Indoor BBQ Causes Massive Fire in Houston
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Indoor BBQ Causes Massive Fire in Houston


HOUSTON, TEXAS — June 11, 2018

A Sunday evening apartment fire has left 31 families homeless in north Houston.

According to officials, it happened at Northline Point Apartments in the 7000 block of Northline Drive. Two people and a dog died in the fire. Local Emergency workers continue to comb through the rubble, looking for the possible remains of others.

The witnesses said the fire started after someone barbecued inside one of the apartments. One of the residents on the bottom level fell asleep while grilling when the flames got out of control. He lived on the first floor, the fire spread up and then over to other units. 13 or 16 unit was destroyed. Most effected residents were forced to evacuate without the time to gather any of their belongings.

The sprinkler and smoke alarm systems appear not to have been working properly.

Now, 115 people are homeless and wondering what's next for them.

"I done sleep at a bus stop, I slept under freeways, I (have) been hungry," said Ann Chenvus in tears. "I'm really scared to be homeless again."

She lost everything in the fire that most people usually take for granted. Also, her brother was buried there.

"I'm a little scared right now with everything that happened. We don't know where to live right now," said Kevin Blacquez, who lost his family and pet in the fire.

The Red Cross is working to place all of the affected families in a shelter at 1023 Pinemont Drive.

Officials said families are in need of food, water, hygiene products, and clothes. Anyone who wants to donate is asked to call Erica Davis with Precinct 1 832-286-3876.

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