The Hawaiian Goddess of Volcanoes Boils Away Big Island's Largest Lake
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The Hawaiian Goddess of Volcanoes Boils Away Big Island's Largest Lake

photo: Robinson

HAWAII — June 13, 2018

Green Lake, the largest freshwater lake on Hawaii's Big Island, has wholly disappeared, another victim of the Kilauea volcano, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

Drones flying over Hawaii managed to how the hot lava of Kilauea eruption has boiled away Hawaii’s largest freshwater lake in just a matter of hours.

According to a statement of the U.S. Geological Survey released on June 2nd lava entered Green Lake at 10 AM local time and boiled its water away by 3 PM, sending a white plume high into the sky.

 Kilauea began spewing lava on May 3rd. To date, the volcano has already destroyed about 700 homes.

The explosions continue at Kilauea's peak. According to seismologists, there were two small blasts Monday, including one after a magnitude-5.4 earthquake.

USGS posted on Monday remarkable footage of molten lava from Kilauea’s lower East Rift Zone entering the ocean.

Scientists warn against venturing too close to where the lava is entering the ocean, saying it could expose people to dangers from flying debris.

Green Lake, also known as Ka Wai a Pele, was the largest freshwater lake in the Hawaiian Islands and beside Lake Waiau one of two freshwater lakes on the Big Island. It had been a popular swimming hole for ages. Hawaiians believe that Pele, the Hawaiian goddess of volcanos, lives inside the Kilauea. According to the legend, she bathed in the Green Lake when she first came to the island.

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