Parents Sue 30-year-old Son Who Refuses to Move Out
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Parents Sue 30-year-old Son Who Refuses to Move Out


NEW YORK – May 23, 2018

Michael Rotondo hasn't pay rent, help with chores and ignored parents money offers to get him settled.

"We have decided that you must leave this house immediately," reads the first letter, dated 2 February, according to court filings. But Michael also ignored this letter and his parents wrote up a proper eviction notice with the help of their lawyer.

"A legal enforcement procedure will be instituted immediately if you do not leave by 15 March 2018."

The couple then offered their son $1,100 to move out. By March 30, however, it was becoming clear their son had no intention of leaving.

In April, Mr and Mrs Rotondo went to their local town court to see if they could evict their son. But this is not the end of the story. Michael has called his parents' lawsuit "retaliatory" and has asked the court to toss out the request.

The Rotondo family will take their new case to Supreme Court later this month - before Michael's 31st birthday.


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