Donald Trump Jr: ‘No Obstruction... No Sh*t’
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Donald Trump Jr: ‘No Obstruction... No Sh*t’


GREEN BAY, WISCONSIN – April 27, 2019

Trump Jr. laughed at the assumption his father, a billionaire, would leave the business to run for president for Russia.

At his father's supporters rally Donald Trump Jr. said “No obstruction, no collusion, and what everyone else in this room other than maybe the people at the podium there knew all along … no sh*t!”

“I never thought there would be a time in my life where I would actually see Democrats incredibly upset, distraught, in tears, because their president did not collude with the Russians,” Trump Jr. stated. “They’re upset that treason wasn’t committed.”

Trump Jr. has been critisizing the media and Democrat sceptics regarding their standpoint on the Mueller report ever since the report was released.

Author: USA Really