Oroville Dam Under Threat of Overflow and Collapse
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Oroville Dam Under Threat of Overflow and Collapse


LOS ANGELES – April 15, 2019

From time to time, Hollywood releases films in which, for one reason or another, some big, symbolic engineering object like a dam, the White House, and so on is destroyed. The bulk of the public never attached much importance to these “ideas”, although that changed to some degree after 9/11: The 9/11 terrorist attack was preventive and shown almost exactly in at least one feature film and dozens of cartoons, comics, and posters.

In 2007, another masterpiece on the subject of man-made disasters was released—Evan Almighty, in which the destruction of the Oroville Dam was shown.

Oroville Dam Under Threat of Overflow and Collapse

Since then, the American conspiracy community has been actively discussing the possibility and trying to predict the date of the dam's destruction.

On February 11, 2017, conspiracy predictions almost came true: After the emergency spillway was activated, it suddenly began to erode and everything almost ended in disaster.

Fortunately, on April 7 this year, the spillway was repaired. An epic video about it was even released:

However, reality, as always, is far from the ideas of conspiracy theorists, and it is very disturbing. In this reality, the level of snow in the upper reaches of the rivers that feed the lake is 163% of the norm, the reservoir is overflowing and prolonged rains are approaching. And in this situation, people who turned to the California Water Resources Server suddenly found out that there is no data on the water level in the reservoir. Instead, there is an error message:

There are quite a few services that show the water level in Lake, so people began to check out what other sources had to say on the topic:

Oroville Dam Under Threat of Overflow and Collapse

Other resources write that there is still 50 feet until the water begins to overflow, which is somewhat not enough for the current weather forecast. However, the problem is that the figure has not changed day after day: As soon as the main Cal Water service in California “broke”, all the other servers began to show a diagram on the topic under the general slogan “everything is fine, everything is under control.”

As we reported earlier, according to the February estimates of the US Army Corps of Engineers, the 60-year-old dam is held together with chewing gum and string and there is a high probability that it will not survive 100% of the load. Given that the restored spillway cannot cope with its purpose, and water is coming, if the forecast is confirmed, then somewhere at the end of April the water should begin to flow over the dam and it certainly will not survive. Although, it is possible that problems could start earlier since the strange “breakdown” of the Cal Water service at such a critical moment is very surprising and makes everyone suspicious. It is possible that the water has already gone over the edge.

Author: USA Really