The Suspicious Journey of Pompeo
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The Suspicious Journey of Pompeo


AUSTIN, TEXAS - April 15, 2019

The tour of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in Latin America is increasingly beginning to resemble either preparation for a general offensive against rebellious Venezuela or a review of the "troops" on the eve of the offensive. The US’s rhetoric, directed not so much against Nicolas Maduro as against Russia and China, which support him, is becoming more and more aggressive. Threats are increasingly overt. Did the United States decide to take extreme measures? Let's look at the facts.

Pompeo rides through the capitals and countries of Latin America, meets with the presidents, gives joint press conferences, denounces, accuses, calls. He denounces, naturally, the regime of Maduro, accuses Russia and China, and calls for decisive action. It is very likely that Washington, still leaning towards a “power” option of solving the problem, is checking the readiness of those who are to go on assault on Caracas on the front lines.

Where did the thought of a military invasion come from? These options commend themselves if you listen carefully to the words of Pompeo, who is already building a clear and unambiguous “logical chain” to justify it. All you need can be heard in the “program” interview of the Secretary of State to the Voice of America, which he gave last Saturday while in Paraguay. Without a doubt, this is precisely the propaganda the entire tour is aimed at.

It seems there was a pre-prepared answer to the question: “What are our guys doing in Venezuela?!” There are references to all the components necessary to justify the next intervention of the US Army: “criminal regime,” “foreign invasion,” “deep crisis," "the need to restore democracy," etc. According to Pompeo, Venezuela, in general, is no longer even ruled by Maduro, but by “Cubans and Russians,” to whom the President “transferred full power.” The Venezuelan people, naturally, "do not want to be ruled from a small island or from Moscow." The Secretary of state knows for sure that the Venezuelan people want "their own democracy" that is, to be governed from Washington...

And in Venezuela (according to Pompeo), China and Iran are "ruling" too. The Chinese, of course, are “engaged in corruption” - that is, they run “with bags of money” and “buy officials.” And, by the way, it was their investments in the economy of Venezuela that destroyed its national economy. Iran, as it should have been expected, supports “international criminal organizations”: Hezbollah and “terrorism in the region.” But Pompeo is extremely frank about China: “We don’t want them to introduce Huawei and other technologies of their own!” In order to prevent the Chinese 5G at his side, the US could really start a war. And the mention of Iran is a sign that is worse than ever. Cooperation with this country today in the eyes of Washington justifies the most aggressive actions against any state in the world.

Regarding Russia, Pompeo insists that its statements about the inadmissibility of the US invasion of Venezuela are “simply ridiculous” - since “the Russians have already invaded there fundamentally.” It is also a very disturbing sign. Since the State Department has begun to talk not only about the “illegitimate regime,” but about the “Russian invasion,” something serious is being prepared. By the way, the words of the Secretary of State were picked up by Juan Guaido, who immediately started shouting about the Russian and Cuban "military intervention" and for better effect began to browbeat compatriots also with the “Syrian threat” - he said that he knows for certain that Maduro is already conducting relevant negotiations with Bashar al-Assad himself.

In Washington, meanwhile, they continue to beat Caracas and its allies with more and more sanctions. Recently, several shipping companies from Liberia and Italy, as well as nine tankers, which, as stated in the US, "transported oil stolen by the Maduro regime from the Venezuelan people to Cuba," came under sanctions. However, the sanctions are not the worst. The most annoying thing is that the first voice in favor of open intervention was heard in Washington already on Capitol Hill. Thus, US Senator Rick Scott called on the US authorities to “seriously consider the use of military force to deliver humanitarian aid to Venezuela,” since the “Maduro regime” is carrying out a real “genocide” in the country. Well, apparently they will dump the humanitarian aid from the F-35 so as not to miss ... Now, it is looking like the preparation of the soil for an invasion at the legislative level.

Among other things, the American media also does not tire of pushing the White House to the most extreme measures. Here is just one example: The Washington Post allows itself to publish editorials in which the question is put at the head: "Well, maybe Donald Trump will speak out against Putin at least in Venezuela?" The publication pumps a real psychosis – they say, "Vladimir Putin is in Venezuela all-Bank, forming a global anti-American coalition," and if it does not stop, it "will allow Moscow to laugh at the ‘red lines’ that Washington is holding!" It's time for Trump to “put an end to his policy of appeasement,” otherwise the whole Monroe concept, which has protected the security of the United States for centuries, will go to hell! And in general, “the world will become more multipolar, as Putin wants…”

In the brief summary above from the American patriotic hysteria, the grain of truth is, of course, at least in relation to multipolar. The danger of the present moment lies precisely in the fact that Washington could really perceive Venezuela as a kind of “last frontier” from which the United States will completely lose the remnants of its image as the “world hegemon.” And in fact, hand on heart, it will be so! After that, the Americans will have to do their business on a common basis - negotiating, finding compromises, giving in. Are they ready for this? With the current government and the attitude towards “great America” that reigns there, it is extremely unlikely. It is on this basis that it is worth seriously considering the option of organizing the intervention of Latin American vassals in Venezuela with one or another degree of their own participation. There are too many very characteristic signs...

Author: USA Really