LGBT Pride Flag At Vietnam Memorial Replaces The Pride Itself
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LGBT Pride Flag At Vietnam Memorial Replaces The Pride Itself


June 13, 2019 - USA.

The black-and-white flag honoring missing and captured soldiers had been taken down on Monday. A rainbow flag, meant to celebrate LGBT Pride Month had been raised in its place.

“I wasn’t happy about it at all because the park is supposed to be a veterans park,” Vietnam veteran John “Bill” Williams told NBC Washington. “People died. Now they took it down and put another flag up.”

“If they want to put the other flag underneath, they could put it underneath, but the POW flag should be flying there,” Williams added.

County Executive Mark Elrich told on Tuesday that both the POW/MIA flag and the LGBT pride flag were back up. The pride flag will fly for the remainder of June.

 “The Pride flag did not replace the POW/MIA flag. The Pride flag was raised without a mechanism in place for both flags to be displayed. This has been corrected. The Pride flag was raised to honor Pride Month and will be replaced by the County flag on 7/1,” the statement read.

But the comments in social networks show that there is no so much trust in Elrich's words.

And it seems like people are already getting tired of the Pride Month. And the public starts outraging about the LGPT flag flying where the POW/MIA flag should.



Author: Usa Really