 1830s. He wrote glowingly about it. But what would he say about New England in 2019? Would he even remotely recognize it? Do government officials in Vermont give two craps about what the population thinks? Is Democracy working there?

Then we had a piece on the education in America and how it screws kids up, churning them out socially disabled. See what you think—I think perhaps the author reveals that he or she doesn’t know so much about American families as he or she lets on. Our next piece was a breaking piece when Assange got arrested. Surely you’ve heard about that already.

The trade war with China has been rather long and drawn out, hasn’t it? At least it seems so to me, and we’ve had a bunch of articles about it. But now it looks like America is opening a second front on the trade war. Where might that be? Well, you know the drill—check out the article to get the answers. And more on the economy—what’s up with Trump’s oil policy? USA Really breaks it all down for you.

Will Trump finally get his wall? Will America finally have some legit protection against illegal immigration? Seems the Pentagon just might be funding the wall. How exactly will that work out? Our piece on the matter gives you the whole story. Earlier we spoke about the Albanian lobby in the US, so now let’s talk about the “Jewish lobby in American Politics: The History of an Unprecedented Influence.” The Jewish and pro-Israeli lobby has traditionally been considered one of the most powerful in the U.S. The number of organizations that work to support the struggle of Tel-Aviv against its neighboring countries, as well as to advocate the interests of Jewish-Americans would exceed the number of all other ethnic minorities lobbying groups, and the number of American politicians with Jewish background is so big, it’s almost impossible to count. It’s known though that there are 28 Congressmen and 9 Senators who practice Judaism in the current Congress.

April 12 kicked off with an opinion piece from Rodrigo Sobota: “Brazil Under American Hegemony.” You know, it just seems like there’s a never-ending supply of places that America has sunk its claws into, doesn’t it? The presence of American Imperialism in Brazil must be understood in a concise, objective fashion. The siphoning of resources from American owned companies in Latin America, their offshore assets, towards America itself is a significant indication of hemorrhaging and negative capital flow. It is also a significant stain on the independence of Brazil as a country. We must estimate that perhaps $8 billion leaves the country a year as a result of this chain of negative economic dependency.

And the media just can’t let go of Russia—now they’re blaming a measles outbreak on the Slavic nation. Hilarious. Moving on, is there, or has there been an attempted coup against the sitting president? Well, he seems to think so. And we rounded out April 12 with a look at sexual minorities serving in the armed forces.

Slavery reparations could be coming to Georgetown. The school sold some slaves back in the day to settle its bad financial situation, and now some descendants of those slaves are students at the school and looking for some payback. The student body seems to be all about it, but the administration has yet to make its decision on the matter. Could this spread to other schools? Wouldn’t be surprising.

Money as we know it is changing. It’s been happening for a long time already, right? You don’t need to carry cash—you just need your card, and this process is speeding up rapidly and spreading around the whole world, and that changes the economic fortunes of previously poor countries. Check out this piece to see how this all works.

We need to take care of our vets. They fight for our freedom, but they seem to suffer a good bit when they move into civilian life. Suicide is a real epidemic here. Get all the details here, and be sure to pray for our soldiers!

We close out our podcast with an article on the recent pro-life phenomenon, the movie Unplanned. See what you think of this article. I personally think this article misses the mark and places far too much trust in Planned Parenthood, but see what you think. I, for one, certainly plan to see Unplanned.

With that, dear friends, we can conclude this edition of the weekly podcast. We hope you heard something to tickle your fancy, and as always, we invite you back again next week for another rundown on all the latest and freshest news from USA Really.


Author: USA Really