USA Really Calls Subscribers to Unite for #freedomofpressweeks
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USA Really Calls Subscribers to Unite for #freedomofpressweeks


Dear friends,

Today, June 14th, Flag Day and the birthday of the current American President we are officially launching our project ‘USA Really’: a new, honest media company discussing the truth about what is really happening in our world today.

Since the test start of our project, it has become clear, that in the US there is no longer any real freedom of the press. We tried to tell the simple truth to our subscribers, but all of our attempts to grow have been blocked by facebook, twitter, and others social media outlets for absolutely no reason apart from the fact that the views we have expressed do not align with that of America's corrupt, corporate media.

All of the peaceful actions in Washington, which our team at USA Really have planned for people, have been banned.

But real American alternative media haven't given up, because we are honest and brave.

To celebrate the official start of we declare three #freedomofpressweeks until July 4th, Independence Day. Every reader can support us in this fight for freedom, justice, and independence between certain corrupt political powers and the honest media.

Why do we talk about freedom and not about liberty? As John Stuart Mill noted centuries ago freedom has a positive sense while liberty is based on a negative approach. And it is no surprise that it is the liberal media which has been mostly responsible for the fake news, disinformation, censorship, and defamation, which have been plaguing this country because they are attempting to "liberate" you from your freedom and to impose, through force and deception, a particular framed vision of reality which is unfair, untrue, and undemocratic.

Post your versions of taglines about freedom of the press in the US along with our special hastag. Taglines should be alternative for the‘Wake up Americans’ slogan that we use.

Authors of the Best taglines will be awarded with branded prizes by «USA Really» and these slogans will then be used on our social networks.

You can post your hashtags on Twitter. Results will be announced each week,  June 21, 28 and July 5.

The most creative subscribers, who are talented artists, can also draw some images for these slogans and get a special prize from the team at the ‘USA Really’ project.

Good luck and don’t forget about tag #freedomofpressweeks

Author: USA Really